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name   Turner, Al & Kathleen
email address   arketdobes@icloud.com
web site address   http://arketdobermans.com

breeder of:


owner of::


  Arket N Gra-Lemor All Fired Up
Arket N Gra-Lemor Girl on Fire
Arket N Gra-Lemor Krimson Tide
Arket N Gra-Lemor Moonshiner
Arket N Gra-Lemor Renegade
Arket N Gra-Lemor Scout Master
Arket's Angel Eyes
Arket's Avenger Iron Man
Arket's Belle Pepper Cafe
Arket's Black Martini
Arket's Black Tie Affair
Arket's Camelot Princess
Arket's Diamond Select
Arket's Diamonds Are Forever
Arket's Divide and Conquer
Arket's Dragon Slayer
Arket's Famous Warrior
Arket's Fast n Furious
Arket's Fortunate Son
Arket's Fun & Games
Arket's Gingersnap
Arket's Got My Groove Back
Arket's Grace
Arket's Lillibit of Heaven
Arket's Little Red Schooner
Arket's Magnificent
Arket's Margaritaville
Arket's Master Manipulator
Arket's Mysterious Ways
Arket's Not to be Outdone
Arket's Pink Lady of Cadence
Arket's Prison Break
Arket's Ramblin' Rose
Arket's Remy Martin
Arket's Rising Son
Arket's Risky Business
Arket's Rock E Rogue
Arket's Rock the Casbah
Arket's Simply Stated
Arket's Stroke of Luck
Arket's Sweetest Thing
Arket's Thunderbolt
Arket's Thunderstruck
Arket's Unchanged Melody
Arket's Unforgettable Fire
Arket's Usual Suspect
Arket's Whistle Britches
ConnQuest Desire v Arket
ConnQuest Im the One v Kelview
Gra-Lemor Red Dragon Tattoo v Arket
Gra-Lemor Red Hot n Sassy v Arket
Gralemor Hooligans Revenge
    A'Carrig N Gra-Lemor Eskendereya
Arket N Gra-Lemor Girl on Fire
Arket's Got My Groove Back
Arket's Margaritaville
Arket's Rock E Rogue
Arket's Unforgettable Fire
Cadence Irelands Call v Radiant
ConnQuest No Apologies
Gra-Lemor Grand Illusion
Holmrun's Make Over