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name   White-Ramsbottom, Ann
  United States
email address   cambriadobes@msn.com
web site address   http://www.cambriadobes.com

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  Cambria Last Tango in Paris
Cambria N D'Nicmar's Fame N Folly
Cambria's Achilles
Cambria's Adagio
Cambria's Adonis
Cambria's Allegro
Cambria's Always in Style
Cambria's Amontillado
Cambria's Ascension
Cambria's Atta Girl
Cambria's Avitar
Cambria's Banker's Dream
Cambria's Bedrock Blues
Cambria's Belvedere
Cambria's Big N Rich
Cambria's Black Market
Cambria's Black Pearl
Cambria's Blackmail
Cambria's Blue Angel
Cambria's C Cherokee
Cambria's Cactus Cash
Cambria's Captain Courageous
Cambria's Caracas of Kettle Cove
Cambria's Cardiac Arrest
Cambria's Carman
Cambria's Cash Flow
Cambria's Cavalleria
Cambria's Cosmopolitan Sandia
Cambria's Crocodile Rock
Cambria's Current Affair
Cambria's Cuzco
Cambria's Dar Pasha
Cambria's Date Line
Cambria's Dolcemente
Cambria's Done for the Occasion
Cambria's Double Dare
Cambria's Double Trouble II
Cambria's Dressed for Success
Cambria's Dynasty
Cambria's Exquisite
Cambria's Extreme Heat
Cambria's Falstaff
Cambria's Fantasia
Cambria's Fantasy v Carlon
Cambria's Fedora
Cambria's Figaro of Okner
Cambria's Fighting Falcon
Cambria's Firecracker
Cambria's Flex v Sandia
Cambria's Fly Girl
Cambria's Flying First Class
Cambria's Flying Solo
Cambria's Four Star
Cambria's Fourty Eight Hours
Cambria's Go for the Gold
Cambria's Grand Stand
Cambria's Hard Rock Cafe
Cambria's High Style
Cambria's High Voltage at Bangkok
Cambria's Highly Motivated
Cambria's Imagine v Carlon
Cambria's in Style Sandia
Cambria's Incredible Journey
Cambria's Inside Edition
Cambria's Irish Mist II
Cambria's Irish Rebellion
Cambria's Keepsake
Cambria's Kittyhawk
Cambria's Krizia
Cambria's Last 'N Impression
Cambria's Last Hurrah
Cambria's Last Legacy
Cambria's Last Romance
Cambria's Legally Fawn
Cambria's Limited Edition
Cambria's Little Mermaid
Cambria's Main Attraction
Cambria's Mignon
Cambria's Mirabella
Cambria's Morning Star
Cambria's Mutual Fund
Cambria's National Treasure
Cambria's Nemiroff
Cambria's Night Line
Cambria's No Fear
Cambria's O B in Gold
Cambria's Peter Pan
Cambria's Prime Time Live
Cambria's Quinella
Cambria's Ranger
Cambria's Remember Me
Cambria's Rigoletto Olympic
Cambria's Robin Hood
Cambria's Rock Solid
Cambria's Rockette
Cambria's Secret Desire
Cambria's Sexy Rexy Rose
Cambria's Sixty Minutes
Cambria's Smoking Gun
Cambria's Spitfire
Cambria's Splash
Cambria's Standing Ovation
Cambria's Steamboat Willie
Cambria's Stetson
Cambria's Summer Magic
Cambria's Sunset Celebration
Cambria's Sweet Dreams
Cambria's Take a Bow Wow
Cambria's Texas Tornadough
Cambria's the Colonel
Cambria's the Rocketeer
Cambria's Tickle My Fancy
Cambria's Top Secret
Cambria's Tosca
Cambria's Trick Pony
Cambria's Ultimate Blue Skye
Cambria's Ultimate Desire
Cambria's Unforgettable
Cambria's Vanity Fair
Cambria's Vapor v Carlon
Cambria's Victoria Secret
Cambria's Vision v Carlon
Cambria's Warning Star
Cambria's Whiskey Mac
Cambria's Yes Indeed
Cambria's Zephyr
Cambria's Zest for Life
Cambria's Zigzag at Stonewood
D's Devil Wears Prada
D's Diva on Fire
Festival De Canes Queen Latifah
Festival De Canes Quentin Tarantino
Festival De Canes Quincy Jones
Polo's Hot Flash v Cambria
Stonewood's Every Second Counts
Valiant's Alfa Romeo
Valiant's Bugatti Veyron
Valiant's Petite Syrah
Valiant's Rioja
Valiant's Sangiovese
Valiant's Wild Valdiguie
Waterfront's Girl on the Hunt
    Cambria's Barrettina
Cambria's Black Market
Cambria's Cactus Cash
Cambria's Crime of Passion
Cambria's Fame N' Fortune
Cambria's Far Niente
Cambria's Girl With a Curl
Cambria's Main Attraction
Cambria's Never Say Never
Cambria's No Fear
Cambria's Notorious
Cambria's Song in My Heart
Cambria's Trick Pony
Cambria's Victoria Secret
Cambria's Xtreme Heat
Festival De Canes Katrina
Orion's Rasberry Beret