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name   Stade, Julie
  United States
email address   BJFworkingdogs@yahoo.com
web site address   http://BJFworkingdogs.com

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  Aquarius Amber v BJF
Aquarius Lethal Weapon v BJF
Aquarius Ruger BJF
BJF a Farewell to Arms
BJF a Midsummer Night's Dream
BJF All's Well That Ends Well
BJF Anicca's Ember DreamGrrl
BJF as You Like it v D'ray
BJF Black Ice Blade
BJF Braveheart v Aquarius
BJF Candle in the Wind
BJF Christmas Cheer v Kansa
BJF Crescendo v Aquarius
BJF Dare to be a Warrior
BJF Dare to Dream
BJF Dare to Imagine
BJF Darkly Dreaming Dexter
BJF Diamond Lil v Aquarius
BJF Dragonfly in Amber
BJF Dreams of the Man in Black
BJF Eliot Ness
BJF Esmeralda Dances Under the Polar Lights
BJF Every Dream Needs Some Flair
BJF Faithful Heart
BJF Fire and Ice
BJF Fireflies in the Garden
BJF Great Expectations Elray
BJF Guilty Pleasures
BJF Her Shining Armor
BJF if You Can Dream It
BJF Incandescent v Chalmar
BJF Indivar Live Your Truth
BJF Infinite Truth v Azar
BJF InfraRed v Chalmar
BJF Legends Aria v Aquarius
BJF Living the Dream
BJF Love's Labour's Lost
BJF Measure for Measure
BJF Moment of Truth
BJF Much Ado About Nothing
BJF Never in Your Wildest Dreams
BJF O'er the Hills N Far Away
BJF Powder and Patsch
BJF Prairie Wind v Crescendo
BJF Prussian Red Devil
BJF Renejade Debt of Honor
BJF Renejade Mirror Image
BJF Rikki Tikki Tavi
BJF Roll Out the Red Carpet
BJF Run Like the Wind v Kansa
BJF Scarlett Letter Aquarius
BJF Shades of Truth
BJF Smoke and Gunpowder
BJF Sonata v Aquarius
BJF Sweet Aspirations v Victory
BJF Sweet Child O' Mine v Crescendo
BJF Sweet Dreams
BJF Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
BJF Sweetness
BJF Tempolargo v Aquarius
BJF Tequila Sunrise v Aquarius
BJF the Age of Innocence
BJF the Comedy of Errors
BJF the Count of Monte Cristo
BJF the Difference Between Darkness
BJF The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey
BJF the Merchant of Venice
BJF the Phantom Tollbooth
BJF the Portrait of a Lady
BJF the Pro-At Presto v Aquarius
BJF the Ransom of Red Chief
BJF the Road Warrior Aquarius
BJF the Rough Rider
BJF the Secret Garden
BJF the Sound and the Fury
BJF the Sound of Trees
BJF the Tell-Tale Heart
BJF the Wicked Truth
BJF the Winter's Tale
BJF Through the Looking Glass
BJF Truth Or Dare
BJF UltraViolet v Chalmar
BJF Universal Truth
BJF Warriors Into the Wild
BJF Wild and Crazy Guy
BJF Wild and Free
BJF Wild and Wicked Things
BJF Wild Gift
BJF Wild Kismet
BJF Wild Man Morty
BJF Wild Renegade
BJF Wild, Wild West
BJF Wind in the Willows
BJF Winds of Dark Fury
BJF Winter Solstice
Coppertree Bat Outa Hell
Coppertree Dream Weaver
Coppertree Paint it Black
Coppertree Ruby Tuesday
Gunnar-Red Dog Red
Kansa's Christmas Present BJF
Kansa's Merry Christmas BJF
Kansa's Wrapped for Xmas BJF
Renejade BJF DK Storm Rising
Renejade BJF Executive Orders
Renejade BJF Into the Storm
Renejade BJF Without Remorse
Talent's Calypso v BJF
Talent's Echo v BJF
Talent's Orion v BJF
Talents Helios Aquila v BJF
WR Fair Warning v BJF
WR Fait Accompli v BJF
WR Fire and Brimstone v BJF
WR Freedom Fighter v BJF
    BJF Fireflies in the Garden
BJF Incandescent v Chalmar
BJF Prairie Wind v Crescendo
BJF Renejade Debt of Honor
BJF Tequila Sunrise v Aquarius
BJF the Wicked Truth
BJF Wild and Wicked Things
Chalmar's Free Fall
Irongate's Trick Or Treat
Kansa's Intoxicatin' Aquarius
Rodina Straze Awaiting Your Arrival z BJF
WR Encore of the Danse v BJF