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  Karlee N Kinetic Splitn Hairs
Karlee's A Sign Of The Tymes
Karlee's Ain't Going Down
Karlee's Alls Fair N Love N War
Karlee's Cause For Applause
Karlee's Cause For Commotion
Karlee's Cause For Temptation
Karlee's Cheyenne Beaches
Karlee's China Syndrome
Karlee's Do What You Gotta Do
Karlee's Dream Catcher
Karlee's Dreamweaver
Karlee's Eight Second Ride
Karlee's Face To Face
Karlee's Fire In Brimstone
Karlee's Follow That Dream
Karlee's Gods And Generals
Karlee's Goodhearted Woman
Karlee's I Have A Dream
Karlee's If Tomorrow Nevercomes
Karlee's in Anothers Eyes
Karlee's Its Miller Tyme
Karlee's Its Your Song
Karlee's Itzz A Stacked Deck
Karlee's Itzz Spades R Trump
Karlee's Just To Satisfy You
Karlee's Karbon Kopy
Karlee's Kathmandu
Karlee's Kickin And Screamin
Karlee's Kickin It Up at Cassel
Karlee's Kicking It Up A Notch
Karlee's Kicking Up The Dust
Karlee's Legend of Change
Karlee's Legend of Envy
Karlee's Legend of Prophecy
Karlee's Legend of the Fall
Karlee's Legend of Tyme
Karlee's Legend of Xpose
Karlee's Legend To Bretica
Karlee's Lil Bit Celtic
Karlee's Lil Bit Classic
Karlee's Lil Bit Country
Karlee's Lil Bit R And B
Karlee's Lil Bit Rock N Roll
Karlee's Lonesome Dove
Karlee's Lonesome Onry And Mean
Karlee's Morning Star
Karlee's Mystic Spirit
Karlee's Never Surrender
Karlee's New Way To Fly
Karlee's No Looking Back
Karlee's No Tyme Like Now
Karlee's Not For Hereos
Karlee's On the Warpath
Karlee's Once In A Lifetime
Karlee's Only In My Dreams
Karlee's Passions of War
Karlee's Pray For Me Preacher
Karlee's Red Stroke
Karlee's Ropin the Wind
Karlee's Shameless
Karlee's Show Some Respect
Karlee's Sinful Pleasures
Karlee's Something in Red
Karlee's South Of Sante Fe
Karlee's Spirit Of The Dreamz
Karlee's Spirit Of The Game
Karlee's Spirit Of The Hunter
Karlee's Spirit Of The Mountain
Karlee's Spirit Of The Phoenix
Karlee's Split Decision
Karlee's Standin Outsidethefire
Karlee's Standing Ovation
Karlee's Storytyme
Karlee's Tearin It Up
Karlee's The Bountyhunter
Karlee's The Peacemaker
Karlee's the Thunder Rolls
Karlee's Treat Her Like A Lady
Karlee's Tyme Bandit
Karlee's Tyme Enough For Love
Karlee's Tyme Stopper
Karlee's Tyme To Cash In
Karlee's Tyme Waits For No Man
Karlee's U Better Be Good To Me
Karlee's Unanswered Prayers
Karlee's Victim of the Game
Karlee's Walking After Midnite
Karlee's War Cry
Karlee's War Without Prejudice
Karlee's We Shall Be Free
Karlee's What She's Doing Now
Karlee's Wild As the Wind
Karlee's Windwalker
Kinetic N Karlee Lickety Split
    Defender's Xerxes
Karlee's Fire In Brimstone
Karlee's Itzz A Stacked Deck
Karlee's Kicking Up The Dust
Karlee's Victim of the Game