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name   Penny, Mike
  Dripping Springs
  United States
email address   Paradigmd@aol.com
web site address  

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  Chez D Breeze N Along
Draggins Diamond Bolt v Mariah
Draggins Diamond Is a Roxstar
Draggins Picasso Dreamin of Diamonds
Draggins Princess Diamond
Jayd'n a Timeless Kiss
Jayd'n Kiss me Honey by Moa
Mariah's Diamond Paradigm
Mariah's Hailey v Koepsel
Mariah's Hardy v Koepsel
Mariah's Indescretion v Koepsel
Mariah's Indigo Magic v Koepsel
Mariah's Monogram v Koepsel
Mariah's Red Draggin v Koepsel
Mariah's Tyra v Koepsel
Paradigm All Revved Up
Paradigm American Beauty
Paradigm Betty Boop Windsong
Paradigm California Dreamin
Paradigm Dream of Breezewood
Paradigm Electric Slide
Paradigm Fiona of Windsong
Paradigm Fly'n to Breezewood
Paradigm Fueling the Fire
Paradigm Hot Hot Hot
Paradigm in Hot Pursuit
Paradigm Pagan Queen of Caliburn
Paradigm Paint the Town Red
Paradigm Paladin
Paradigm Palermo
Paradigm Paloma
Paradigm Palome
Paradigm Pambriella
Paradigm Panache'
Paradigm Pandemonium
Paradigm Paparazzi
Paradigm Paradise Found
Paradigm Paradise Regain'd
Paradigm Paradisio Gemstone
Paradigm Parasol
Paradigm Pardon Moi
Paradigm Parisline
Paradigm Park Avenue
Paradigm Passeul
Paradigm Patent Pending
Paradigm Patriot
Paradigm Pavonine
Paradigm People's Choice
Paradigm Periana
Paradigm Periaptor
Paradigm Persuasion
Paradigm Phantom Prophesy
Paradigm Picture Perfect
Paradigm Playing With Fire
Paradigm Pocket Change
Paradigm Poe-Script
Paradigm Pop Quiz
Paradigm Pop Sensation
Paradigm Power Play
Paradigm Prada
Paradigm Prelude to a Kiss
Paradigm Presumed Innocent
Paradigm Pride of Breezewood
Paradigm Prime Time
Paradigm Private Eye
Paradigm Prize Contender
Paradigm Prom Queen
Paradigm Promises to Keep
Paradigm Prosperity
Paradigm Protagonist
Paradigm Pryzm
Paradigm Pure Platinum
Paradigm Rays of Hope
Paradigm Sierra Sunrise
Paradigm Tango to Breezewood
Paradigm Texas Twister
Paradigm Two to Tango
Paradigm v Richthofen
    Chez D Breeze N Along
Draggins Diamond Bolt v Mariah
Gemstone Angel in Disguise
Mariah's Monogram v Koepsel
MiraVia Orla Paradigm
Paradigm California Dreamin
Paradigm Pagan Queen of Caliburn
Paradigm People's Choice
Paradigm Tango to Breezewood