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name   Neville, Sue
  Salt Lake City
  United States
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  Shinya's a Tigress on Sunday
Shinya's Adams Rib
Shinya's Adore v Fresco
Shinya's Akimbo v Fresco
Shinya's Alecia v Fresco
Shinya's Allah v Fresco
Shinya's Better N Popcorn
Shinya's Bit O'Honey
Shinya's Black Tie Affaire
Shinya's Bleu Belshazzar
Shinya's Bye Bye Blackbird
Shinya's Call Me Madam
Shinya's Ceste Rhoda
Shinya's Coast to Coast
Shinya's Country Outlaw
Shinya's Dark Crystal
Shinya's Devils Advocate
Shinya's Drum Song
Shinya's Drummer Boy
Shinya's Etude
Shinya's Forever Amber
Shinya's Fraulein Petticoat
Shinya's Hell Hath No Fury
Shinya's Helluva Storm
Shinya's Holier Than Thou
Shinya's Hot to Trot
Shinya's I'll Never Tell
Shinya's I'm a Pussy Cat
Shinya's I'm Better 'N' Fudge
Shinya's Ichiban
Shinya's Impossible Imp
Shinya's Jerana Boogie Boy
Shinya's Kiss N' Tell
Shinya's Kissin Cousin
Shinya's Lickity Split
Shinya's Lightnin' Bug
Shinya's Lil Iodine
Shinya's Lil Petti Hemstitch
Shinya's Lil Petti Hopscotch
Shinya's Lil Petti Hotspur
Shinya's Midnight Lace
Shinya's Mister VIP
Shinya's Oh Poppycock
Shinya's Oui Madam
Shinya's Papier Clip
Shinya's Papier Poupee
Shinya's Papier Tigre
Shinya's Peek a Boo
Shinya's Pidgin English
Shinya's Pillow Talk
Shinya's Pizz N Vinegar
Shinya's Prodigal Son
Shinya's PSSSSST
Shinya's Scarlet Harlot
Shinya's Scarlet Petticoat
Shinya's Scarlet Slippers
Shinya's Silk Kimono
Shinya's Smoke Signal
Shinya's Stitch N Time
Shinya's Teacup Tempest
Shinya's the Jewel Thief
Shinya's the Last Emperor
Shinya's They Call Me Sioux
Shinya's Tigre Kitten Dobebar
Shinya's Top O'The Mornin Duffy
Shinya's War Chant
    Ebonaire's Flying Tackle