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name   Berg (Sniderman), Lana
email address   lsniderman@simcakennels.com
web site address  

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  Phillmar Bring it on v Simca
Phillmar Monster Magnificent
Phillmar Monster Piece
Phillmar Monsterella
Phillmar Rach Monster
Phillmar She's All That
Phillmar Sobe Monster
Phillmar Statuerella
Phillmar X-Statarella
Simca's Almost Like Flying
Simca's Apple Jack
Simca's April Wine
Simca's Asleep at the Wheel
Simca's Blind Faith
Simca's Boxcar Willie
Simca's Cadillac Flash
Simca's Canned Heat
Simca's Cheap Trick
Simca's Commander Cody
Simca's Copper Penny
Simca's Country Gentleman
Simca's Country Silk
Simca's Crystal Image
Simca's Dakota Harmony
Simca's Dealer's Choice
Simca's Demon Flight
Simca's Divine Rite
Simca's Dixie Flyer
Simca's Double Image
Simca's Dream Academy
Simca's Earth, Wind & Fire
Simca's Ebony Rhythm
Simca's Eden Rock
Simca's Eighth Wonder
Simca's Electric Cowboy
Simca's Eternal Wind
Simca's Executive Suite
Simca's Exotic Storm
Simca's Fleetwood Mac
Simca's Gala Performance
Simca's Generation Gap
Simca's Ghost Rider
Simca's Glass Tiger
Simca's Guns N' Roses
Simca's Gypsy Sun
Simca's Ides of March
Simca's Impossible Dream
Simca's in Vogue
Simca's Indian Summer
Simca's INXS
Simca's Iron Butterfly
Simca's Jagged Edge
Simca's Jazz Warrior
Simca's Jesse Jaymes
Simca's Kashtin
Simca's Key Dreams
Simca's Kid Montana
Simca's Killin' Time
Simca's Kindred Spirit
Simca's Kiss of the Gypsy
Simca's Lady Hawke
Simca's Leather and Lace
Simca's Lone Star
Simca's Lonesome Romeo
Simca's Lovin Spoonfull
Simca's Macy Gray
Simca's Magic Moments
Simca's Magnum Force
Simca's Manhattan Transfer
Simca's Melody Maker
Simca's Midnight Sunrise
Simca's Moment of Truth
Simca's Morning Glory
    Aguilo's Ice Crm Sundae Carosel
Blumont Lucky Debonair
Phillmar Bring it on v Simca
Phillmar Thunderella
Phillmar X-Static
Sherluck's Crimson N' Clover
Simca's April Wine
Simca's Dream Academy
Simca's in Vogue
Simca's Indian Summer
Simca's Jesse Jaymes
Simca's Kindred Spirit
Simca's Leather and Lace