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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America



name   Stubbs (Newsom), Luci
  Spring Branch
  United States
email address   dobes@sbcglobal.net
web site address  

breeder of:


owner of::


  Adlercrest Marko v Koepsel
Adlercrest Mirko v Koepsel
Adlercrest Misha v Koepsel
Ambermark's Chances Are
Ambermark's Encore Encore
Ambermark's Mariah v Koepsel
Ambermark's Never Say Never
Ambermark's One Last Dance
Ambermark's Play it Again
Ambermark's Texas Tornado
Ambermark's Texas Trooper
Ambermark's the Sequel
Mariah's Absence of Malice Mi Casa
Mariah's Coco v Koepsel
Mariah's Cosmopolitan v Koepsel
Mariah's Da Vinci v Koepsel
Mariah's Diamond Paradigm
Mariah's Gregor v Koepsel
Mariah's Hailey v Koepsel
Mariah's Hardy v Koepsel
Mariah's Indescretion v Koepsel
Mariah's Labyrinth
Mariah's Magnaton v Koepsel
Mariah's Monogram v Koepsel
Mariah's Raichu v Koepsel
Mariah's Syrax v Koepsel
Nemesis Figi v Koepsel
Nemesis' Fedra v Koepsel
Paradigm Prosperity
    Ambermark's Mariah v Koepsel
Barrierdobe's Quintessence
Kalina v Norden Stamm
Mariah's Kiss This
Mariah's Labyrinth
Mariah's Monogram v Koepsel
Mariah's Tyra v Koepsel
Nemesis' Fallon v Koepsel