GCH Sunburg's Cat Thief LC-13L

Ch Sunburg's Ande Andrew LC-12D
Arg Ch Will Ross Opium
Nello's Eureka Black
Arg Ch Baden Baden Cash
Arg Ch Marienburg's Argus Wind Magic
Arg Ch Cora Mia de Vulcano
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash
Brimor Exclusive Edition LC-12D
Arg Ch W M Paola of Wind Magic
Ch Olympia Stealth Mirage
Arg Ch Best Brown of Red Ghost
Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas
CH Cambria's Nocona v Texas UD BFL-1 LC-11D
Ch Bikila's Phoenix of Marks-Tey CD ROM
Polo's Lady Ashley Dob Mann CD WAC
Witness Texas Willo' the Whisp
Am/Brz/Chl/Mex/Urg Ch Arg GRCh Nello's Lex Luthor WAC
Arg/Urg GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow LC-10D
Ch Promise's Cloud Dancer LC-10L
Arg Ch Conan v Andur
Ch Gemrose Cavelier v Promise
Ch Star Tyme's Mahnehahnah UD LC-13D
World Ch Am/Mex Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow
Arg Ch Jessy de Vulcano LC-15D
Ch Promise's Amish Red v Olympia
Ch Sunburg's Time Spun Treasure
Ch Olympia Canberra v Promise
Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow WAC
Am/Brz Ch Marienburg's Morocco
Arg Ch Aquarius Tootsie v Ravenswd