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Trotyl De Black Shadow
call name
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  12 2006
ckc studbook
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frozen semen
height (inches)
weight (lbs)
  #3 BbDD
length (inches)
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  World Ch Am/Mex Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow  
  Arg Ch Jessy de Vulcano LC-15D  













Lluvia Negra de Black Shadow
Naomi De Black Shadow LC-12L
Arg/Brz/Can/Urg Ch Navajo De Black Shadow
Mex Ch Nonino De Black Shadow
Arg/Mex GRCh Tango De Black Shadow LC-11D
Am/Can/Int'l/Mex/UKC Ch Thriller de Black Shadow LC-11D
Am/Mex Ch TNT De Black Shadow LC-11D
Tyrone de Black Shadow
Zara de Black Shadow
Col/Ven Ch Zhar De Black Shadow
Arg/Uru Ch Zingara De Black Shadow


Adara by the Sea
Cro/Azer/Mold CH Alea by the Sea LC-11 BH IPO I TAN ZTP 1A
Alfa by the Sea
Ch Aquarius American Dream
Am Ch U-Gr Ch Int'l Ch Aquarius Designer Genes v Halo CGC WAC URO1
Aquarius First Knight
Ch Aquarius Garbo v Tiburon LC-12D
Aquarius Hayworth Returns v Tiburon
Ch Aquarius N Sho Me's Black Diamond
Aquarius Peyton De Black Shadow
Ch Aquarius Raindancin at Walamara
Ch Aquarius Red Sapphire LC-12D
Aquarius She's All That
Ashtrick n Kettle Cove Triple Crown
Ch Ashtrick N Kettle Cove Triple Play CA
AKC GCh/UKC Ch Ashtricks Triple Threat WAC CA
Baystar a Team
Baystar All in the Family
Ch Baystar Charlie's Angels
Baystar Funny Girl
GCH Baystar Get Smart
Baystar Happy Days
Baystar Ironside
Ch Baystar Laugh In USAR HRD CGC Asst Dog
Baystar Mod Squad
Ch Braebrook's We Run the Night
Breezewood Americone Dream
Ch Breezewood Bacall v Paradigm
Ch Breezewood Chunky Monkey
U-Gr Ch Breezewood Half Baked v Halo
Breezewood Island Paradise at Major League
Ch Breezewood Jamaican Me Crazy
Cambria's Keep the Faith
Ch Cambria's Quick to Steal my Heart TKN WAC
CH Cambria's Quinella
Cambria's Zest for Life
GCh Ch Cambria's Ziggy Stardust LC-10D
Caprigems Dark Chocolini
Caprigems Every Moment
Caprigems Ms Betty Page WAC CGC CGN NW3 TD LC-10L
Caprigems Once You Go Black
Caprigems Seize the Moment
Can Ch Caprigems Take a Moment RN
Char-Lors Bachelorette RATM WAC CA FCAT
GChS Char-Lors Bad Reputation WAC
Ch Char-Lors Just'a Gigolo
Char-Lors Mizconduct
Ch Char-Lors Paramour
Char-Lors Rock Legend v Redenau
Ch Charlors Wicked Good
Delroz' She's a Miracle v Sauniv WAC
GCH, CH Delroz' Venetian Heiress BN RA ROM CGC
Divine's Beryl Precious Gemstone
FCI Jr PR Ch Divine's Sapphire Precious Gemstone
Dobewan's Best Kept Secret
Ch Dobewan's Black and Blue Genes WAC
GCH Dobewan's It's Good to be Me WAC CA
Can Ch Esquire's Calais
Esquire's Firelight
Esquire's Marseille
Ch Esquire's Ring of Fire
Fayek Dark Hunter
Fayek Taking Care of Business
Ch Foxfire Alltimate LC-12D
Foxfire's Red Baron of Stewart LC-10L
CH Glissade's Big Talkin Man
GRCH U-CH Glissade's Flashes of Fire
CH Glissade's Man in Black DJ
Glissade's Ring of Fire
Glissade's Truck Yeah
Ch Goldgrove Mucho Macho Man
Goldgrove Shackelford
Goldgrove Stirred Up WAC
Gorrmae Black Sunshine v Vintage
Ch Gorrmae Remington's Way CAT CGC
GCh Gorrmae's Car Crazy Cutie v Vintage UAGI ROM AOM
Can Ch Gorrmae's D'Vine Dilemma
Ch Gorrmae's D'Voted Red Shadow WAC CGC TDI LC-10D
Gorrmae's Escort in Black
Gorrmae's Fantasy Red 13 CD RE CGC TDI
Gorrmae's Mystical Shadow
Gorrmae's Pride of Wrigley
GCH Gorrmae's Rev on the Red Line v Vintage
AM/CAN/UKC CH Gorrmae's Rock the Rim CGC LC-10D
Hamlet's Black Kaleph v Aquarius
Hamlet's Black Karat LC-13D
Ch Hamlet's Black Kenya WAC LC-11D
Hamlet's Red Kalipso
Hector Aquarius v Landotz
CH Holly Woods Apple Martini
GCh Holly Woods Catwoman
Ch Holly Woods Dark Tide
Ch Holly Woods Dirty Sexy Money
GCH Holly Woods Dynasty
Ch Holly Woods Kivuli Class Act
Am/Can Ch Holly Woods Race the Sun LC-10L
Ch Holly Woods Seventh Heaven
GCh Holly Woods Sex and the City
Ch Jaspar's Make My Point
Korean CH Kalora's Unbelievable v High Bred
Kalora's Unforgettable LC-11D
Kalora's UnMistakable
Kalora's Unstoppable LC-11L
Kalora's Unsurpassable LC-11L
Kansa's Kia Manuia WAC ATT LC-11D
Kansa's Moran Taing
AKC GCH Kettle Cove Black Diamond Solitaire
Liberator's Armani
Can Ch Liberator's Bellagio
Liberator's Bulgari Extreme
Liberator's Chanel
Liberator's Cinnabar
Can Gr Ch Liberator's Hugo Boss LC-11L
Can GrCh GChEx Liberator's Mirage CD CGN RN ROMC TT SDDA RATO LC-13L
Can Ch Liberator's Mohegan Sun
AM / GR Can / U-GRCH Liberator's Obsession CD RN CGN CGC CA
Liberator's Opium
Liberator's Planet Hollywood
Can Ch Liberator's Stardust
Liberator's Stetson
Liberator's Troxyl
Liberator's Xcalibur
Logres' Alme'
Logres' Baloubet
Logres' Butterfly Flip
Logres' Classic Touch
Ch Logres' Contender
AKC CH/UKC GCH Logres' Contucci RA CGC ROM
Logres' DeNiro
Logres' Fein Cera
Ch Logres' Feinbrand
Logres' Halla CGC
Logres' Poetin
Can Ch Logres' Voltaire
Logres' Wahajama
Ch Logres' Warkant
Can Ch Logres' Weihaiwej
Ch Marquis Immortality v Rockadog LC-11L
Ch Marquis N Rockadog's Brown Sugar
GCh Marquis N Rockadog's Moody Blue RA LC-13L
Marquis N Rockadog's You're the Inspiration
MiraVia Orla Paradigm
Ch MiraVia Riona AX AXJ
Ch MiraVia Ruarc
Nitro the Naughty Diablo
GCH Nova's v Kelview Zane Red v Barchett
Pancho Trotyl Kashmir v Broda Brasil
Paradigm Pagan Queen of Caliburn
Paradigm Play it Again
CH GCHB U-GRCH Paradigm Presumed Innocent LC-11D
Ch Paradigm Prototype
Pan Am Ch Brz GRCh Phoenix de Black Shadow v Broda
UKC/CKC GCh Ravalleses Never a Dull Moment PCD
Ravalleses New Horizons
Ravalleses No Holds Barred
Ravalleses No RestForThe Wickd
URX UROC Can Ch Ravalleses Nubian Princess RN CGN
Relic's Back in the USSR
Ch Relic's Lucy in the Sky W Diamonds
Ch Revard Stubben by Trotyl v AlCher
Ch Scotsbrae American Gaucho
Scotsbrae Argentine Tango
Ch Scotsbrae Rouge Reign's CGC RATI
Sevenly Expect the Unexpected
Sevenly It's All Greek to Me
Sevenly Just Because v Kurban
Sevenly Spirit Guide
Can Ch Sharinway's Jaspar's Once More
Can Ch Sharinway's Jasper's No More
ShoMe Melrae's the Great One
ShoMe's Death from Above
CH ShoMe's Garden of Eva LC-11L
ShoMe's Naughty No Nice
Ch Sunburg's 59th St Bridge Feelin' Groovy
GCH Sunburg's Cat Thief LC-13L
Can Ch Sunburg's Dancin in the Street LC-11D
Ch Sunburg's Genuine Risk LC-13D
Ch Sunburg's Heat on the Street LC-10L
Ch Sunburg's Main Street U.S.A.
CH Sunburg's Rachael Alexandra v Promise ATT WAC LC-10L
Am/Can/Int Ch Sunburg's Smart Surprise CGN LC-12D
Ch Sunburg's Spectacular Bid
Veteran, Am Ch, Braz Ch & Pan Am Ch Sunburg's Street Legal WAC
GCH Sunburg's Street Sense
Sunburg's Wall Street
Ind Ch Tako De Akidosan
Tefy de Akido San
Am/Int/Lat Ch Arg/Brz GRCh Thor de Akido San LC-10L
Tina de Akido San
Velo First Lady Aguilo v Carosel WAC LC-12L
Velo My Girl Aguilo v Carosel
Vintage Lil Deuce Coupe v Gorrmae MX MXJ OF
GCH Vintage Pink Cadillac v Gorrmae
Vintage Red Barchetta v Gorrmae
Ch Windsor's Catch a Shooting Star
Ch Windsor's Deadliest Catch WAC
Zarek II
  HEALTH INFORMATION-sections highlighted in blue have results - click to view  
  No cardiac information
By DNA: Carrier
Hips / Elbows / Shoulders
OFA Hips: Good OFA Hips #: DP-12561G25M-PI
OFA Elbows: Normal OFA Elbows #: DP-EL1278M25-PI
  No eye information
Degenerative Myelopathy / CVI / Spinal Disorders
  No neuromuscular/CVI/spinal information
  No male reproduction information
  No liver information
  No allergy information
Bone/Growth Disorders
  No bone/growth disorder information
  No narcolepsy information
Behavioral/Canine Compulsive Disorders
  No behavioral/canine compulsive disorder information
  No cancer information
  No gastrointestinal information
  No skin/coat information
DINGS/Congenital Deafness
  No congenital deafness/vestibular disease information
Immune Mediated Diseases
  No immune mediated disease information
  No kidney/urinary information
  No longevity information
  No CHIC information
    Marchese, Carlos
  city    Buenos Aires state/prov     Unknown country     Argentina
   Babics, Ron
  city     St Louis state/prov     Missouri country     United States
  email     rrlbb@bellsouth.net  
   Briley, Jim
  city     Opelousas state/prov     Louisiana country     United States
  email     aqurjb@charter.net  
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