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registered name
Cambria's Cactus Cash
** Gold Legacy Award Recipient **
call name
akc #
ckc #
akc studbook
  12 1995
ckc studbook
 other #
date of birth
  United States
other country
frozen semen
height (inches)
weight (lbs)
  #4 BbDd
length (inches)
dna Profile
date of death
cause of death
  prostatic abscess-septicemia
  Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas  
  CH Cambria's Nocona v Texas UD BFL-1 LC-11D  













Cambria Red Hot Chili Pepper
Cambria's Beat the Dealer
Cambria's Holiday Cash
Cambria's Instant Winner
Ch Cambria's Texas Tornadough LC-13D
Cambria's Texas Treasure


Ch A'Monde's Charlotte Fashion Statement of Monaco
Brz Ch A'Monde's Kashmir Divine Beauty
A'Monde's Pasha De Cartier
GCh A'Monde's Pierre Majestic Enchantment of Monaco
AKC GCH/Br/PanAm Ch A'Monde's Sand & Dunes of Sahara
A'Monde's Sand Sheets of Kalahari
Ch A'Monde's Stephanie Turmoil of Monaco
Ch A'Monde's the Mystical Tibet
Adele v Morr
Am/Can/Int Ch Aeolus' Arabian Knight WAC CGC TDI RN LC-11D
Aggeler's Atlas
Ch Aggeler's Cindirella TT
Aguilo's Carosel Fast as Cash
Am Can Ch Alex v Morr
Am/Can/UDC Ch, OTCH Alisaton Aurora Borealis SchH 1 UDX5 VCD-1 RN D-UD ASCA UD OB3 TR2 BH VCX ROM LC-13D
Alisaton Ed Liner RN
Ch Alisaton Ed of the Class
Ch Alisaton Ed Over Heels
CH Allure A-ok Alisaton
Ch OTCH MACH3 Allure Absolute Alisaton Rojan UDX3 OM4 MXC MJC
Ch Allure Afterglow Alisaton Rojan
Ch Allure Alisaton Aristocrat Rojan
Allure Alisaton Azure Rojan NAJ RATO WAC
Allure Custom Made Beaulane LC-12D
Am/Can Ch Alpha's Ain't Misbehavin WAC LC-12L
Ch Alpha's Harlem Nocturne CD RE TDI LC-11D
Alpha's Midnight Sun LC-11D
CH Alpha's My Funny Valentine WAC CGC TDI LC-12L
AM CAN CH Alpha's Satin Doll CD ROM TDI LC-12L
CH Alpha's Take Five CD LC-12L
Alpha's Tuxedo Junction
Array Shadowcaster v Ciden
Array Ultraviolet v Ciden
Array Up in Smoke v Ciden WAC
Array Well Red v Ciden CD RN LC-13D
Asawood Boombastic v Cambria
Ch Bacal's Ballys Park Place
Ch Bacal's Casino Royal
Int Ch Bacal's Showboat CD RE NAP JV-N CGC LC-10L
Bacal's Stardust AX AXJ OAP OJP
Ch Beaulane Hot Topic
Ch Beaulane Stab in the Dark LC-11D
Ch Beaulane Too Hot to Handle WAC
Belz Colby v Mikayla LC-13D
BJF Once Upon a Time CD NA OAJ NF
Ch BJF Rikki Tikki Tavi
Ch BJF the Phantom Tollbooth CD ROM LC-10D
BJF Through the Looking Glass WAC
Ch BJF Wind in the Willows
Ch Blue Chip Black Magic Woman CDX LC-10L
Can Ch Blue Chip Blue Suede Shoes AGX NAJ AGIJ WAC LC-13L
Ch Blue Chip Purple Reign CGC TDI ATT NAJ NA NF ROM CDX BH
Blue Chip Strawberry Fields RN
Ch Blue Chip Yellow Submarine WAC LC-10D
Ch Bravehart's Aficionado Prophet LC-10L
Am/Can Ch Bravehart's Drakkar v Oasis
CH Bruda Badge of Honor
Bruda Honor and Pride WAC
Ch Bruda Honor Bound LC-11D
Ch Bruda I'm a Fawn
Ch Bruda I'm a Hunter Man
Ch Bruda Matter of Honor
Ch Bruda Mister Banana Man
Ch Bruda Top Honor's
Cambria's Always in Style
Ch Cambria's Banker's Dream
Ch Cambria's Big N Rich
Ch Cambria's Black Betty
CH Cambria's C Cherokee
Ch Cambria's C-Note
Cambria's Cactus Flower
Cambria's Cali
Am/Can Ch Cambria's Caracas of Kettle Cove WAC CGC LC-10D
Cambria's Cascade Olympic
Brz Ch Cambria's Cash Assets
Cambria's Cash Flow
Cambria's Cash Me In
Phil CH Cambria's Cat Call
Cambria's Cat's Pajamas
Cambria's Cold Hard Cash
Cambria's Cordoba
Ch Cambria's Cuzco
Cambria's Dash for Cash
Cambria's Diamond Rio NA NAJ NF
Cambria's Double Dare
Cambria's Double Trouble
Ch Cambria's Double Trouble II WAC LC-11D
Cambria's Firecracker
Cambria's Four Alarm
Cambria's Four Seasons
Phil HOF Cambria's Four Star
Cambria's Free Style
Cambria's Grand Stand
Cambria's Greta Garbo
CH Cambria's High Style
Cambria's Independence
Cambria's Indian Outlaw
Cambria's Latest Style
Cambria's Legally Fawn
Cambria's Liberty Bell
GCH CH Cambria's Limited Edition RATCHX CGCU TKA CZ8S Versatility Achievement Award
Cambria's Liquid Assets
U-Ch Cambria's Little Hot Mess ACT1J ACT1 ACT2J ACT2 BN CGCA CGCU RN TKN VHMA Versatility Achievement Award
Cambria's Luxor-Rudy
Ch Cambria's Master of the Universe
Cambria's Maverick V-Kona
GCh Cambria's Million Dollar Baby CGC TKN
Cambria's Ms Adventure
Cambria's Mutual Fund CD MX MXJ MJB WAC
Cambria's National Acclaim
Cambria's National Anthem
Cambria's National Highlight
Cambria's National Past Time
Cambria's National Spotlight
CH Cambria's National Treasure
Ch Cambria's Naughty But Nice WAC CA CGC LC-12L
Cambria's Nearly Perfect
Cambria's Never Say Never CA
Cambria's Niblicks and 'Nickers NA OAJ NF
Cambria's Nighthawk
Ch Cambria's Notorious UD ROM
GCH Cambria's Omen
Ch Cambria's on a Rampage
Ch Cambria's Onstar
Ch Cambria's Out for Justice LC-12D
Ch Cambria's Pandemonium
Cambria's Parfait Amour
Cambria's Philladelphia
Cambria's Put Up Or Shut Up
Ch Cambria's Quasar LC-13L
Ch Cambria's Quik Cash
Ch Cambria's Rascal Flatts LC-12D
Cambria's Red Queen CDX RN
Cambria's Red Rock Line
Ch Cambria's Remember Me
Cambria's Rumor Has it v Dassin
Ch Cambria's Silver Certificate
Cambria's Stand Out v Orion
Cambria's Stand'n Impression
Cambria's Standing Lilly
Cambria's Stars and Stripes
CH Cambria's Stella Rosa Black v Dassin CGC
GCH Cambria's This Girl Is on Fire Dassin
Cambria's Trick Pony
Cambria's Tropicana
Cambria's Tuff Style
Cambria's U be the Judge
Cambria's Ultimate Desire WAC
Ch Cambria's Ultimate Risk
Phil GR CH Cambria's Ultimatum
Cambria's Unforgettable LC-10D
Cambria's Up the Ante
Ch Cambria's Upper Cut
Cambria's Utopia v Dixie
Camelot's a Lone Thunder
Camelots a Knights Tail
Camelots Angel in Waiting
Ch Carlon's Rockin' Robin LC-10D
Ch Carly v Morr
Carolon's Bold N Beautiful
Carolon's Rich N Famous
Carosel Aguilo Cash N Carry
Can Ch Carosel Aguilo Quick Cash
Ch Catawba's Kodachrome CD ROM
Catawba's License to Thrill CD
Ch Catawba's Mini Mink CD
Char Lor's Sandstorm
ConnQuest Bohemian Rhapsody v Kelview
Connquest Dragon Attack
ConnQuest I Want it All v Kelview
Connquest Sheer Heart Attack
D'Mascus Altiplano Alisaton
Ch D'Mascus Kalahari Alisaton
Ch D'Mascus Painted Alisaton
Ch D'Mascus Sahara Sun Alisaton
Ch D'Mascus Thar Alisaton
D'Nicmar Raffa Nadal
Danora's More Than Chance
AKC / Int Ch Danora's Raise the Limit CGC CD TDI ROM HIT
Ch Darwin's Bella Notte CD ROM
Ch Darwin's Love Is a Song WAC LC-13D
Ch Darwin's Perfect Isn't Easy CD ROM
Ch Darwin's Wish Upon a Star LC-14D
Dassin Mark of Cambria CGC TKN WAC
Dassin's Pretty Woman of Cambria
Ch Deco's Half 'N Half v Legend U-AGI LC-10D
Ch Deco's Hot Fudge v Legend LC-10D
Ch Derby Dobes Sunrise Careveille
Diversha Sunkist Dixie Dream UDX VER RAE AXP AJP
Diversha What's New Pussycat
Phil GR CH Ehlhaus Dallas Cowboy
Ehlhaus Gunsmoke
Ehlhaus Midnight Cowboy
Ehlhaus Texas Cowgirl
Ch Ehlhaus Tight Fittin Jeans
Eisamar's Top Secret v Cambria
Eldiablo's Amerian Express
Eldiablo's Dollar Days
Can Ch Eldiablo's G Money WAC
Ch UAGI Eldiablo's Sky's the Limit CD AX AXJ ROM
Ch En Ami's Shadow Captain CDX ROM
Ch En Ami's Sounds of Silence
Ch Gallant's Fast Dance v Ciden
Ch Gallant's Fast Lane v Ciden CD RAE NAJ NAP NJP NF LC-10L
Ch Gallant's Fast N Easy v Ciden
Ch Gemstone Cold Cash Datelis WAC
Gemstone Fortune in Cash CDX RE WAC CGC LC-13D
Ch Gemstone Ready Cash v Ravenna LC-12D
Glen Coe's Grand Finale
Glen Coe's La Grande Dame
UCh UAtch CH Hi-Cotton's Thunder v Rahdy CD OA OAJ CGC
Hi-Cotton's Tornado v Rahdy CD
Can Ch Holmrun's Fred Astaire
Can Ch Holmrun's Ginger Rogers
Invicta's Moonlight Dancer
Ch Invicta's Moonshadow Rouge
Ch Kalora's Andromeda v Alisaton WAC CGC LC-11D
Ch Kandu's Crimson Tide
Kandu's Hey Joe
Ch Kandu's Red Hot Kandi Kisses
CH Kandu's Tickled Pink WAC LC-13L
Ch Kani's Reminiscent of a Comeback v Wilken
Ch Kani's Reminiscent of Arrowhead v Wilken
Ch Kani's Reminiscent of the Cheetah v Wilken
Karmabeck Boys Will be Boys
Karmabeck Shining Star
Kaywood's Highly Classified LC-10D
Kaywood's Late Date
Kaywood's Missile Clearance LC-13D
Kaywood's Secret Affair
Kaywood's Shadow Curser
Kaywood's Top Priority
Kelview's Carson v Nova
Ch Kelview's Chynna v Nova
Ch Kismet Casablanca CD
Kismet High Society MX MXJ XF WAC
Ch Kismet Key Largo
Ch Lancaster's El Rey Del Mundo
Ch Lancaster's Sassi Cashmere LC-10L
AKC/UDC/Int'l Ch Lancaster's Sassi Godiva ROM BH CD D-CD ATT STT G-FFB (D-ZTP) E1A SchA Sch1 LC-12D
Ch Lancaster's Stradivarius
Legacy's Wild Enuf UD OA AXJ WAC
CH Lupe Llanito Del Carmel
Ch Marquis All American Girl LC-11D
Ch Marquis Keep it Precious
Ch Marquis Yes I Am RN WAC LC-12D
NZ Ch Martyn Carbon Copy Of Eddie
NZ Ch Martyn Eddie's Little Mimic
Ind CH Martyn Replica of Eddie
Martyn Salute to Eddie
Medina Sidonia Conden De La Corte
Medina Sidonia Gran Duque De Alba
Medina Sidonia Molly Bloom
Am Can Ch Mi-Ti's American Attitude WAC
Mi-Ti's American Celebration
Am/Can/U-Ch Mi-Ti's American Inspiration WAC CGC
Mi-Ti's American Obsession RN
Ch Mi-Ti's American Revolution
Am Can Ch Mi-Ti's Jigsaw Puzzle
Am Can Ch Mi-Ti's Piece of the Puzzle BCAT TKN ATT WAC
Ch Mikadobe's When You Dance v Amoore
Ch Mikadobe's You Belong to Me v Amoore
Am/Can Ch Mikadobe's You Cheated v Amoore
Ch Mikadobe's Yousendme v Amoore
Ch Mikayla's Inferno
Ch Mikayla's the Divine Miss M CGC TDI CD ROM
Ch Monarch's Berry Extrordinary
Monarch's Cherry Jubilee
Monarch's Mandarin
Monarch's Pink Lemonade WAC
Ch Monarch's Vanilla Sky
Neuvelle Vendome Deboras
Ch Neuvelle Vendome Hidden Dragon
Ch Nova's Zelda v Kel-view CDX RA BH ROM CGC TT TDI LC-10D
Nova's Zena v Kel-View CDX RN OA NAJ
Ch Nova's Zolara v Kelview
Ch Old House Debut for Protocol CD OA NAP AXJ NJP AX OAJ ROM LC-11D
Old House Desert Wind
Ch Orion's Rasberry Beret
Ch Paradigm Electric Slide
Paradigm Pure Platinum
Ch Paradigm Two to Tango
Ch Patriot's Opposites Attract WAC LC-10D
Ch Perfex Cat O Nine Tails CD ROM LC-11D
Ch Perfex Cat's Meow O Enya
Ch Perfex Tobasc O Cat LC-12D
Ch Perfex Top Cat v Bluff City CD ROM LC-13D
Ch Philmans Amadeus LC-12D
Primary Gangbusters
Ch Primary Golden Opportunity
Ch Promise's Amish Red v Olympia
Ch Promise's Caspian v Olympia
Quincy's Dragon Heart
Ch Quincy's Wild Heart
Redlaur's American Justice WAC
Am/Can Ch Redlaur's Glorious Justice Am Can CD RA MX MXJ OF ROM
Ch Redlaur's Justice for All WAC
Richwyn's Hang Fire
Ch Richwyn's Heavenly Hellion LC-10L
Ch Richwyn's Hot Rod LC-10D
Ch Richwyn's the Highlander
Ch Royal Tudor's Something Better RN LC-10L
Ch Royal Tudor's Something's Brew'n
Ch Royal Tudor's Wish Me Luck Winmar
Can Ch Royolyn Anasazi CGN WAC
Royolyn First Tee
Can Ch Royolyn the Ice Man LC-10D
Ch Ruby Dee's Shaka Zulu
Scotsbrae Cactus Dahlia
Scotsbrae Cactus Flower
Scotsbrae Flower Drum Song
Scotsbrae Park Avenue
NZ Ch Shadday Destined for Glory at Debruk
NZ Gr Ch Shadday Destined to be a Hit
Shado-Lan's Gem of Jaspar
Shado-Lans Black Gold
Southsong's Rad Gumbo
Ch Southsong's Truck Stop Girl WAC
Ch Southsong's Tupelo Blues LC-11D
Ch Telstar's Beloved Belinda
Ch Telstar's Clive Christian Cambria
Telstar's Higher Dior
Ch Telstar's Remember Me
Col Ch Tere Llanito Del Carmel LC-10D
Ch Toledobes Cash Me In
Ch Toledobes Cash on Demand WAC
Toledobes Cash Withdrawal
Toledobes Cashanova
Ch Toledobes Cashin' in the Chips WAC
Ch Triadel's French Vanilla
Ch Triadel's Hot Vanilla
Ch Triadel's Vanilla Bean
Ch Triadel's Vanilla Coke
Van Orman's Va Va Voom v Cambria
Ch Van Orman's Vanity of Demira
Van Orman's Veni Vidi Vici LC-10D
Van Orman's Venus Rising LC-12D
CH Van Orman's Vixen of Morrowind LC-10D
Wilmar's Blackjack Cambria
Wilmar's Isolde the Imperial
Wilmars Gold Coast Cambria
Wilmars Mirage Cambria
Ch Winmar's American Gigolo Dassin
Winmar's Barefoot Contessa
Ch Winmar's Indecent Proposal
Ch Winmar's Laughing Eyes
Ch Winmar's Southern Gentleman
Ch Winmar's the Divine MS M
Ch Winmar's Touche' Pennylane
Ch Winsome's Some Like it Hot WAC
Wishes Glory Bound LC-10L
Ch Wishes Impossible Dream WAC LC-10D
Ch Wishes Wisdom of Solomon LC-10L
Ch Wynterwynd's Diamond Dancer
Ch Wynterwynd's Field of Dreams
Wynterwynd's Major League
Wynterwynd's World Series
  HEALTH INFORMATION-sections highlighted in blue have results - click to view  
  No cardiac information
  No vWD information
Hips / Elbows / Shoulders
OFA Hips: Good OFA Hips #: DP-7816G38M-T
  No thyroid information
CERF Certifications are good for one year from the date of testing
CERF Normal
OFA Eye#: DP-1374 OFA date: 2001-07-19
Degenerative Myelopathy / CVI / Spinal Disorders
  No neuromuscular/CVI/spinal information
Cause of death: prostatic abscess-septicemia

  No liver information
  No allergy information
Bone/Growth Disorders
  No bone/growth disorder information
  No narcolepsy information
Behavioral/Canine Compulsive Disorders
  No behavioral/canine compulsive disorder information
  No cancer information
  No gastrointestinal information
  No skin/coat information
DINGS/Congenital Deafness
  No congenital deafness/vestibular disease information
Immune Mediated Diseases
  No immune mediated disease information
  No kidney/urinary information
  No longevity information
  No CHIC information
    White, Jim
  city    Millsap state/prov     Texas country     United States
  email    Cambriadobes@msn.com  
  web    http://www.cambriadobes.com  
    White-Ramsbottom, Ann
  city    Millsap state/prov     Texas country     United States
  email    cambriadobes@msn.com  
  web    http://www.cambriadobes.com  
   White, Jim
  city     Millsap state/prov     Texas country     United States
  email     Cambriadobes@msn.com  
  web     http://www.cambriadobes.com  
   White-Ramsbottom, Ann
  city     Millsap state/prov     Texas country     United States
  email     cambriadobes@msn.com  
  web     http://www.cambriadobes.com  
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