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name   Doniere, Judy
  United States
email address   TOLEDOBES@COX.NET
web site address   http://www.toledobes.com

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  Angelique v Kahn-Tex
Checkmate's Chessman
TKO Hot N Bothered v Toledobes
TKO's Nicholas Rodolph Red Raider
Toledobe MGM Grand v Kahntex
Toledobe Playmate After Dark
Toledobe Sheraton v Kahn-Tex
Toledobe's Zock it to Me
Toledobes Accomplice v Kim
Toledobes Adonica v Kim
Toledobes African Amethyst
Toledobes After Dark
Toledobes Air Force One of Huntwood
Toledobes Anything Goes
Toledobes Benzedrine
Toledobes Benzene
Toledobes Bhang
Toledobes Bold & Beautiful
Toledobes Bromide
Toledobes Calvin Klein
Toledobes Cappri v Kahn-Tex
Toledobes Career Girl
Toledobes Carte Blanche
Toledobes Cash Me In
Toledobes Cash on Demand
Toledobes Cash Withdrawal
Toledobes Cashanova
Toledobes Cashin' in the Chips
Toledobes Caught Cheating
Toledobes Caught in the Act
Toledobes Caught in the Rain
Toledobes Caught on Fire
Toledobes Caught Play'nround
Toledobes Caughtcha Looking
Toledobes Checkmate's Chessman
Toledobes Domino
Toledobes Eclipse
Toledobes Emerald Isle
Toledobes Equinoxx High Jinx
Toledobes Exhibitionist
Toledobes Expose
Toledobes Exquisite
Toledobes Extortion
Toledobes Fly'n First Class v Enjoys
Toledobes Gambit
Toledobes Generation Gap
Toledobes Gunner
Toledobes Having an Affair
Toledobes Heart of Africa
Toledobes Hey Look Me Over
Toledobes I am Legend v TKO
Toledobes Irish Mist
Toledobes Irish Rover
Toledobes Irish Shenanigans
Toledobes Jaguar of Julmar
Toledobes Jail Bait
Toledobes Jet Plane Enjoys
Toledobes Jethrine
Toledobes Jim Dandy
Toledobes Juggernaut v Kahn IX
Toledobes Just a Gigolo
Toledobes Kalahari
Toledobes Kall Girl
Toledobes Kassia Keshet
Toledobes Keepsake
Toledobes La Mirage v Kara
Toledobes Legend in His Own Mind v TKO
Toledobes Legend of the Game v TKO
Toledobes Linebacker
Toledobes Listen to the Wind
Toledobes Make-N-A Statement
Toledobes Make-N-Georgia
Toledobes Make-N-Headlines
Toledobes Make-N-Impression
Toledobes Make-N-Money
Toledobes Make-N-New Waves
Toledobes Make-N-The Mark
Toledobes Make-N-Traxx
Toledobes Make-N-Woopi
Toledobes Master Charge
Toledobes Mister Magoo
Toledobes Misty Moonlight
Toledobes Molly Malone
Toledobes Nairobi
Toledobes Never on Sunday
Toledobes Nicole
Toledobes One for the Money
Toledobes Paisano
Toledobes Phantastic v Quinn
Toledobes Phenomenal v Quinn
Toledobes Play Boy Dandy
Toledobes Playing W-Matches
Toledobes Pocahontas
Toledobes Positively Dandy
Toledobes Primetime
Toledobes Quarterback
Toledobes Riviera v Cara
Toledobes Sacajawea
Toledobes Safari
Toledobes Safari II
Toledobes Sahara
Toledobes Santa Barbara
Toledobes Scotch N' Soda
Toledobes Serenghetti
Toledobes Sheer Chaos
Toledobes Sheer Ice
Toledobes Sheer Madness
Toledobes Showdown
Toledobes Sitting Bull
Toledobes Sizzlin Hot Soquel
Toledobes Spont'neous Combust'n
Toledobes Storm's Arisin
Toledobes Struck by Lightning
Toledobes T Formation
Toledobes Tanzania
Toledobes Tarley v Castle Lane
Toledobes Team Mascot
Toledobes Team Mate
Toledobes Tequila Sunset
Toledobes Tornado Warning
Toledobes Turbulance v Enjoys
Toledobes Unchained Melody
Toledobes Vicki
Toledobes Vigilante
Toledobes Wild Africa
Toledobes Zaire
Toledobes Zoe of Charmaron
Toledobes Zsa Zsa
    Castle Lane Querida Miranda
Damasyn Carly of Jerseystone
Marienburg's Maltese Falcon
Tasso of Sylvania
TKO Hot N Bothered v Toledobes
Toledobe Sheraton v Kahn-Tex
Toledobes After Dark
Toledobes Caught Cheating
Toledobes Covergirl
Toledobes Irish Shenanigans
Toledobes Nairobi
Toledobes Never on Sunday
Toledobes Quarterback
Toledobes Riviera v Cara
Toledobes Sitting Bull
Toledobes Spont'neous Combust'n
Toledobes Tornado Warning
Wahlmar's Baroness