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The Doberman Pinscher Club of America



name   Forrest, Gail
  United States
email address   trinity_dobes@netzero.net
web site address   http://www.trinitydobermans.com

breeder of:


owner of::


  Dega Alfa Romeo v Adlercrest
Trinity Back Field in Motion
Trinity Blue Danube
Trinity's American Made
Trinity's American Pride
Trinity's Band of Gold
Trinity's Black Magic Woman
Trinity's Bojangles Dawson
Trinity's Chantilly Lace
Trinity's Desiree
Trinity's Dragon v Devenshire
Trinity's Dreamweaver
Trinity's Executor I Did it My Way
Trinity's God Bless America
Trinity's Great Balls of Fire
Trinity's Guardian Angel
Trinity's Johnny Angel
Trinity's Longgate Honey
Trinity's Lorelei v Devenshire
Trinity's Mood Indigo
Trinity's One Fine Day
Trinity's Rainbow in the Dark
Trinity's Rejoice & be Glad
Trinity's Rock My World
Trinity's Rockets Red Glare
Trinity's Semper Fidelis
Trinity's Silver Rainbow
Trinity's Siren v Devenshire
Trinity's Snow Queen
Trinity's Some Gave All
Trinity's Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy
Trinity's Twilight Anticipation
Trinity's Twilight Captivation
Trinity's Twilight Celebration
Trinity's Twilight Inspiration
Trinity's Twilight Persuasion
Trinity's Twilight Seduction
Trinity's Twilight Superstition
Trinity's Twilight Temptation
Trinity's Unforgettable
Trinity's Young Blood
Trinitys Jezebel
    Dega Alfa Romeo v Adlercrest
Devenshire's Greta Garbo
Longgate's Sweet Dream Baby
Talisman v Devenshire
Trinity v Wolf
Trinity's Dark Angel
Trinity's Guardian Angel
Trinity's Phoenix Rising
Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy
Trinity's Twilight Anticipation
Trinity's Twilight Seduction
Trinity's Unforgettable
Von Ragus Mainsail