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name   Downey, Diane
  United States
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  Amulet Crown Royal Vali-T
Amulet Sgt Fury of Sondou
Amulet Shaldra Rodin Vali-T
Amulet's Abigal
Amulet's After Glow
Amulet's Amanda of Sno-Glenn
Amulet's Angelique
Amulet's Angus v Gluckliche
Amulet's Anticipation
Amulet's Antigo
Amulet's Aspen v Gluckliche
Amulet's Bellini Vali-T
Amulet's Brenna Gluckliche
Amulet's C Floyd Vali-T
Amulet's C Lou Reed Vali-T
Amulet's C Star Attraction
Amulet's Caitlin v Gluckliche
Amulet's Careless Heart
Amulet's Casha v Gluckliche
Amulet's Cecil v Gluckliche
Amulet's Cedric v Gluckliche
Amulet's Celena v Gluckliche
Amulet's Clipper Ship v Damato
Amulet's Colin v Gluckliche
Amulet's Corry of Clemmwood
Amulet's Echo of Joy Mar
Amulet's Elf v Gluckliche
Amulet's Eli of Sno-Glenn
Amulet's En-Vouge Vali-T
Amulet's Erin v Gluckliche
Amulet's Fagan v Gluckliche
Amulet's Fanny v Gluckliche
Amulet's Flashfire Vali-T
Amulet's Flashover Vali-T
Amulet's Fortune Hunter
Amulet's Gidget of Jira
Amulet's Idyll of Norelea
Amulet's Iron Eagle Vali-T
Amulet's JJJ Sierra Gold Vali-T
Amulet's Karisma of Edelhall
Amulet's Kurtina of Edelhall
Amulet's Lucinda Vali-T
Amulet's Luka of Sno-Glenn
Amulet's Midnight Sun Vali-T
Amulet's Montego BayVali-T
Amulet's Raphael Vali-T
Amulet's Sabrina of Kaymac
Amulet's SevernRun Czar Vali-T
Amulet's Star Attraction
Amulet's Tunisia of Edelhall
Amulet's Wild Oat of Sno-Glenn
Amulets Roarke vGluckliche
Edelhall Gigolo of Amulet
Edelhall Khansort of Amulet
Vali-T's Double Take
    Amulet's Abigal
Amulet's C Floyd Vali-T
Edelhall Gigolo of Amulet
Edelhall Lou Reed of Amulet
Sierra Wynterwynd Napa-Vali-T