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name   McKay, Larralyn
email address   ambermark@sympatico.ca
web site address   http://www.angelfire.com/ga/ambermark/index.html

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  Ambermark's Abou Ben Adam
Ambermark's Abracadabra
Ambermark's Accolade for Pip
Ambermark's Act One
Ambermark's Ain't She Something
Ambermark's Aren't I Something
Ambermark's Ballad for Luger
Ambermark's Black Magic
Ambermark's Black Onyx
Ambermark's Blak Tie Affair
Ambermark's Boss Brass
Ambermark's Brio at Povarello
Ambermark's Broadway Baby
Ambermark's Catch My Fancy
Ambermark's Chances Are
Ambermark's Chasing Clouds
Ambermark's Cloud Cruiser
Ambermark's Curtain Call
Ambermark's Diamond Edge
Ambermark's Diamond Rio
Ambermark's Encore Encore
Ambermark's Fancy Knickers
Ambermark's Femme Fatale
Ambermark's Flash of Fancy
Ambermark's Flights of Fancy
Ambermark's Go for the Gold
Ambermark's Gold Charm
Ambermark's Grand Finale
Ambermark's Highland Fling
Ambermark's Hit the Jackpot
Ambermark's Hocus Pocus
Ambermark's Hugelhof Care Bear
Ambermark's Hugelhof Pooh Bear
Ambermark's I Will if I Want
Ambermark's Last Mile
Ambermark's Last One In
Ambermark's Last One Standing
Ambermark's Last Word
Ambermark's Low Flying Cloud
Ambermark's Magic Dragon
Ambermark's Mariah v Koepsel
Ambermark's Maximum Magic
Ambermark's Midnite Cinderella
Ambermark's Never Say Never
Ambermark's No Fences
Ambermark's One Last Dance
Ambermark's Opening Night
Ambermark's Outside the Fire
Ambermark's Penny in My Pocket
Ambermark's Play it Again
Ambermark's Rave Review
Ambermark's Red Hot Charleston
Ambermark's Red Strokes
Ambermark's Rhinestone Cowboy
Ambermark's Rhumba Girl
Ambermark's Say Something Nice
Ambermark's Show Stopper
Ambermark's Something Alien
Ambermark's Something Going On
Ambermark's Something Special
Ambermark's Something Sweet
Ambermark's Something Tells Me
Ambermark's Spare Change
Ambermark's Strike it Rich
Ambermark's Tennessee Tailgunner
Ambermark's Texas Tornado
Ambermark's Texas Trooper
Ambermark's the Chase
Ambermark's the Sequel
Ambermark's Three Wishes
Ambermark's Tickle My Fancy
Ambermark's Too Cool to Calypso
Ambermark's Top Billing
Ambermark's Wags in Wiggles
Ambermark's Walk on the Wildside
Ambermark's Walking on Clouds
Ambermark's Wardance
Ambermark's Welcome to My World
Ambermark's Whisper in the Wind
Ambermark's Who's Your Daddy
Ambermark's Wild Card Man
Ambermark's Willie Wonka
Ambermark's Wind N Waves
Ambermark's Winter Wind
Ambermark's Winter Wishes
Ambermark's Wishin'N Waitin'
Ambermark's Wishing Ring
Ambermark's Witch Hunt
Gallantry Perfect Design
Goldgrove Gemstone v Ambermark
Goldgrove Karat v Ambermark
    Ambermark's Encore Encore
Ambermark's Play it Again
Ambermark's Rhumba Girl
Ambermark's Too Cool to Calypso
Goldgrove N'Style
Liberator's Bourbon Street
Starlaine Here I Go Again Ambermark
Starstorm Criscione
Wrath's Reflections
Wrath's Sentimental Journey