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name   Linton, Andy
  United States
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  Array Wait Until Dark
Birchrun's by Design for Tarma
Birchrun's Nothin But Net
Birchrun's Scores Agin for Tarma
Birchrun's Who's on First
Cynderwood Back in Black
Cynderwood Beast Marienburg
Cynderwood Classy Akcent
Cynderwood Collin
Cynderwood Dior v Sunchase
Cynderwood Escada v Sunchase
Cynderwood Exactly Electra
Cynderwood Excessive Electra
Cynderwood Fancy v Mil Bryan
Cynderwood Fendi v Sunchase
Cynderwood Forever N Blue Genes
Cynderwood Genuine Risk
Cynderwood Goody Two Shoes
Cynderwood Halston v Sunchase
Cynderwood Holli of Tolivar
Cynderwood Hudson v Foxcrest
Cynderwood in Miniature
Cynderwood Lauren v Sunchase
Cynderwood Little Egypt
Cynderwood Liza Marienburg
Cynderwood Poison v Sunchase
Cynderwood Poisonite
Cynderwood Pure Expense
Cynderwood Radd Marienburg
Cynderwood Rave Marienburg
Cynderwood Red Radley
Cynderwood Shiloh v Tahoe
Cynderwood Simply Dazzled
Cynderwood Ultra Dobmann
Cynderwood Wicked Woman
    Barrierdobes Pericles
Cynderwood Poison v Sunchase
Elexa's Whirlaway of Array
Marienburg's Cracklin' Flame