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name   Gelinas, Michael & Sandy (A)
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  Ruler's Abraxas
Ruler's Alliance v Wendorf
Ruler's Angel Eyes
Ruler's Black Moon Rising
Ruler's Black Pearl
Ruler's Brother Abel
Ruler's Caramel Kiss
Ruler's Careless Emotion
Ruler's Cayenne Pepper
Ruler's Change of Heart
Ruler's Cinnamon Girl
Ruler's CJ Caddence
Ruler's Classic Rock
Ruler's Coldfire
Ruler's Cruise Control
Ruler's Dark Prince
Ruler's Dirty Dancing
Ruler's Dirty Deeds
Ruler's Dream Weaver
Ruler's Elite Intruder
Ruler's Eurythmic
Ruler's Flaming Ember
Ruler's French Kiss
Ruler's Golden Boy
Ruler's Guns and Roses
Ruler's Heart of Stone
Ruler's Heaven's Gate
Ruler's Hells Bells
Ruler's Hocus Pocus
Ruler's Holly Would
Ruler's Honor and Glory
Ruler's Hot Rocks
Ruler's Ice and Fire
Ruler's Indigo Moon
Ruler's Inuendo
Ruler's Invisible Touch
Ruler's Irresistable Chicago
Ruler's Jaded Saint
Ruler's Katmandoo
Ruler's Kiss N Tell
Ruler's Licorice Kiss
Ruler's Like a Rock
Ruler's Low Winter Sun
Ruler's Lupita
Ruler's Marley Man
Ruler's Maxmillion
Ruler's Melisandre
Ruler's Mexicali Sally
Ruler's Midnight Rambler
Ruler's Miriah
Ruler's Murphy Brown v Wendorf
Ruler's My Cooper
Ruler's Mystery Man
Ruler's Night Heat
Ruler's Nirvana
Ruler's Oceans of Time
Ruler's on the Dark Side
Ruler's Original Cast
Ruler's Pound of Flesh
Ruler's Power Play
Ruler's Practical Magic
Ruler's Priscilla Presley
Ruler's Prophecy
Ruler's Pulp Fiction
Ruler's Pursuit of Fame
Ruler's Pyewacket v Wendorf
Ruler's Queen of Denial
Ruler's Quinestra
Ruler's QuintessencevWendorf
Ruler's Radiation
Ruler's Rainbow's End
Ruler's Raisin' Cain
Ruler's Rapscallion
Ruler's Rattle and Hum
Ruler's Rave On
Ruler's Rebel Heart
Ruler's Restless Heart
Ruler's Rock On
Ruler's Rocket Racer
Ruler's Rocketeer
Ruler's Rough Trade
Ruler's Royolyn Sonata
Ruler's Rumour
Ruler's Serious Moonlight
Ruler's Shadow Dancer
Ruler's Shadowfax
Ruler's Shoot to Thrill
Ruler's Simply Red
Ruler's Star Baby
Ruler's Steel Wheels
Ruler's Stevie Nicks
Ruler's Summer Heat
Ruler's Synchkonicity
Ruler's Thats Right
Ruler's Top Gunn
Ruler's Ultimate Elusion
Ruler's Vagabond Heart
Ruler's Vitesse
Ruler's Westwind
Ruler's Winds of War
Ruler's Winterfell
    Ruler's Cayenne Pepper
Ruler's Invisible Touch
Ruler's Rattle and Hum
Ruler's Vitesse
Wendorf's One'der Boy v Ruler