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...about dobequest by cathy kendrick
The idea of an on-line database came about when Pam DeHetre was made aware of the Golden Retriever database by Jan Van Wormer a few years back.
"Hmmm...", Pam thought.  "Wouldn't it be nice if we had a database like that for our Dobermans?".
Pam contacted me in the summer of 2003 to ask if I'd be interested in putting together a proposal for this project.  Her plan was to have the database be the first project started during her term as President of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.
The proposal was approved by the BOD at the 2003 Nationals in Colorado.  Our goal was to have a user-friendly database for our DPCA Members to enter information about their dogs and have it assessable online to everyone.
Originally, I looked into several off-the-shelf breed database programs.  These databases were designed to provide basic information and looked quite simple. In October, 2003, I issued an invitation to the DPCA Membership.
WANTED: Volunteer to serve on new DPCA Committee. Computer skills required - proficient in or willing to learn Microsoft SQL Server Database software. Excellent working conditions. Fun co-worker and job satisfaction more than make up for the lack of salary.
When Bobbi Kerlin, of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, saw the request, she offered to donate her "DobeDeck" database as a starting point for the project. 
Our committee work officially started on November 11th, 2003. We spent a good deal of time evaluating the feasibility of modifying Bobbi's database for our use. Even though it involved a lot of work, we felt the final product would be far superior to any off-the-shelf database program currently available. We decided to "go for it" and "DobeQuest" was born!
Darlene Young of San Jose, California and Lee Hartfield of Victoria, BC, Canada, both long term DPCA members and Doberman breeders, joined the group to help with design ideas and to provide research and data entry assistance.
When we found that the skills needed for a project of this magnitude required much more programming knowledge and ability than any of us could provide, I asked the DPCA Membership for a volunteer computer programmer. We had several offers, but unfortunately, no one was able to devote the time needed to complete the project.
Then Bobbi met Alex, a newly minted graduate of Queen's University, who "loves a challenge"!
Alex Eiser has experience in software development working for several companies, including Queen's University and IBM Canada. He entered Carnegie Mellon as a graduate student in the fall of 2004.
That's our history... now about the Database.
DPCA Members can request a password to enter information about their Dobermans.
Members can enter information about birth, death, genotype, dentition, stud book entries, registries, conformation and working titles, health testing results, sire, dam, progeny and littermate information, breeder and owner particulars, upload a photo, add brief notes and "vignettes" about the dog and generate a pedigree.
The database tracks all changes to the information and provides an "edit history" that reflects the changes made by each user.

"DobeQuest" also allows both members and non-members to browse the information contained in the site.

Future plans include multiple parameter search, kennel information and the ability to calculate inbreeding coefficients.
Because of the unique design of the database and the hard work and dedication of our committee, "DobeQuest" is far more sophisticated than any other online breed database currently in existence!.  A heartfelt THANK YOU to Alex, Bobbi, Darlene and Lee for the countless hours you have spent to make this project a reality.