Windsor's Going Going Gone CGC TKI WAC LC-11L

Ch Marienburg's Repo Man
Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite
CH Cambria's Mauna Kea BFL-1 LC-14D
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash
Ch Wendorf's Phenomenon LC-10D
CH UAGI Ravenswoods Sweet Ms Behavin ATT CGC ROM TDI
GCH Foxfire's Love Monster CD ROM BFL-1 LC-10D
Ch Foxfire's Take That LC-11D
Am/Can Ch Wendorf's My Best Friend LC-11D
Ch Foxfire's That's the Ticket CD RE AX AXJ OAP OJP ROM
Ch Ravenswoods Brush Fire CD ROM
Ch Eastwick's Meadow Monster LC-10D
Ch Foxfire's Just Like That LC-13D
Ch Cambria's Highly Regarded BFL-1
Ch Windsor's High on Life CD ROM CGC
Ch Windsor's Don't You Dare CD LC-11D
Ch Cambria's Cavalleria LC-10D
Kaywood's Highly Classified LC-10D
Ch Foxfire's All That Jazz LC-12D
Ch Ravenswoods Fast Break CD ROM
Ch Cambria's Highly Regarded BFL-1
Ch Foxfire's Take That LC-11D
CH Cambria's Secret Desire BFL-1
Ch Judons American Pie v Rvnswd CD RN ROM LC-13D
Ch Foxfire's Take N it All BFL-1
Ch Windsor's Get Over It
Windsor's Mother May Aye
CH Ravenswoods Azure Sky RA
Ch Lilly's Ode to Apollo LC-12D
Eisamar's Touch and Go