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name   Hall, John & Rose
  Owen Sound
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  Liberator's Black Ice
Liberator's Dreamwalker
Sharmoth's Ambre Rose
Sharmoth's Ayalo
Sharmoth's Belvedere Z
Sharmoth's BforSunrise By Design
Sharmoth's Black Magic
Sharmoth's Black Mirage
Sharmoth's Blade Runner
Sharmoth's California Dreamin
Sharmoth's Cannon Exchange
Sharmoth's Chariot's Of Fire
Sharmoth's Charlie Brown
Sharmoth's Chasing Dreams
Sharmoth's Cin'Full Delight
Sharmoth's Color Me Bbad
Sharmoth's Color My World
Sharmoth's Color of Night
Sharmoth's Dallas Harms
Sharmoth's Dancing Star
Sharmoth's Escape
Sharmoth's Fatal Attraction
Sharmoth's Final Fling
Sharmoth's Forget Paris By Design
Sharmoth's French Kiss By Design
Sharmoth's Hit Man
Sharmoth's Larin's Sheba
Sharmoth's Lethal Weapon
Sharmoth's Longing
Sharmoth's Memories Past
Sharmoth's Midnight Shadow
Sharmoth's Mulberry
Sharmoth's Northern Star
Sharmoth's Rain Man
Sharmoth's Randy Travis
Sharmoth's Red Baron
Sharmoth's Red Heat
Sharmoth's Ricki Van-Shelton
Sharmoth's Rising Star
Sharmoth's Romeo Ragtime Gal
Sharmoth's Sat. Night Special
Sharmoth's Shooting Star
Sharmoth's Simply Irresistible
Sharmoth's Source of Dreams
Sharmoth's Star Dreamer
Sharmoth's Star Trac
Sharmoth's Star Wars
Sharmoth's Stargazer
Sharmoth's Sweet Dreams
Sharmoth's Sweet Secret
Sharmoth's Tequila Sunrise
Sharmoth's the Red Stroke
Sharmoth's Top Gun
Sharmoth's True Grit
Sharmoth's Willie Nelson
    Wrath's Sunset Boulevard