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name   Rabold, Tammy
  North Carolina
  United States
email address   goldgrove1@aol.com
web site address   http://www.goldgrovedobermans.com/

breeder of:


owner of::


  Carosel Return to Blackhills
Goldgrove Always 'n Forever
Goldgrove be My Valentine
Goldgrove Believe 'N Angels
Goldgrove Believe 'N Dreams
Goldgrove Believe 'N Love
Goldgrove Believe 'N Magic
Goldgrove Believe 'N Miracles
Goldgrove Believe 'N You
Goldgrove Believe it or Not
Goldgrove Better Than Gold
Goldgrove Born to Perform
Goldgrove Dare to be Naughty
Goldgrove Divine Dezign
Goldgrove Embrace Extravagance
Goldgrove Forever Yours
Goldgrove Gayatri
Goldgrove Gift From Heaven
Goldgrove He's My Buddy
Goldgrove Heart's Destiny
Goldgrove Heaven's Gate Keeper
Goldgrove Heaven's Messenger
Goldgrove Hey Jude
Goldgrove High Intensity
Goldgrove High Jinks
Goldgrove I'll Have Another
Goldgrove Impeccable Style
Goldgrove Knock'N on Heavens Door
Goldgrove Make Believe
Goldgrove Mucho Macho Man
Goldgrove Namaste
Goldgrove Neon Cowboy
Goldgrove on Fire Baby
Goldgrove One N Only v Sundown
Goldgrove Race the Summer Wind
Goldgrove Saraswati v Tolivar
Goldgrove Sheza Miracle
Goldgrove Taste and Style
Goldgrove That's Amore v Absolut
Goldgrove Top Gun
    Goldgrove Believe it or Not
Goldgrove Hey Jude
Goldgrove High Jinks
Goldgrove Hot 'N Starstruck
Goldgrove Jazzy 'n Starstruck
Legendale Abound of Goldgrove