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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America


Make sure you have the toolbar set on your browser to allow the pedigree page pop-up.

You can set the toolbar by right clicking on the gray area.

Choose the drop down arrow next to the print button.

Choose “print preview”.

Most browsers are defaulted to “portrait” view. Find the icon to change to “landscape” view.

The pedigree will fit on the page in "landscape" view.

To remove the header and footer, find the icon that says “remove header and footer”.

You will now have the pedigree in the middle of the page without the header and footer.

Find the “print set-up” icon. Here you have options to change the margins in order

to move the pedigree around on the page and change the size of the pedigree.

When you’re satisfied with what you see, use the “print” icon

from the print review page to print the pedigree using the setting you’ve just entered.