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name   Brown, Judith
  United States
email address   judithabrown@sbcglobal.net
web site address   http://www.brimordobes.com

breeder of:


owner of::


  Brimor Alleluia Anthem
Brimor Antaeus
Brimor Antares Ariane
Brimor Apache After Glow
Brimor Arriba of Mi Casa
Brimor Bbreakfast At Tiffanys
Brimor Biarritz Babe
Brimor Calypso
Brimor Coup de Arco
Brimor Critic's Choice
Brimor Dazzling Diva
Brimor Ddouble Dawg Dare Ya
Brimor Don Quixote
Brimor Ebony Etude
Brimor Exclusive Edition
Brimor Feldspar
Brimor Ffull Moon Rising
Brimor Ffull Throttle v Tropix
Brimor Front Page
Brimor Grand Baroque
Brimor Iacocca
Brimor Imagine
Brimor Impeccable Image
Brimor Just Do It Touchstone
Brimor Just in Time Touchstone
Brimor Kash Asset
Brimor Kit N' Kaboodle
Brimor Lasting Desire
Brimor Nickelodeon
Brimor Night Music
Brimor Nolo Contendre
Brimor Oro Y Plata
Brimor Quiet Bfore the Storm
Brimor Quoth the Raven
Brimor Riverdance
Brimor Rodeo Drive
Brimor Siren Song
Brimor Take It To the Limit
Brimor Tambourine Man
Brimor Tennessee Whiskey
Brimor That Girl
Brimor Whispering Willow
Brimor Wish Upon a Star
Brimor X Marks the Spot
Brimor Xecutive Privilege
Brimor XXIV Quilates De Oro
Brimor Zest For Life v Laser
Promise's Magpie Rye v Brimor
Touchstone's Just'ntime Brimor
Tropix Fflight Risk v Promise
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