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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America



name   Harrison, Paul D & Cindy A
email address   pcharrison@ruralwave.ca
web site address   http://www.facebook.com/CresswellDobermans/

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  Cresswell's Adieu
Cresswell's Arrovedeci
Cresswell's Au Revoir
Cresswell's Ballroom Blitz
Cresswell's Black Cherry
Cresswell's Black Dawn
Cresswell's Black Diamond
Cresswell's Black Ice
Cresswell's Black Jack
Cresswell's Black Knight
Cresswell's Black Lace
Cresswell's Black Magic
Cresswell's Black Mountain
Cresswell's Black Onxy
Cresswell's Black Prince
Cresswell's Black Swan
Cresswell's Black Velvet
Cresswell's Blood Sweat & Tears
Cresswell's Blue Ice
Cresswell's Brick of Gold
Cresswell's Butterfield Blues
Cresswell's Champagne Diamond
Cresswell's Clearwater Revival
Cresswell's Crimson Skye
Cresswell's Crosby, Stills & Nash
Cresswell's Cultured Pearl
Cresswell's Diamond in the Ruff
Cresswell's Early to Arrive
Cresswell's Fast And Furious
Cresswell's Firecracker
Cresswell's Fireworks
Cresswell's Georgia On My Mind
Cresswell's Homeward Bound
Cresswell's Honeysuckle Rose
Cresswell's Hosta La Vista
Cresswell's I am a Jewel
Cresswell's Ice Queen
Cresswell's It's All About Me
Cresswell's It's My Time
Cresswell's Janis Joplin
Cresswell's Jefferson Airplane
Cresswell's Labor of Love
Cresswell's Last Hooray
Cresswell's Lord Of The Dance
Cresswell's Making It Look Easy
Cresswell's Medicine Man
Cresswell's Midnight Delivery
Cresswell's Midnight Rider
Cresswell's Miracles Do Happen
Cresswell's Morning Skye
Cresswell's Oklahoma
Cresswell's On The Road Again
Cresswell's Paso Doble
Cresswell's Perfect Harmony
Cresswell's Phantom Of The Opera
Cresswell's Pin Up Girl
Cresswell's Pink Diamond
Cresswell's Prima Ballerina
Cresswell's Puttin' On The Ritz
Cresswell's Ready, Willing & Able
Cresswell's Red Dawn
Cresswell's Red Rocket
Cresswell's Saturn Shell
Cresswell's Sha Na Na
Cresswell's Soul Man
Cresswell's Standing By My Side
Cresswell's Standing Free
Cresswell's Standing Order
Cresswell's Standing Ovation
Cresswell's Standing Poses
Cresswell's Standing Pretty
Cresswell's Standing Proud
Cresswell's Standing Tall
Cresswell's Standing Tradition
Cresswell's Sultan Of Swing
Cresswell's Sweetwater
Cresswell's Take It To The Limit
Cresswell's Take The Lead
Cresswell's Taken to the Max
Cresswell's The Black Pearl
Cresswell's The Highway Man
Cresswell's The Sky's The Limit
Cresswell's The Trouble Maker
Cresswell's Tiger Eye
Cresswell's Whiskey River
    Cresswell's Medicine Man
Cresswell's Prima Ballerina