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  Dobaella's All That Jazz
Dobaella's Cabrel De Baviere
Dobaella's Capucine De Baviere
Dobaella's Caresse De Baviere
Dobaella's Carrera de Baviere
Dobaella's Chances Are De Baviere
Dobaella's Chanel De Baviere
Dobaella's Chelsea De Baviere
Dobaella's Chelson De Baviere
Dobaella's Cherts De Baviere
Dobaella's Conans Justice
Dobaella's Eldon Excelled
Dobaella's Equal Justice
Dobaella's Executor
Dobaella's Exotic Dream
Dobaella's Feeling Free
Dobaella's Fly So Free
Dobaella's Forever Free
Dobaella's Free B
Dobaella's Free Foby
Dobaella's Free Trade
Dobaella's Freedom Fighter
Dobaella's Freedom Road
Dobaella's Go For It
Dobaella's Gold Digger
Dobaella's Gold Dust
Dobaella's Golden Eagle
Dobaella's Golden Nugget
Dobaella's Goldfinger
Dobaella's Great Expectation
Dobaella's Home Alone
Dobaella's Illicite Liaison
Dobaella's Illinois Sin
Dobaella's Imperial Raven
Dobaella's in Grace
Dobaella's in the Race
Dobaella's Indecent Proposal
Dobaella's Int'l Velvet
Dobaella's Iron Eagle
Dobaella's It's Show Time
Dobaella's James Bond
Dobaella's James Brown
Dobaella's Jesse James
Dobaella's Johan v Hegen Kohl
Dobaella's Jungle Jim
Dobaella's Kahlua
Dobaella's Katana
Dobaella's Kick Off Return
Dobaella's Le Scots Wha Hae
Dobaella's Leia
Dobaella's Little Lucas
Dobaella's Ludwig
Dobaella's Maverick
Dobaella's Mission Impossible
Dobaella's Prince Igor
Dobaella's Strike the Gold
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