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name   Silva, Luiz Fernando Ribas
email address   luiz@charleston.com.br
web site address   http://www.charlestondobermans.com/index.htm

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  Catchy Kaya Charleston
Charleston Amy v Jagermeister
Charleston Archer
Charleston Copperfield
Charleston Dark and Debonaire
Charleston Demetrius
Charleston Desiree
Charleston Ebony
Charleston Einstein
Charleston Elliot Ness
Charleston Esprit v Roclyn
Charleston Eva
Charleston EZ Ryder v Bar-lock
Charleston Fame
Charleston Fiddler on the Roof
Charleston Firefox
Charleston Flash Dance
Charleston Forrest Gump
Charleston Gilda
Charleston Gulliver
Charleston Hanson v Soundness
Charleston He-Man v Soundness
Charleston Hercules Soundness
Charleston in Love
Charleston Isabel
Charleston Kalahari
Charleston Lord of the Rings
Charleston Louis Dobermann
Charleston Matrix v Parsifal
Charleston Maverick v Parsifal
Charleston Mayflower v Parsifal
Charleston Nirvana
Charleston Olga v Parsifal
Charleston Orpheu v Parsifal
Charleston Pablo Picasso
Charleston Pancho Villa
Charleston Pin-Up
Charleston Porthos
Charleston Quo Vadis
Charleston Ramses Le Sueur
Charleston Roxanne Le Sueur
Charleston Titan Le Sueur
Charleston Troya Le Sueur
Charleston Winner
Charleston Winona Ryder
Charleston Woodstock
Charleston Yankee
Charleston Year of Joy
Charleston Yoga
Charleston Zimbabwe
Evelyn Charleston
Evita Evangeline Charleston
Faye Charleston
Golda Charleston
Irma La Dolce Charleston
Just a Dobe Charleston
Ornella Charleston
Othon Charleston
Petrus Charleston
Royal Dynasty Charleston
Ultra Charleston
Xerife Charleston
    Candela De La Cova Roya
Charleston Pin-Up
Charleston Ramses Le Sueur
Charleston Roxanne Le Sueur
Charleston Titan Le Sueur
Charleston Yoga
Gipsy Storm Charleston