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name   Walker, Joanna
  Horse Shoe
  North Carolina
  United States
email address   marksteydobes@mchsi.com
web site address  

breeder of:


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  Darinda of Marks-Tey
Derek of Marks Tey
Dodie of Marks-Tey
Marks-Tey Affaire de Coeur
Marks-Tey Alfie of Rads
Marks-Tey Apache of Osiris
Marks-Tey April Love
Marks-Tey Articsun of Whimsy
Marks-Tey Black Gold
Marks-Tey Blue Velvet
Marks-Tey Bow Bells
Marks-Tey Brut
Marks-Tey Chances Are
Marks-Tey Chelsea
Marks-Tey Cornish Gold
Marks-Tey Dancers Image
Marks-Tey Devon
Marks-Tey Dust Commander
Marks-Tey Emily
Marks-Tey Fancy Free
Marks-Tey Ferrari
Marks-Tey Flambeau
Marks-Tey Flirt
Marks-Tey Foxhunter
Marks-Tey Gideon
Marks-Tey Glory
Marks-Tey Glory Hallelulia
Marks-Tey Gregory
Marks-Tey Hanover
Marks-Tey Heather
Marks-Tey Hero
Marks-Tey High Hat
Marks-Tey High Hope
Marks-Tey Holly
Marks-Tey Hondo
Marks-Tey Impish
Marks-Tey Jessica
Marks-Tey Kelly
Marks-Tey Komet
Marks-Tey London Pride
Marks-Tey Magic Maker
Marks-Tey Magic Moment
Marks-Tey Melanie
Marks-Tey Mischief Maker
Marks-Tey My Fancy
Marks-Tey My Sin
Marks-Tey Nashua
Marks-Tey Nashua of Whimsey
Marks-Tey Night and Day
Marks-Tey Oliver
Marks-Tey Pooh Bear
Marks-Tey Roddy of High Halo
Marks-Tey Shalimar
Marks-Tey Shawn
Marks-Tey Shay
Marks-Tey Sheena
Marks-Tey Simona
Marks-Tey Sir Winston
Marks-Tey Sonnet
Marks-Tey Stacy
Marks-Tey Star of the Moment
Marks-Tey Taylor of Whimsey
Marks-Tey the Maverick
Marks-Tey the Saint
Marks-Tey Thumbelina
Marks-Tey Vale
Marks-Tey Valika
Marks-Tey Vixen
Marks-Tey Waystar
Marks-Tey Wildfire
Marks-Tey Windsong
Marks-Tey Yancey
Marks-Tey Yasmine
Marks-Tey Ye Royal
Marks-Tey Yvette
Marks-Tey Zachary
Spica of Marks-Tey
    Damasyn the Waltzing Brook
Derek of Marks Tey
Dodie of Marks-Tey
Halcyon Impala
Marks-Tey Brut
Marks-Tey Impish
Marks-Tey Magic Moment
Marks-Tey Shawn
Marks-Tey Yasmine