Ch Caleb's Holy Smoke v Signature LC-10L

Am/Can Ch Teraden's Romeo UD TD ROM CGC LC-12D
Can Ch Starstorm Chivas Regal CD
Can Ch Starstorm September Morn
Can Ch Wrath's Rodeo Drive
Ch Gold Grove's Magnum P I
Ch Gold Groves Dynasty
Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite
Miss Heidi's Kimcan
Ch Gold Grove Verdict
Ch Agape's Lion of Judah LC-13D
Ch Domani's Royal Serenade II WAC
Ch Beaulane the Nite Ryder
Brunswig's Zephyr LC-10D
Ch Gwynllyn Genesis
Redyns Radiant Reflection
Ch Redyns Notorious Enchantress
Can Ch Starstorm Shayera Status Quo
Can Ch Starstorm Gucci on Rodeo
Vali-T Kiri of Amulet
Ch Domani's Private Collection
Ch Zeitlin's Rogue Force v Kerri
Chelsea Brady
Am/Can Ch Shayera Jesse James
Ch Gold Grove Guess v Karrera LC-12D
Ch Vali-T's Double Take
Ch Agape's Bright Morningstar LC-11D
Caleb's Glory Hallelujah LC-10L
Ch Goldgrove Love Connection
Ch Gold Grove Rustic Shadowfax
Can Ch Starstorm Burn Georgia Burn