GCH Blackjack's Angel Eyes

Ch Lancaster's Courvosier v Trump CD ROM
Arg Ch Will Ross Opium
Nello's Eureka Black
Ch Carolon's Whirlwind v Pell LC-12D
Ch Karmabeck Above the Law LC-12D
Ch Phillmar Karmabeck's XTC
Ch Briarwood Storms' a Brewin LC-11D
Jalyn Caught Single-Handed LC-11D
Ch Karmabeck Bella Nina CGC LC-10D
BISS Ch Jalyn Affettuso LC-11D BFL-1
Ch Karmabeck Bella Nina CGC LC-10D
Ch Soquel's Thunder Storm WAC BFL-1 LC-10D
Briarwood Wild Honey Lesange
Ch Briarwood After Shock
Ch Niklby's Make Mine Special LC-11D
Niklby's Majestat She's Royal LC-12D
Am/Brz/Chl/Mex/Urg Ch Arg GRCh Nello's Lex Luthor WAC
Ch Carolon's Show N Tell WAC
Kaywood's Clear Nite Broadcast
Ch Soquel's Distant Thunder
Ch Dabney's Cosmopolitan LC-11L
Kaywood's Nite Affair
Am/Arg/Chl/Int'l/Urg Ch A'Monde's Hurricane
BPIS CH Karmabeck Reason to Believe CGC
Ch Kaywood's Clear Nite Mission LC-13D
Niklby's Special Evening CD RA WAC LC-13D
Dillon's Stroke of Midnight CD RN RATI BFL-1
CH Blackjack's Red Sword of Camelot
Am/Arg Ch Enola Gay's Dino
Electra's Desert Wind