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  Jaspar's Hip N Happining
Jaspar's Take the Lead
Jurassik Crossing Grandstand
Jurassik River Pheonix
Sharinway's Abilene v Aeolus
Sharinway's Amarillo Mornings
Sharinway's April Wine
Sharinway's Austin v Aeolus
Sharinway's Bare S'entials
Sharinway's Black Willow
Sharinway's Blackeyed Peas
Sharinway's Blue Gangsta
Sharinway's Bullet Prove
Sharinway's Cardinal Sin
Sharinway's Copacabana
Sharinway's Cra Z'Horse
Sharinway's Crazy About U
Sharinway's Cry for a Shadow
Sharinway's Dallas v Aeolus
Sharinway's Day Dream Believer
Sharinway's Day of Reckoning
Sharinway's Desperado Jurassik
Sharinway's Diamond Iron Two Bad
Sharinway's Diamonds R'Forever
Sharinway's Distant Journey
Sharinway's Dog Day Afternoon
Sharinway's Don't Even Go There
Sharinway's Double Fantasy
Sharinway's Double Jeopardy
Sharinway's Double O Seven
Sharinway's Expensive Boy Toy
Sharinway's Expert R'Chor
Sharinway's Fire to the Rain
Sharinway's Foreign X Change
Sharinway's Galveston v Aeolus
Sharinway's Get Withthe Program
Sharinway's Givnmea Hartattack
Sharinway's Great S'cape
Sharinway's Great X Pectations
Sharinway's Harbour Lights
Sharinway's Hart of My Hart
Sharinway's Hart of the Matter
Sharinway's Heartbreaker
Sharinway's Heavy R'Tillery
Sharinway's Here Comes the Sun
Sharinway's Highly X Plosive
Sharinway's Hot Choice
Sharinway's Hot Little Number
Sharinway's Hot Rod Lincoln
Sharinway's Hot Sauce
Sharinway's Hot Shot
Sharinway's Hotchild Inthecity
Sharinway's House Oftherisenson
Sharinway's Houston
Sharinway's Hugo Z Boss
Sharinway's I Believe in U
Sharinway's I Hear a Symphony
Sharinway's I'll Follow the Sun (1990)
Sharinway's I'll Follow the Sun (2003)
Sharinway's in Hot Pursuit
Sharinway's Independence Day
Sharinway's Jasper's No More
Sharinway's Judy in Disguise
Sharinway's Just U' and Me
Sharinway's Larado v Aeolus
Sharinway's Led Zeppelin
Sharinway's Liz Z'Borden
Sharinway's Long N'WindingRoad
Sharinway's Magic Carpet Ride
Sharinway's Magic Mystery Tour
Sharinway's Magic Tess
Sharinway's Magic's Bejeebers
Sharinway's Midnight Magic
Sharinway's Midnight Mardigras
Sharinway's Midnight Masquerade
Sharinway's Midnight Mirage
Sharinway's Midnight Monster
Sharinway's Midnight Mover
Sharinway's Moulon Rouge
Sharinway's N'Ticer
Sharinway's Odessa v Aeolus
Sharinway's One Night in Bangkok
Sharinway's Out of Africa
Sharinway's Par T Girl
Sharinway's Play With Fire
Sharinway's Port of Call
Sharinway's Protective R'Mour
Sharinway's R'Tistic View
Sharinway's Raspberry Beret
Sharinway's Revolution
Sharinway's Roc With U Asawood
Sharinway's S'cort v Cadre
Sharinway's S'oteric
Sharinway's S'Pecially Mine
Sharinway's S'presso Koffee
Sharinway's S'tate Watcher
Sharinway's Serenghetti
Sharinway's Shadolans Cowboy
Sharinway's Smooth Criminal
Sharinway's Soldier of Fortune
Sharinway's Solitaire
Sharinway's Son of Anarchy
Sharinway's Spellbinding Vamp
Sharinway's Startin Sumthin
Sharinway's Steppenwolf
Sharinway's Sulton of Swing
Sharinway's T'chers Pet
Sharinway's T'eak Maker
Sharinway's T'eamster Chief
Sharinway's the Bounty Hunter
Sharinway's Theda Beara
Sharinway's Thief of the Night
Sharinway's This Girls on Fire
Sharinway's This Magic Moment
Sharinway's Through the Fire
Sharinway's Ticket to Ride
Sharinway's Tijuana Brass
Sharinway's U Are My Sunshine
Sharinway's U Cant Hurry Love
Sharinway's U Dont Have to Say
Sharinway's U Lite Up My Life
Sharinway's V'enas Calling
Sharinway's V'entura-Blvd
Sharinway's V'nus in Red
Sharinway's Vinrouge
Sharinway's Well S'tablished
Sharinway's Wet T'shirt
Sharinway's What Ever
Sharinway's What U' Dotome
Sharinway's X Pensive Tastes
Sharinway's X Tra Edition
Sharinway's X Treme Prejudice
Sharinway's Y' Ask Me
Sharinway's Y' Not Russia
Sharinway's Y'A Herseys Kiss
Sharinway's Y'Nona Judd
Sharinway's Y'Not Me
Sharinway's Y'Not to the Max
Sharinway's Y'The Gatekeeper
Sharinway's You Are Not Alone
Sharinway's Z'Zee Top
Wonderlust Begin the Magic
Wonderlust Magic Gatekeeper
Wonderlust Magic Missbeahaven
    Cassius De Akido San
Charleston Nirvana
Honey B's April Wine
Jaspar's Lady in Red v Sharinway
Rex de Akido San
Shado-Lans Return to Sender
Sharinway's Bear Son v Shacado
Sharinway's Jaspar's Once More
Sharinway's Jasper's No More
Stafford's Fancy Free
Vonklebong Raja Muda