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name   Bohanan-Uhler, Carole
  United States
email address   huhler@netzero.net
web site address   http://destinydobes.virtualave.net/

breeder of:


owner of::


  Destiny's A Storm Is Brewing
Destiny's Angel Wrestler
Destiny's Ante Up
Destiny's B My Bekke
Destiny's Basic Ingredient
Destiny's Charisma
Destiny's Desert Storm
Destiny's Diamond in the Ruff
Destiny's Digital Image
Destiny's Digital Xtreme
Destiny's Double Exposure
Destiny's Drop Dead Red
Destiny's Essential 'Ngredient
Destiny's Fast And Furious
Destiny's Firecracker
Destiny's Full Moon Rising
Destiny's Gotta B Me
Destiny's I of the Storm
Destiny's I'm the Ruffian
Destiny's Joyous Blessing
Destiny's Kindred Spirit
Destiny's Knight Rider
Destiny's Kodak Moment
Destiny's Magic Charm
Destiny's Magic Maker Elphame
Destiny's Magic Man
Destiny's Man on a Mission
Destiny's Master of Puppets
Destiny's Mirage
Destiny's Moonlit Magic
Destiny's Mr Mojo B Risin'
Destiny's Mystic Captivator
Destiny's Mystic Masterpiece
Destiny's Mystic Trace of Fire
Destiny's No Checks or IOUs
Destiny's Noble Starfire
Destiny's on Target Vali-T
Destiny's Power And Glory
Destiny's Power Of Faith
Destiny's Rainbow Renegade
Destiny's Rainbow Rider
Destiny's Rampallian
Destiny's Red Moon Rising
Destiny's Reigning Redhead
Destiny's Rhinestone Cowboy
Destiny's Rising Star
Destiny's Romantic Fantasy
Destiny's Romantic Red Devil
Destiny's Royal Contessa
Destiny's Royal Raven
Destiny's Secret Ingredient
Destiny's Secret Trinity
Destiny's Sky Dymond of Brojen
Destiny's Something Special
Destiny's Sovereign Blessing
Destiny's Special Blessing
Destiny's Special-T
Destiny's Storm Chaser
Destiny's Tracer of the Wind
Destiny's Ultimate Blessing
Destiny's Valenciennes v J'lyn
Destiny's Wayward Spirit
Destiny's Whimsical Spirit
Destiny's Windflower
Rubies Are Forever
    Destiny's Man on a Mission
Destiny's Windflower
Rubies Are Forever
Treasure Seeker's Absolute Gem