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name   Brown, Eleanor & Jack
  St. Charles
  United States
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  Brown's A-Adventurer
Brown's A-Amanda
Brown's A-Amigo
Brown's Achilles
Brown's Admiral
Brown's Amazon
Brown's Archer
Brown's Armand
Brown's Arundel
Brown's B Barret
Brown's B Brian
Brown's Belinda
Brown's Bridget
Brown's Brigadier
Brown's Bruce
Brown's Dauphin of Eric
Brown's Ellie
Brown's Emissary
Brown's Eric
Brown's Evangeline
Brown's Falstaff
Brown's Feegee
Brown's Frolic
Brown's Gigi of Ar-Bel
Brown's Great Fury
Brown's Haldeen Dow Jones
Brown's Happy Hussar
Brown's Harmonus
Brown's Heather
Brown's High Halo
Brown's Hildagarde
Brown's Hobgoblin
Brown's Honore
Brown's Impressario
Brown's Jezebel
Brown's Kevin
Brown's Life-With-Riley
Brown's Lucinda
Brown's Lydia
Brown's Nelle
Brown's Nemesis of High Halo
Brown's Olympia
Brown's Omega
Brown's Orestes
Brown's Phoebe of High Halo
Brown's Pia
Brown's Playboy of High Halo
Brown's Priscilla of High Halo
Brown's Rita of Mark's-Tey
Brown's Samantha of Dameric
Brown's Sienna of Dameric
Brown's Tasha
Brown's Umpire
Brown's Unique
Brown's Walkaway Airily
Brown's Wendy
Brown's Xtra Miss of Dameric
Brown's Yanna
Brown's Yasmine of Dobeden
Brown's Zachary
Brown's Zevinque
Ramburgs Gidget v Florowill
    Brown's A-Amanda
Brown's Achilles
Brown's B Barret
Brown's B Brian
Brown's Belinda
Brown's Dion
Brown's Eric
Brown's Kevin
Brown's Samantha of Dameric
Brown's Unique
Dow's Dame of Kilburn
Rad's Allert Dame of First Lady