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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America



name   Brucker, Jeff & Melissa
  United States
email address   mkkjlb@aol.com
web site address  

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  Lynbrook's Tequila
Monarch N Salem Ticket to Ride
Monarch N Salem's Imagine
Monarch's Affirmed
Monarch's Arc De Triomphe
Monarch's Barbaro
Monarch's Berry Extrordinary
Monarch's Bewitched
Monarch's Bold Ruler
Monarch's Boldrina Corywood
Monarch's Borgata
Monarch's Bourbon Breeze
Monarch's Cast a Spell
Monarch's Champs-Elysees
Monarch's Charlemagne
Monarch's Cherry Jubilee
Monarch's Cold Play
Monarch's Cosmopolitan
Monarch's Crown Jewel
Monarch's Emma Peale
Monarch's Empire Maker
Monarch's Excalibur
Monarch's Grand Master
Monarch's Heaven Sent
Monarch's Heir to the Throne
Monarch's Hpnotiq
Monarch's Iron Man
Monarch's Mandarin
Monarch's Mirage
Monarch's Moulin Rouge
Monarch's My Fair Lady
Monarch's Northern Dancer
Monarch's Passion
Monarch's Pink Lemonade
Monarch's Practical Magic
Monarch's Queen of the Night
Monarch's Real Quiet
Monarch's Ring of Fire
Monarch's Rosetta Stone
Monarch's Shaken Not Stirred
Monarch's Spellbound
Monarch's Strike the Gold
Monarch's Superstition
Monarch's Taj Mahal
Monarch's the Beat Goes On
Monarch's the Detective
Monarch's Touch Gold
Monarch's Ultimate Broadway
Monarch's Vanilla Sky
Monarch's Walk on the Wild Side
Monarch's War Admiral
Monarch's War Cloud
Monarch's War Emblem
Monarch's Winning Colors
Monarch's Zenyatta
Salem N Monarch's Love me Do
Salem N Monarch's Paperback Writer
    Cambria's Irish Rebellion
Coppertree Casino Royale
Coppertree Dr No
Coppertree Never Say Never
Dreamseekers Lotta Fire
Lynbrook's Tequila
Monarch's Borgata
Monarch's Empire Maker
Monarch's Heir to the Throne
Monarch's Hpnotiq
Monarch's Taj Mahal
Monarch's Winning Colors