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name   Haller, Carmen
  British Columbia
email address   challer@telus.net
web site address  

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  Carvon's a Kelly for Mom
Carvon's Abbey Road to Seeonee
Carvon's Aja From Destinee
Carvon's All That Jazz
Carvon's Always Jake
Carvon's Anni Ver Sure
Carvon's B. Cereus Alya
Carvon's Black Crystal
Carvon's Black Diamond Harley
Carvon's Black Gold
Carvon's Black Ice
Carvon's Black Magic
Carvon's Blackgammons Shadow
Carvon's Bold Bruno
Carvon's Bruno III
Carvon's Call Me Chloe
Carvon's Calypso Adventurer
Carvon's Canadian Mist
Carvon's Celsiana
Carvon's Chantilly Lace
Carvon's Cigany Panna
Carvon's Clara Bow
Carvon's Classic Caesar
Carvon's Classic Keyana
Carvon's Classic Phaedra
Carvon's Count Tino
Carvon's Crown Prince Yako
Carvon's Crown Sable
Carvon's Crusier's Delight
Carvon's Curtis Jenny
Carvon's Cuttysark
Carvon's Dakota Moon
Carvon's Dallas Cowboy
Carvon's Dark Damsel
Carvon's Dark Duchess
Carvon's Dark Raven
Carvon's Dark Sheba
Carvon's Degen at Spekhurst
Carvon's Duke of Destinee
Carvon's Fagan of Destinee
Carvon's Hans Solo
Carvon's Jaguar
Carvon's JD From Destinee
Carvon's Kasson
Carvon's Kentucky Darby
Carvon's Knight Ryder
Carvon's Lively Cynthia
Carvon's Mai Tai
Carvon's Meika
Carvon's Midnight Jazz
Carvon's Midnight Magic
Carvon's Millenium Sprite
Carvon's Miss Hannah
Carvon's Moonlight Sonata
Carvon's Morgan Kayne
Carvon's Morningstar
Carvon's Mystic Odin
Carvon's Northern Drifter
Carvon's Olympia
Carvon's Phantom Max
Carvon's Prelude to Midnight
Carvon's Presents High Society
Carvon's Prince Iago
Carvon's Red Rambo
Carvon's Red Serge
Carvon's Regal Contessa
Carvon's Rocky of Destinee
Carvon's Rollikin' Riley
Carvon's Royal Alexander
Carvon's Royal Angus
Carvon's Royal Benjamin
Carvon's Royal Biko
Carvon's Royal Black Jade
Carvon's Royal Black Jasmine
Carvon's Royal Chico
Carvon's Royal Contessa
Carvon's Royal Damon
Carvon's Royal Jetsetter
Carvon's Royal Mystic at Vakkre
Carvon's Royal Mystique
Carvon's Royal Rascal Chum
Carvon's Royal Rebel
Carvon's Royal Romeo
Carvon's Royal Rusty
Carvon's Royal Sasha
Carvon's Satanic Majesty
Carvon's Shadow of Destinee
Carvon's Shady Lady of Vakkre
Carvon's Simply Scotty
Carvon's Skye Dancer
Carvon's Skymaster
Carvon's Star Traveller
Carvon's Starbright Libby
Carvon's Starfire Aketa
Carvon's Starfire Apollo
Carvon's Starshine Vela
Carvon's Sunrise Salem
Carvon's Sweet Abigail
Carvon's Sweet Harmony
Carvon's Sweet Jesse
Carvon's Sweet Jessie
Carvon's Sweet Sara
Carvon's Teebo Royale
Carvon's Tia Maria
Carvon's Valentino Rogue
Carvon's Wandering Star
Carvon's Whitney in Concert
Carvon's Zeus
Destinee's Dion by Carv
Destinee's Nero of Carv
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