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  Fabert Gisla v Shatera
Fabert King Ragnar Shatera
Fabert Loki Shatera
Fabert N Jurassik Hot N Spicy
Fabert N Mojama Wildest Dreams
Fabert Siggy v Shatera
Fabert Viviens Vanadis Shatera
Fabert's a Walk to Remember
Fabert's Backgammon
Fabert's Bee Happy
Fabert's Bee Sting
Fabert's Bel Etincelante Aisha
Fabert's Billy Get Your Gun
Fabert's Black Gem of My Heart
Fabert's Bumble Bee
Fabert's Busy as a Bee
Fabert's Check Mate
Fabert's Diamond in the Rough
Fabert's Dirty Lil Secret
Fabert's Domino Fx Nightflight
Fabert's Dream Do Come Tru Kenai
Fabert's Dreamland Express
Fabert's Gin Rommy
Fabert's Glam Girls Got Game
Fabert's Gotta Have a Reason
Fabert's High End
Fabert's High Speed
Fabert's High Tech
Fabert's High Times
Fabert's Hot Child in the City
Fabert's Hot Chili Pepper
Fabert's Hot Damn Here I Am
Fabert's Hot Tamale
Fabert's Hotter Than Hades
Fabert's Hotter Than Hot
Fabert's Joyau Noir
Fabert's Keep the Faith Sunrock
Fabert's King Eirik v Shatera
Fabert's King Rolo v Shatera
Fabert's La Zamba Pour Toi
Fabert's Last Black Perle
Fabert's Last Jazz Singer
Fabert's Last Man Standing
Fabert's Last Romantic
Fabert's Last Tango in Paris
Fabert's Living in Sin
Fabert's Man After My Own Heart
Fabert's Man Enough for U
Fabert's Man for All Season
Fabert's Man for U
Fabert's Man of the Hour
Fabert's Man of War
Fabert's Man Oh Man
Fabert's Memory Match
Fabert's More Man Than Most
Fabert's Noir Diamant
Fabert's Petit Joyau
Fabert's Playin the Game
Fabert's Pointe De Diamant
Fabert's Queen Bee
Fabert's Rain of Stars
Fabert's Roulette
Fabert's Royal Flush
Fabert's Shooting Star
Fabert's Sky's the Limit
Fabert's Some Like it Hot
Fabert's Sparkling as Diamond
Fabert's Starshine
Fabert's Sweet Black Diamond
Fabert's Thunder N Lightning
Fabert's to Bee Or Not to Bee
Fabert's to the Fire
Fabert's Winds of War
Sunrock Red Hot Ember's Fabert
Sunrock Shinning Sapphire
    Fabert's for Your Eyes Only
Fabert's Hot Chili Pepper
Fabert's Just Say Jolie Commoi
Wishes Rock a My Soul v Fabert