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name   Dandurand, Andre & Diane
  Saint Lazare
email address   danandre@videotron.ca
web site address  

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  Dabney's Tsu'tey by Danandre
Dalclar's Paris Danandre
Danandre All My Lovin
Danandre as You Like it Oliver
Danandre Asti Alisaton
Danandre Avatar of Dabney
Danandre B Goliath Daines
Danandre B Monsieur Miko
Danandre B Monsieur Mistral
Danandre B My Call Girl
Danandre B My Fashion Girl
Danandre B Pasha
Danandre B Rocky
Danandre B Sergeant Major
Danandre Black Onyx
Danandre Bo Jade
Danandre Born to Run
Danandre Casablanca Dalclar
Danandre Chandon Alisaton
Danandre Chardonnay Alisaton
Danandre Charlotte Town
Danandre Cleopatra
Danandre Coco Chanel
Danandre Cordon Rouge Alisaton
Danandre D Charmed God Zeus
Danandre D Charmed Lady Gaga
Danandre D Charmed Maya
Danandre D Charmed Mia
Danandre D Charmed Roland
Danandre D Charmed Zira
Danandre Dallas Cowboy
Danandre Diamond in the Sky
Danandre Dom Perignon Alisaton
Danandre East Coast Charm
Danandre Eytukan of Dabney
Danandre Here Comes the Sun
Danandre Hey Jude
Danandre Jessie's Girl
Danandre Juno the Tempest
Danandre Kind a Blue
Danandre Let it be a Tribute
Danandre Lincoln Avenue
Danandre Lyekka M8 Crown Jewel
Danandre Maddox De Madrid
Danandre Maggie Mae Brown
Danandre Malbec Alisaton
Danandre Maranello Enzo
Danandre Merlot Alisaton
Danandre Midsummer Night Dream
Danandre Millenium
Danandre Moet Alisaton
Danandre Na'vi of Dabney
Danandre Neytiri of Dabney
Danandre Nina Ricci
Danandre Othello
Danandre Pandora of Dabney
Danandre Pinot Alisaton
Danandre Piperheidsek Alisaton
Danandre Ralph Lauren
Danandre Rhythm of My Heart
Danandre Riesling Alisaton
Danandre Ring of Fire
Danandre Ringo Star
Danandre Rockwell Sapphire
Danandre Ruby Tuesday
Danandre Sancerre Alisaton
Danandre Santa Fe
Danandre Sapphire Hunter
Danandre Sauvignon Alisaton
Danandre Shakespeare's Hamlet
Danandre Shelby in Pearls
Danandre Soaring Rocket Spirit
Danandre Song of Love for Julia
Danandre St Tropez
Danandre Star Emerald
Danandre Stella N Diamonds
Danandre Suzie Q Dalclar
Danandre Syras Alisaton
Danandre Tempranillo Alisaton
Danandre the Charmed One
Danandre the Man in Black
Danandre Ticket to Ride
Danandre to be Or Not to Be
Danandre Topaz Shimmers
Danandre Trudychacon of Dabney
Danandre Unchained Melody
Danandre Veuve Clikot Alisaton
Danandre Viva Las Vegas
Danandre Where Art Thou Juliet
Danandre Where Art Thou Romeo
Danandre Willow's Song
Danandre Zepp Tokyo
    D'Mascus in Demand Alisaton
Danandre as You Like it Oliver
Danandre Cleopatra
Danandre Merlot Alisaton
Danandre Midsummer Night Dream
Danandre Pandora of Dabney
Danandre Suzie Q Dalclar
Danandre the Man in Black
Danandre Unchained Melody