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name   Irvine, Carolyn S
  United States
email address   carolyn@royolyn.com
web site address  

breeder of:


owner of::


  Icewine Miracle Prey
Icewine Rules of Prey
Icewine Secret Prey
Icewine Shadow Prey
Icewine Silent Prey
Khamsin From Defender
Kharif From Defender
Pageboy's Holly v Royolyn
Royolyn a Grape in Time
Royolyn a Page Out of Time
Royolyn Ace of Spades
Royolyn Adventures in Wine
Royolyn Ainsley
Royolyn Algonquin
Royolyn All That Jazz
Royolyn Alstar at Miloki
Royolyn Alstar Candyman
Royolyn Alstar Legacy
Royolyn Alstar Skywalker
Royolyn Amaretto
Royolyn Anasazi
Royolyn Annisette
Royolyn as You Like It
Royolyn Ashley Moore
Royolyn Athabaskan
Royolyn Autumn Moon
Royolyn Battle Cry
Royolyn Bentley
Royolyn Best Kept Secret
Royolyn Bewitched
Royolyn Black Gold
Royolyn Black Panther
Royolyn Black Russian
Royolyn Black Ryder
Royolyn Blackberry Bramble
Royolyn Blackfoot
Royolyn Blackstone
Royolyn Blame it on Rio
Royolyn Bolero
Royolyn Bonus
Royolyn Caesar De Cawdor
Royolyn Candlelight 'N Wine
Royolyn Cayuga
Royolyn Chardonnay
Royolyn Chivas Regal
Royolyn Cinzano on the Rocks
Royolyn City to City
Royolyn Coco Chanel
Royolyn Complete Cover Page
Royolyn Cruising in Torino
Royolyn Cuba Libra
Royolyn Daily Double
Royolyn Dances With Wolves
Royolyn Dante
Royolyn Dark Moon
Royolyn Dark Power
Royolyn Dealers Choice
Royolyn Debutante Page
Royolyn Desert Sand
Royolyn Desert Shield
Royolyn Desert Storm
Royolyn Diamond Wine
Royolyn Doin Time
Royolyn Double Jeopardy
Royolyn Double Or Nothing
Royolyn Doulton
Royolyn Dubonet on Ice
Royolyn Duet with Defender
Royolyn Eighteen-Twelve
Royolyn Evenstar
Royolyn Fair Game
Royolyn Famous Last Word
Royolyn Finishline
Royolyn Fire on Ice
Royolyn First Tee
Royolyn Fiscal Restraint
Royolyn Focal Point
Royolyn Focus of My Attention
Royolyn Focus of Summer Wind
Royolyn Focus on Miloki
Royolyn Focus Sunrise on Me
Royolyn for the Prosecution
Royolyn Freixenet Time
Royolyn Gambling in Naples
Royolyn Game Point
Royolyn Gold Magnum
Royolyn Grand Marnier
Royolyn Grey Flannel
Royolyn Guilty as Charged
Royolyn Haida
Royolyn Halloween Sunrise
Royolyn Halston
Royolyn Harvest Moon
Royolyn Harvest Time
Royolyn Harvest Wine
Royolyn Havoc
Royolyn Headstudy in Black
Royolyn Here Comes Trouble
Royolyn Hometown Girl
Royolyn Huron
Royolyn Ice Breaker
Royolyn Ice Capade
Royolyn Ice Dancer
Royolyn Ice Sculpture
Royolyn Ice Wine
Royolyn Irish Mist
Royolyn Iroquois
Royolyn Jaeger
Royolyn Jasmine
Royolyn Jingle Bell Pageboy
Royolyn Judical Recount
Royolyn Kahlua on the Rocks
Royolyn Kayla v Riteray
Royolyn Late Harvest Wine
Royolyn Limoges
Royolyn Long Shadow
Royolyn Look Whozz Singing
Royolyn Maid My Point
Royolyn Major Majority
Royolyn Major Showoff
Royolyn Mohawk
Royolyn Moonlight
Royolyn My Kind of Town
Royolyn Mystical Song
Royolyn N'Ice Bad Boy
Royolyn Nicholas Pageboy
Royolyn Night on the Town
Royolyn Ninja Warrior
Royolyn No Contest
Royolyn Noella Pageboy
Royolyn Northern Symphony
Royolyn Nutmeg Pageboy
Royolyn on the Town
Royolyn One Fine Wine
Royolyn One More Time
Royolyn One Ring to Rule
Royolyn Othello
Royolyn Page in Time
Royolyn Page of History
Royolyn Page of Sci Fi
Royolyn Paint the Town
Royolyn Pantera
Royolyn Peach Wine
Royolyn Phantom of Darkthorn
Royolyn Photofinish
Royolyn Play My Game
Royolyn Point Man
Royolyn Point of Denial
Royolyn Prairie Rose
Royolyn Prairie Wind
Royolyn Private Dancer
Royolyn Private Heritage
Royolyn Private Hideaway
Royolyn Private Investigator
Royolyn Private Label
Royolyn Private Promise
Royolyn Private Stock
Royolyn Private Wine
Royolyn Queen of Hearts
Royolyn Racing in Sienna
Royolyn Rake's Progress
Royolyn Ready to Sing
Royolyn Rebecca
Royolyn Redman's Charm
Royolyn Reisling
Royolyn Renaissance
Royolyn Rendezvous v Rich-Lie
Royolyn Resonance
Royolyn Restitution
Royolyn Reunion
Royolyn Right to Silence
Royolyn Roulette
Royolyn Ruffles
Royolyn Ruler's Your Song
Royolyn Rules of the Game
Royolyn Sambuca
Royolyn Satin Finish
Royolyn Schauffelein Sage
Royolyn Schauffelein Showdown
Royolyn Schauffelein Skylark
Royolyn Schauffelein Solo
Royolyn Secret Weapon
Royolyn Sentinel
Royolyn Seven Point Strategy
Royolyn Shadow Games
Royolyn Sheer Ice
Royolyn Showbiz
Royolyn Showcase
Royolyn Showgirl
Royolyn Showtyme
Royolyn Singin' in the Rain
Royolyn Sinnerman
Royolyn Sioux
Royolyn Skylark
Royolyn Small Town Girl
Royolyn Society Page
Royolyn Solitaire
Royolyn Song of the Islands
Royolyn Southern Comfort
Royolyn Southern Song
Royolyn Sparkling Wine
Royolyn Spirit of Xmas Pageboy
Royolyn Sports Page
Royolyn Stampede
Royolyn Stepping Out
Royolyn Stompin Grapes
Royolyn Stoney Ridge
Royolyn Strawberry Social
Royolyn Summer Rain
Royolyn Summer Shade
Royolyn Summer Wine
Royolyn Sunstar
Royolyn Supertramp
Royolyn Sweep and Escort
Royolyn Tango
Royolyn Tanning in Rimini
Royolyn Team Spirit
Royolyn the Ice Man
Royolyn Thriller
Royolyn Time Bomb
Royolyn Time Released
Royolyn Time Shared
Royolyn Time Traxx
Royolyn Time Well Spent
Royolyn Time Zone
Royolyn Timepiece
Royolyn Toast of the Town
Royolyn Tosca
Royolyn Touch N Go
Royolyn Touch of Gold
Royolyn Touchstone
Royolyn Trial by Jury
Royolyn Trick 'R Treat
Royolyn Tristan
Royolyn Troubadour
Royolyn Turn the Pageboy
Royolyn Twice as Nice
Royolyn Two for the Road
Royolyn Typhoon
Royolyn Viking Song
Royolyn War Games
Royolyn Warrior's Page
Royolyn Wedgewood
Royolyn Who's That Singing
Royolyn Wild Rose
Royolyn Wildcard
Royolyn Windfall
Royolyn Winds of War
Royolyn Windsong
Royolyn Windsong 2nd
Royolyn Wine and Roses
Royolyn Wine Peddler
Royolyn Winter Rose
Royolyn Witchcraft
Royolyn Witches Wish
Royolyn's Lyric Schauffelein
Schauffelein's Royolyn Regatta
Schauffelein's Royolyn Ruse
Schauffelein's Royolyn Rustler
Tempest From Defender
Wild Wind From Defender
    Royolyn Best Kept Secret
Royolyn Duet with Defender
Royolyn Game Point
Royolyn Ice Sculpture
Royolyn Pantera
Royolyn Point of Denial
Royolyn Showgirl
Royolyn Supertramp
Westwood's Cinnamon Sunset