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name   Pollock, Bernard & Kathleen
  United States
email address   kpollock@vectorlink.net
web site address  

breeder of:


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  Sunking's Blythe Spirit
Tempesta's Rhea of Wynterwynd
Wynterwynd's Apache Breeze
Wynterwynd's Apple Blossom
Wynterwynd's April Breeze
Wynterwynd's April Showers
Wynterwynd's Baby Sheba
Wynterwynd's Bad as Can Be
Wynterwynd's Bad N'Black
Wynterwynd's Blazing Breeze
Wynterwynd's Bobbi Brooks
Wynterwynd's Brook of Memory
Wynterwynd's Candy Cane
Wynterwynd's Candy Man
Wynterwynd's Centerfold
Wynterwynd's Century
Wynterwynd's Colter Bay
Wynterwynd's Crimson Shadow
Wynterwynd's Desiree
Wynterwynd's Diamond Dancer
Wynterwynd's Do Right Woman
Wynterwynd's Endless Summer
Wynterwynd's Fellini
Wynterwynd's Field of Dreams
Wynterwynd's Fox of Tempesta
Wynterwynd's Foxy Lady
Wynterwynd's Gallant Fox
Wynterwynd's Heaven Sent
Wynterwynd's Hill St Blues
Wynterwynd's Holiday Bowl
Wynterwynd's Indian Summer
Wynterwynd's Irish Fling
Wynterwynd's Irish Spring
Wynterwynd's Iron Mountain
Wynterwynd's Jericho
Wynterwynd's Jesse James
Wynterwynd's Jessica
Wynterwynd's Jingle Bells
Wynterwynd's Johnny Ringo
Wynterwynd's Lady Di
Wynterwynd's Lady O' the Nite
Wynterwynd's Luxor Durango
Wynterwynd's Luxor Laramie
Wynterwynd's Luxor Santa Fe
Wynterwynd's Mae West
Wynterwynd's Magi Moonrise
Wynterwynd's Major League
Wynterwynd's Martinque
Wynterwynd's Me 'N My Shadow
Wynterwynd's Moonshadow
Wynterwynd's Mother Goose
Wynterwynd's Ms-L-Toe v Wingate
Wynterwynd's Night Moves
Wynterwynd's Peace on Earth
Wynterwynd's Royal Magwyn
Wynterwynd's Rusti Nail
Wynterwynd's Rusti Shadow
Wynterwynd's Saratoga
Wynterwynd's Serenade in Blue
Wynterwynd's Shalimar
Wynterwynd's Shannon
Wynterwynd's Shartasia Veil
Wynterwynd's Sheridan
Wynterwynd's Shiloh v Lucir
Wynterwynd's Sierra Shadow
Wynterwynd's Silent Knight
Wynterwynd's Spring Bouquet
Wynterwynd's Spring Breeze
Wynterwynd's Spring Shadow
Wynterwynd's Spring Sunshine
Wynterwynd's Spring Tornado
Wynterwynd's Star Trek v Lucir
Wynterwynd's Stardust Dream
Wynterwynd's Stardust Magic
Wynterwynd's Summer Breeze
Wynterwynd's Summer Fury
Wynterwynd's Summer Rain
Wynterwynd's Summer Spark
Wynterwynd's Summer Storm
Wynterwynd's Sun Sation
Wynterwynd's Sunburg Starion
Wynterwynd's Sundae Delight
Wynterwynd's Sunny Brook
Wynterwynd's Sunstorm
Wynterwynd's Tax Specialist
Wynterwynd's Tequila Sunset
Wynterwynd's TGIF v Valifalls
Wynterwynd's the Rebel
Wynterwynd's Toot'n Windsong
Wynterwynd's Top Candidate
Wynterwynd's Topaz Sunset
Wynterwynd's Touchstone Gem
Wynterwynd's Valley Falls I Bo
Wynterwynd's Venetian Mint
Wynterwynd's Vivala Victoria
Wynterwynd's Whiskey River
Wynterwynd's Wild Cherry
Wynterwynd's Wild Streak
Wynterwynd's Wild Tempest
Wynterwynd's Windfall Profit
Wynterwynd's World Series
    Chance Run's Enchanted Star
Tempesta's Star of Wynterwynd
Wynterwynd's Jesse James
Wynterwynd's Summer Breeze
Wynterwynd's Summer Spark
Wynterwynd's Top Candidate