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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America


DobeQuest is a valuable resource for all Doberman fanciers. Its continuing value is related to the amount of accurate information it contains. DPCA members are allowed and encouraged to enter information about dogs in the database. Members should enter all known information about dogs they have owned or bred. Members should link their own dogs to littermates, parents and progeny. Members are also encouraged to upload pictures and submit vignettes.

Please be mindful when thinking about adding date and cause of death on a dog that is not yours. As you can imagine, it's devastating to lose your beloved dog. Many people need some time to be ready to "finalize" their dog and wait until they are ready to add this to their dogs page. Just because you see it on an email list or on FaceBook doesn't mean the owner is ready. And if not done promptly it doesn't mean they've forgotten! ASK FIRST!

Members are also welcome to add generally-known information (for example, color, sex, call name) of dogs they know. Published information in sources such as periodicals, websites, dog show catalogs, the AKC and OFA websites, stud books, etc. can also be entered. Please double check all entered information to ensure accuracy. Please do not enter anything that is speculative or anecdotal (cannot be confirmed by a published report). If using public information, please be sure to include the source of the information in the entry.

Please do NOT copy and paste from copyrighted websites without permission of the owner (entering information found on websites is permissible). Do not reproduce posts to email lists or private correspondence without the author’s permission.