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name   White, Jim
  United States
email address   Cambriadobes@msn.com
web site address   http://www.cambriadobes.com

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  Cambria Ka-Iu-Lani of Kela
Cambria's Abracadabra
Cambria's Academy Award
Cambria's Act One
Cambria's Ai-Lani
Cambria's Akan-Ahe
Cambria's Alana
Cambria's Aniani
Cambria's Ao-Wena
Cambria's Apua-Kea
Cambria's Apuna
Cambria's Au-Kawai
Cambria's Born to be Wild
Cambria's Brazos v Texas
Cambria's Cactus Cash
Cambria's Carman
Cambria's Cavalleria
Cambria's Celina v Texas
Cambria's Concho v Texas
Cambria's Cotton Eyed Joe
Cambria's Critics Choice
Cambria's Current Affair
Cambria's Dark Affair
Cambria's Dark Image
Cambria's Dark Knight
Cambria's Dark Magic
Cambria's Dark Rendezvous
Cambria's Dark Sable
Cambria's Date Line
Cambria's Diamonds and Pearls
Cambria's Dirty Dancing
Cambria's Disco
Cambria's Dolcemente
Cambria's Falstaff
Cambria's Fantasia
Cambria's Figaro of Okner
Cambria's Four Star
Cambria's Fourty Eight Hours
Cambria's Fox Trot
Cambria's Go for the Gold
Cambria's Hale-Mano Lexus
Cambria's Hana-Kahi
Cambria's Hanohano
Cambria's Hauimea Mariah
Cambria's Hiiaka
Cambria's Hondo v Texas
Cambria's Incredible Journey
Cambria's Inside Edition
Cambria's Kakahi
Cambria's Kilauea
Cambria's Kilohana
Cambria's Koapaka Nitro
Cambria's Lae Ahi of Kela
Cambria's Last Hurrah
Cambria's Little Mermaid
Cambria's Luxor-Rudy
Cambria's Madame Pele
Cambria's Mauna Kea
Cambria's Mauna Loa
Cambria's Mignon
Cambria's Night Line
Cambria's Nocona v Texas
Cambria's Peter Pan
Cambria's Prime Time Live
Cambria's Rave Review
Cambria's Rigoletto Olympic
Cambria's Robin Hood
Cambria's Screen Idol
Cambria's Showtime
Cambria's Sixty Minutes
Cambria's Sizziling Feature
Cambria's Sneak Preview II
Cambria's Splash
Cambria's Steamboat Willie
Cambria's Summer Magic
Cambria's Take a Bow Wow
Cambria's the Rocketeer
Cambria's Tosca
Cambria's TX Two Step
Cambria's Wild Affair v Kela
Cambria's Wild Boo Thunder
Cambria's Wild Challenge
Cambria's Wild Quest
Cambria's Wild Spirit
Cambria's Wild Thing
Cambria's Wild Venture
Hunter Boom Radley
    Cambria's Cactus Cash