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  Hausenbrook's Bang a Boomerang
Hausenbrook's Barracuda
Hausenbrook's Beautiful Rain
Hausenbrook's Belly Dancer
Hausenbrook's Bewitched
Hausenbrook's Burning Love
Hausenbrook's Celosia Draconian
Hausenbrook's Chicago's Rainyday
Hausenbrook's Dancing Queen
Hausenbrook's Designed to Charm
Hausenbrook's Dexter Linedancer
Hausenbrook's Dragon Mistress
Hausenbrook's Dragonheart
Hausenbrook's Eragon
Hausenbrook's First Draft Pick
Hausenbrook's First Flight
Hausenbrook's First Lady Keera
Hausenbrook's First Light
Hausenbrook's Get Off My Cloud
Hausenbrook's Goddess of Rain
Hausenbrook's Harry Potter
Hausenbrook's Highland Fling
Hausenbrook's Honey Honey
Hausenbrook's Honkytonk Woman
Hausenbrook's Husslin' Honey
Hausenbrook's Incredible Hulk
Hausenbrook's Island Girl
Hausenbrook's Jive Talkin'
Hausenbrook's Keep'n the Faith
Hausenbrook's Killer Queen
Hausenbrook's Kisses of Fire
Hausenbrook's Leya Rain
Hausenbrook's Lola Dancer
Hausenbrook's Lord of the Dance
Hausenbrook's Lucky Charm
Hausenbrook's Luna Lovegood
Hausenbrook's Mambo King
Hausenbrook's Man of God
Hausenbrook's Maximus Prime
Hausenbrook's Miss Marvel
Hausenbrook's Mister Terrific
Hausenbrook's New Recruit
Hausenbrook's Nina Prtty Ballrina
Hausenbrook's Nova Caesar
Hausenbrook's Novakryder Younger
Hausenbrook's Put a Spell on U
Hausenbrook's Rain Chaser
Hausenbrook's Rain Rain Go Away
Hausenbrook's Rainin Master Fergus
Hausenbrook's Raining Maci
Hausenbrook's Regenesis
Hausenbrook's Resurrection
Hausenbrook's Riders on the Storm
Hausenbrook's Rivers of Babylon
Hausenbrook's Rogue Dragon
Hausenbrook's Ruby Slippers
Hausenbrook's Scarlet Witch
Hausenbrook's Show Stopper
Hausenbrook's Songs About Rain
Hausenbrook's Stairway to Heaven
Hausenbrook's Super Trouper
Hausenbrook's Teutonic Magick
Hausenbrook's Witching Hour
Hausenbrook's Witchy Woman
Hausenbrook's Wonder Woman
Hausenbrook's Zaphira
Starion's Shelby Quickstep
Zepplinblackdog v Hausenbrook
    Hausenbrook's Dancing Queen
Hausenbrook's Designed to Charm
Hausenbrook's Regenesis
Hausenbrook's Resurrection
Starion's Graceful Twostep