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name   Benfield, Jane
  United States
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  Telstar's Abbey Rd v Lastar
Telstar's Aliage
Telstar's Alyssum of Glen Coe
Telstar's Annick Goutal
Telstar's Appassionatta
Telstar's Beloved Belinda
Telstar's BMW v Lastar
Telstar's Cardinal Blitz
Telstar's Casmir of Glen-Coe
Telstar's Chasing a Dream
Telstar's Clive Christian Cambria
Telstar's Corre'ge
Telstar's Corso Como of Belgreg
Telstar's Crocodile Dundee
Telstar's Curtain Call
Telstar's Dazzling Gold
Telstar's Desert Wind v Lastar
Telstar's Dioressence
Telstar's Dolce Vita
Telstar's Drakkar Noir
Telstar's Encore v Royalmead
Telstar's Enzy
Telstar's Gallardia
Telstar's Gold Medal v Lindenau
Telstar's Happy Holidays
Telstar's Harvard Crimson
Telstar's Higher Dior
Telstar's I Don't Care
Telstar's I Have a Dream
Telstar's Icon
Telstar's Isadora De Moss
Telstar's J'Adore
Telstar's Jessamine v Kondahar
Telstar's Kiss Me Kate
Telstar's Krypton of Da-Mar's
Telstar's Lastar's Wind Shadow
Telstar's Lexus v Lastar
Telstar's Lovable Lyle v Lindenau
Telstar's Love Me Do v Lastar
Telstar's Midnight Charm
Telstar's Monet
Telstar's My Little Chickodee
Telstar's Myristica
Telstar's Mystify
Telstar's Nu Sensation-Tera Del
Telstar's Olympic Flame
Telstar's Pheromone
Telstar's Poison
Telstar's Preferred Stock
Telstar's Rachel of Belgreg
Telstar's Remember Me
Telstar's Rocobar v Wes-Lee
Telstar's Safari v Lastar
Telstar's Sassy Sister
Telstar's Scotland v Glen Coe
Telstar's Tea Rose
Telstar's Tender Poison v Da-Mar
Telstar's the Flea Flicker
Telstar's the Funny Girl
Telstar's the Red Piano
Telstar's the Verdict
Telstar's This Time
Telstar's to Catch a Thief
Telstar's Twist N Shout v Lastar
Telstar's Wild Life
    Belgreg's Billie Jean (2009)
Elfred's Prim-a-Dona
Elfred's Telstar
Telstar's Aliage
Telstar's Dioressence
Telstar's Happy Holidays
Telstar's Midnight Charm
Telstar's Poison
Telstar's Rachel of Belgreg
Telstar's Rocobar v Wes-Lee