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name   Rodgers, Mary M
  United States
email address   marienburg.dobermans@gmail.com
web site address   http://www.marienburg-dobermans.com/

breeder of:


owner of::


  Bruda Montego Bay Marienburg
Dobe Ace Reposess Marienburg
Dorian v Marienburg
Gretchen v Marienburg
Holder Park's Elsa
Holder Park's Toro Black Angus
Holmrun's Ariel of Marienburg
Holmrun's B on Fire Marienburg
Holmrun's Baden
Holmrun's Candace of Marienburg
Holmrun's Dakadance Marienburg
Holmrun's Dakota Sun
Holmrun's Harvard of Marienburg
Holmrun's Havana of Marienburg
Holmrun's J'Taime Marienburg
Holmrun's Kelly of Marienburg
Holmrun's Leipzig of Marienburg
Holmrun's Luther of Marienburg
Holmrun's Oberlin of Marienburg
Holmrun's Oxford of Marienburg
Holmrun's Radcliff Marienburg
Holmrun's Rampaige of Marienburg
Holmrun's T-Rex
Holmrun's Tanner of Marienburg
Holmrun's Traveler of Marienburg
Holmrun's Tulane of Marienburg
Holmrun's Vassar of Brynjulf
Holmrun's Wellesley Marienburg
Holmrun's Wm Teller Marienburg
Holmrun's Zeus of Marienburg
Jerilyn Aztec Star
Kane of Marienburg
Kessler's Born to Grace
Marienburg's Abe Ace Brent
Marienburg's Above 'N Beyond
Marienburg's Ace of Clubs v Davil
Marienburg's Aces R Wild
Marienburg's Ada Marie
Marienburg's Adel Andante
Marienburg's Adonis
Marienburg's Aerostar
Marienburg's Ala Kazam
Marienburg's Alex the Great
Marienburg's Alexander
Marienburg's Alexandra
Marienburg's Allah
Marienburg's Alysheba
Marienburg's Amani
Marienburg's Amaya de Granada
Marienburg's Amber Afterglow
Marienburg's Amber Hawke Creasy
Marienburg's Amber's Desire
Marienburg's Ambidexter
Marienburg's American Idol
Marienburg's Amorous Ami
Marienburg's Anchor Man
Marienburg's Angel Fire
Marienburg's Apache Feather
Marienburg's Apache Firebird
Marienburg's Apache Firefox
Marienburg's Apache Gold
Marienburg's Apache Magic
Marienburg's Apache Mojave
Marienburg's Apache Redbird
Marienburg's Apache Warbonnet
Marienburg's Apache Warpaint
Marienburg's Apelila Dancer
Marienburg's Apollo
Marienburg's Arayvus Heavensgait
Marienburg's Argus Wind Magic
Marienburg's Aries Red Vixon
Marienburg's Arm Candy
Marienburg's Asta Malavy
Marienburg's Atticus
Marienburg's Aviva
Marienburg's Banana Boy
Marienburg's Baron
Marienburg's Baron Leverett
Marienburg's Barsadoc Sioux
Marienburg's Batman
Marienburg's Beau Ty
Marienburg's Beauregard
Marienburg's Beeye v Siemhof
Marienburg's Bellissima
Marienburg's Ben Ghalii
Marienburg's Bentley
Marienburg's Besame Mucho
Marienburg's Bewitched
Marienburg's Big Sky
Marienburg's Bit O'Montwood
Marienburg's Bitter Root Valley Boy AKA Baron
Marienburg's Black Amethyst
Marienburg's Black Bart
Marienburg's Black Forest Gypsy
Marienburg's Black Jade
Marienburg's Black Lace
Marienburg's Black Magic
Marienburg's Black Magic II
Marienburg's Black Magic III
Marienburg's Black Mariah
Marienburg's Black Moon Rising
Marienburg's Black Onyx
Marienburg's Black Orpheus
Marienburg's Black Pirate
Marienburg's Black Rose
Marienburg's Black Saki
Marienburg's Blackglamma
Marienburg's Blackstone
Marienburg's Blaz'n Fire
Marienburg's Blaze of Glory
Marienburg's Blessing on Beowulf
Marienburg's Blithe Spirit
Marienburg's Blkberry Runner
Marienburg's Blue Baron
Marienburg's Blue Denim
Marienburg's Blue Velvet
Marienburg's Bobbie Sue
Marienburg's Bocephus
Marienburg's Bodacious
Marienburg's Bold One
Marienburg's Bold Ruler
Marienburg's Bolero
Marienburg's Bond Girl
Marienburg's Boo Radley
Marienburg's Bordeaux
Marienburg's Born to Bond
Marienburg's Born to Run
Marienburg's Borrowed Angel
Marienburg's Bound for Glory
Marienburg's Bradley Linebkr
Marienburg's Brandy II
Marienburg's Braveheart
Marienburg's Brenda
Marienburg's Brite Lites
Marienburg's Brittany Buck
Marienburg's Bronze Bramo
Marienburg's Bronze Rose
Marienburg's Buckarette
Marienburg's Budweiser
Marienburg's Bulletproof
Marienburg's Cabaret
Marienburg's Cacique
Marienburg's Cajun Queen
Marienburg's Calafia Angel
Marienburg's Camas Hartman
Marienburg's Cameo of Clarion
Marienburg's Camille
Marienburg's Canamore v Inaqui
Marienburg's Candide
Marienburg's Candy Heart
Marienburg's Cannon
Marienburg's Captain America
Marienburg's Captive Heart
Marienburg's Cara Mia
Marienburg's Carefree Breeze
Marienburg's Caribbean Rose
Marienburg's Carioca
Marienburg's Carlota
Marienburg's Carol Channing
Marienburg's Casino
Marienburg's Casio
Marienburg's Cassanova v Jadar
Marienburg's Centaurus
Marienburg's Centurion
Marienburg's Chay
Marienburg's Cheatin' Heart
Marienburg's Checkered Flag
Marienburg's Chelsea Haile
Marienburg's Cheyenne Autumn
Marienburg's Chica
Marienburg's Chickadee
Marienburg's Chief Copper
Marienburg's Chieftain
Marienburg's Chocolate Rose
Marienburg's Chocoletta
Marienburg's Christel
Marienburg's Clara Bow
Marienburg's Clash by Night
Marienburg's Cleopatra
Marienburg's Coby v Sundowner
Marienburg's Cochise
Marienburg's Cochise II
Marienburg's Coco Chenel
Marienburg's Cocoa-A-Go-Go
Marienburg's Color Me Lucky
Marienburg's Color Purple
Marienburg's Comanche Firebird
Marienburg's Commanche
Marienburg's Commander N Chief
Marienburg's Concho
Marienburg's Conquest
Marienburg's Contesa v Licha
Marienburg's Cool Whip
Marienburg's Copper Calafia
Marienburg's Copy of Sultana
Marienburg's Coquette
Marienburg's Coquina
Marienburg's Coral Pendant
Marienburg's Cosmopolitan
Marienburg's Council Fire
Marienburg's Count Cecil
Marienburg's Court Jester
Marienburg's Crimson Tide
Marienburg's Crocodile Dundee
Marienburg's Cross Bow
Marienburg's Cross My Heart
Marienburg's Cross my Heart II
Marienburg's Crossfire
Marienburg's Crown Jewel
Marienburg's Crystal Calafia
Marienburg's Dakota Hawk
Marienburg's Dana v Doberhundt
Marienburg's Dancing Sun
Marienburg's Dante's Inferno
Marienburg's Darius v Licha
Marienburg's Dark Daimler
Marienburg's Dark Dakota
Marienburg's Dark Damien
Marienburg's Dark Delilah
Marienburg's Dark Knight
Marienburg's Dark Secret
Marienburg's Dark Thunder
Marienburg's Dark Victory
Marienburg's Dark Victory II
Marienburg's Dark Victory III
Marienburg's Darkness Falls
Marienburg's Darq Shadow v Pineridge
Marienburg's Dash of Flash
Marienburg's Dax Jetzt Dobmenz
Marienburg's Days of Thunder
Marienburg's De Black Knight at Ransom
Marienburg's De Lovely
Marienburg's Delilah
Marienburg's Desert Angel
Marienburg's Desert Flame
Marienburg's Desert Fox
Marienburg's Desert Hawk
Marienburg's Diamond Tiara
Marienburg's Diamonds R Forev'r
Marienburg's Diamonique
Marienburg's Diana
Marienburg's Dictator
Marienburg's Dinah
Marienburg's Dior of Holmrun
Marienburg's Discoteque
Marienburg's Distant Drums
Marienburg's Diva
Marienburg's Diva D' Rehli
Marienburg's Dixie Chick
Marienburg's Dominique
Marienburg's Domino Affect
Marienburg's Domnic v Licha
Marienburg's Don Diego
Marienburg's Don Quix-ote
Marienburg's Donna Topaz
Marienburg's Dorian of Holmrun
Marienburg's Double Dare
Marienburg's Down Under
Marienburg's Duc v Doberhundt
Marienburg's Eclipse
Marienburg's Equal Justice
Marienburg's Erica Kane
Marienburg's Excalibur at Starline
Marienburg's Fair Trade
Marienburg's Faith v Tamarak
Marienburg's Fancy Don't Let Me Down of Northwind
Marienburg's Fire in the Night
Marienburg's Firestorm
Marienburg's Flame N Fortune
Marienburg's Flame of Desire
Marienburg's Flame-Up v Tamarak
Marienburg's Flaming Chelsea
Marienburg's Flaming Star
Marienburg's Fleur-De-Lis
Marienburg's Flying Dutchman
Marienburg's Flying Dutchman II
Marienburg's Foreign Affair v Red October
Marienburg's Forever Crystal
Marienburg's Foxy v Calafia
Marienburg's Friendly Persuasion
Marienburg's Garbo of Holmrun
Marienburg's Gaucho Prieto
Marienburg's Genghis Khan
Marienburg's Gina
Marienburg's Gina OfShendor
Marienburg's Goddess of Wisdom
Marienburg's Good Time Charlie
Marienburg's Great Spirit
Marienburg's Gunnar
Marienburg's Hallmark of Beowulf
Marienburg's Hannibal
Marienburg's Harlow
Marienburg's Harvard Scholar
Marienburg's Hawaiian Image
Marienburg's Hawkeye
Marienburg's Heart of Dexter
Marienburg's Heart of Dixie
Marienburg's Heartbreak Kid
Marienburg's Heath
Marienburg's Helleva Holmrun
Marienburg's Hellzapoppin
Marienburg's Herkimer
Marienburg's Hi-Lite v Michelob
Marienburg's Hi-Plains Drifter
Marienburg's Hidden Treasure
Marienburg's High Caliber
Marienburg's High Chaparral
Marienburg's High Lonesome
Marienburg's High on Love
Marienburg's High Roller
Marienburg's High Sierra
Marienburg's High Society
Marienburg's High-Hat
Marienburg's Hildegard Shamin
Marienburg's Hiline Hawk
Marienburg's Hiline Raven
Marienburg's Hily Combustable
Marienburg's Holly v Hanadobe
Marienburg's Hollyhawk
Marienburg's Holmrun Hero
Marienburg's Holmrun Queen
Marienburg's Holy Tara
Marienburg's Hopi Kachina
Marienburg's Hurricane v Esq.
Marienburg's Hurry Sundown
Marienburg's I Do What I Want
Marienburg's I'm a Rock Star @ Northstar
Marienburg's Ichiban
Marienburg's Ike
Marienburg's in the Movies
Marienburg's Inaqui Knock Out
Marienburg's Inaqui Sukiyaki
Marienburg's Inca
Marienburg's Irana
Marienburg's Jacks Are Wild
Marienburg's Jamie Lee
Marienburg's Jasmine Honey
Marienburg's Jax Born Country
Marienburg's Jerilyn Draconis
Marienburg's Jerilyn Gilad
Marienburg's Jet Black Stare Velo
Marienburg's Jezebel
Marienburg's Josie of Clarion
Marienburg's Joy of Victory
Marienburg's Kabuki Dancer
Marienburg's Kiowa Raider
Marienburg's Kiss 'N Kell
Marienburg's Lacy J Dalton
Marienburg's Lady Ilse Nelson
Marienburg's Lady in Red
Marienburg's Lady Lilly
Marienburg's Lady Liz
Marienburg's Lalique
Marienburg's Lancer Chaumiere
Marienburg's Lancers Mohawk
Marienburg's Last Action Hero
Marienburg's Latigo
Marienburg's Lazer Wray
Marienburg's Le Corbeau
Marienburg's Lemon Hart
Marienburg's Little Big Man
Marienburg's Little Caesar
Marienburg's Lois Lane
Marienburg's Lolita
Marienburg's Lolita v Calafia
Marienburg's Lone Eagle
Marienburg's Lorelei
Marienburg's Love Potion
Marienburg's Love Spell
Marienburg's Lucas
Marienburg's Machete
Marienburg's Machiavelli
Marienburg's Macho
Marienburg's Macho Man
Marienburg's Maddie
Marienburg's Maggie
Marienburg's Magic
Marienburg's Magic Man
Marienburg's Magnificent
Marienburg's Magnum Force
Marienburg's Make-N a Holmrun
Marienburg's Malaysian Magic
Marienburg's Malaysian Prince Thimba
Marienburg's Malaysian Token
Marienburg's Malinx
Marienburg's Maltese Falcon
Marienburg's Man O' War
Marienburg's Man of La Mancha
Marienburg's Mandalay
Marienburg's Mankato
Marienburg's Mannix
Marienburg's Many Mansions
Marienburg's Marc-Shan
Marienburg's Mariachi
Marienburg's Mark of the Hawk
Marienburg's Marley
Marienburg's Marquise
Marienburg's Marriah the Wind
Marienburg's Mary Hartman
Marienburg's Mary Hartman Too
Marienburg's Mary Poppins
Marienburg's Marylou Retton
Marienburg's Maserati at Northstar
Marienburg's Mason
Marienburg's Masterpiece
Marienburg's Matisse
Marienburg's Max of Fry Creek
Marienburg's Maximilian
Marienburg's Meadow Star
Marienburg's Meadowlark
Marienburg's Medicine Man
Marienburg's Medicine Man II
Marienburg's Melissa
Marienburg's Mello
Marienburg's Memoir
Marienburg's Mephisto
Marienburg's Merian v Licha
Marienburg's Merrimaker
Marienburg's Metropolis
Marienburg's Michelob
Marienburg's Mickey v Jetzt
Marienburg's Midnight Angel
Marienburg's Midnight Fire
Marienburg's Midnight Lace
Marienburg's Midnight Lace II
Marienburg's Midnight Mariah
Marienburg's Midnight Shelane
Marienburg's Midnight Special
Marienburg's Mikayla
Marienburg's Million Dollar Baby
Marienburg's Mingo Chee
Marienburg's Mirabella
Marienburg's Miranda
Marienburg's Miss Congeniality
Marienburg's Miss Julip
Marienburg's Missoula
Marienburg's Mister Dillon
Marienburg's Mistletoe
Marienburg's Misty Moonlight
Marienburg's Mitzi v Dixifire
Marienburg's Mohave
Marienburg's Mohawk
Marienburg's Moment of Magic
Marienburg's Mona Lisa
Marienburg's Mona Luisa
Marienburg's Monarch Redago
Marienburg's Montana
Marienburg's Montana Fire
Marienburg's Montana Firehawk
Marienburg's Montana Hiline
Marienburg's Montana Man
Marienburg's Montana Red
Marienburg's Montana's Pride
Marienburg's Montu the Hawk
Marienburg's Mooi Meisha
Marienburg's Moon Shadow
Marienburg's Morgan
Marienburg's Morgan of Oregon
Marienburg's Moroccan Chief
Marienburg's Moroccan Mavrik
Marienburg's Moroccan Sun
Marienburg's Morocco
Marienburg's Most Happy Fella
Marienburg's Mountain Reign
Marienburg's Mozambique
Marienburg's Ms Double O Seven
Marienburg's Muchacho Rojo
Marienburg's Music Man
Marienburg's Mustang Sally @ Northstar
Marienburg's Mystic Sun
Marienburg's Name Called Fame
Marienburg's Natawmare
Marienburg's Navaho Chief
Marienburg's Neon Rainbow
Marienburg's Nevada Gold
Marienburg's New Beginning
Marienburg's Nicholodean
Marienburg's Nick of Time
Marienburg's Nicole
Marienburg's Night Dreamer
Marienburg's Night Hawk
Marienburg's Niki v Dornblueht
Marienburg's Ninth Element at Northstar
Marienburg's Nitouche of Jalar
Marienburg's Nokomas
Marienburg's Northern Dancer
Marienburg's Notch Johnson
Marienburg's Olivia
Marienburg's on the Waterfront v Brauchbar
Marienburg's One in a Million
Marienburg's Only One
Marienburg's Only Three
Marienburg's Only Too
Marienburg's Onyx v Shelane
Marienburg's Osage
Marienburg's Othello
Marienburg's Pabst Blu Ribbon
Marienburg's Pacific Exchange
Marienburg's Pageant
Marienburg's Painted Redstart
Marienburg's Pal Joey
Marienburg's Palm Beach
Marienburg's Paragon
Marienburg's Paranikki
Marienburg's Party Time
Marienburg's Past Present N Future
Marienburg's Patriot Missile
Marienburg's Peg of My Heart
Marienburg's Penalta Law Lex
Marienburg's Penelope
Marienburg's Phoenix Rising
Marienburg's Pimpinela Roja
Marienburg's Play Misty for Me
Marienburg's Pleasure Seeker
Marienburg's Poetry by Teller
Marienburg's Portrait in Black
Marienburg's Pretty in Pink
Marienburg's Prima Ballerina
Marienburg's Prime Meridian
Marienburg's Princess Sophie Ann Fonticiella
Marienburg's Rachael
Marienburg's Rachelle
Marienburg's Radiant Ruby
Marienburg's Raven v Nassberg
Marienburg's Rawhide
Marienburg's Razor's Edge
Marienburg's Razzle Dazzle
Marienburg's Ready to Rumble
Marienburg's Red Alert
Marienburg's Red Baron
Marienburg's Red Beau
Marienburg's Red Cardinal
Marienburg's Red Cloud
Marienburg's Red Dancer
Marienburg's Red Demon
Marienburg's Red Draggin
Marienburg's Red Headed Stranger
Marienburg's Red Mari
Marienburg's Red Montana Sky
Marienburg's Red Rock West
Marienburg's Red v Schumann
Marienburg's Reflection of Myne
Marienburg's Regina
Marienburg's Reisil Targa
Marienburg's Ren-Bow's Rasputin
Marienburg's Rendev
Marienburg's Repo Man
Marienburg's Restless Heart
Marienburg's Rico Suave
Marienburg's Rigby
Marienburg's Ring of Fire
Marienburg's Rio Del Sol
Marienburg's Rio Hondo
Marienburg's Rising Star
Marienburg's Rising Sun
Marienburg's River of Dreams
Marienburg's River Red
Marienburg's Rocknroll
Marienburg's Roita v Licha
Marienburg's Roman Emperor
Marienburg's Rommel
Marienburg's Rosa Atra of Lamar
Marienburg's Rosencrantz
Marienburg's Rosie Bubbles
Marienburg's Royal Doulton
Marienburg's Royal King
Marienburg's Royal Redress
Marienburg's Royal Starker
Marienburg's Ruby Tues O'Voss
Marienburg's Rubyanna Russo
Marienburg's Ruff Diamond
Marienburg's Rumpelstiltskin
Marienburg's Russet-Rage
Marienburg's Rusty Shaker
Marienburg's Rusty v Holmrun
Marienburg's Rusty v Shelane
Marienburg's Sage v Jadar
Marienburg's Sam
Marienburg's Samantha Spade
Marienburg's Samson Friedman
Marienburg's Sassafras
Marienburg's Scarlet Cuckoo
Marienburg's Sea Goddess
Marienburg's Second Too
Marienburg's Secret Imposter
Marienburg's Sexy Lexy
Marienburg's Shadow at Midnight
Marienburg's Shadow Khan
Marienburg's Shasta Sunshine
Marienburg's She's a Lady
Marienburg's Shinlou
Marienburg's Shogun
Marienburg's Show 'N Tell
Marienburg's Show Stopper
Marienburg's Shroder v Schumann
Marienburg's Shylock
Marienburg's Silent Star
Marienburg's Silhoette
Marienburg's Silver Dawn Lynx
Marienburg's Simplicity
Marienburg's Simply Red
Marienburg's Sinbad
Marienburg's Sinner
Marienburg's Sinners Casino
Marienburg's Sir Harley
Marienburg's Sirius Black
Marienburg's Sizzle Me Bruda
Marienburg's Smooth Jazz
Marienburg's Sofe's Choice
Marienburg's Soncearae
Marienburg's Sondra of Clarion
Marienburg's Song of the South
Marienburg's Soul Serenade of Myne
Marienburg's Special Ops
Marienburg's Starhawk of Holmrun
Marienburg's Starwood Belle
Marienburg's Sting of Apollo
Marienburg's Stormbringer
Marienburg's Stormi v Esquire
Marienburg's Stormi's Typhoon
Marienburg's Stroke of Midnight
Marienburg's Sugar Ray v Esq
Marienburg's Sulaco
Marienburg's Sultry Star
Marienburg's Sun Hawk
Marienburg's Sun-n-shadow
Marienburg's Sundae's Child
Marienburg's Sundance
Marienburg's Sundancer
Marienburg's Sundancer II
Marienburg's Sundevil of Holmrun
Marienburg's Sundogs Andra
Marienburg's Sundogs Barron
Marienburg's Sunny
Marienburg's Sunshine
Marienburg's Sunstorm v Kerri
Marienburg's Surely You Jest
Marienburg's Sweet Clover
Marienburg's Sweet Daddy
Marienburg's Sweet Emotion
Marienburg's Sweet Kandee
Marienburg's Sword Dancer
Marienburg's Tabu v Jampat
Marienburg's Taga Anne
Marienburg's Tai Chi
Marienburg's Talia v Jobe's
Marienburg's Tanya II
Marienburg's Taos
Marienburg's Targa Khan
Marienburg's Tashina
Marienburg's Tawny
Marienburg's Tax Man
Marienburg's Tell Me True
Marienburg's Tenaya
Marienburg's Terminator Too
Marienburg's Tesoro
Marienburg's Teufel
Marienburg's the Bounty Hunter
Marienburg's the Dark Knight
Marienburg's the Duke
Marienburg's the Messenger Gabriel
Marienburg's the Rose Tattoo
Marienburg's the Seventh Sign
Marienburg's the Temptress
Marienburg's Thief of Hearts
Marienburg's Thunder Rolls
Marienburg's Tiara
Marienburg's Tiger Eye
Marienburg's Tiger Lily
Marienburg's Tigress
Marienburg's Tigris
Marienburg's Tisha
Marienburg's Titan Dorado
Marienburg's Tonka Wakam
Marienburg's Top Gun
Marienburg's Top Gun II
Marienburg's Top Gun III
Marienburg's Top Star
Marienburg's Topaz
Marienburg's Topaz Flame
Marienburg's Topsy Turvy
Marienburg's Total Eclipse
Marienburg's Towering Inferno
Marienburg's Trader Vix
Marienburg's Travis
Marienburg's Triple Threat
Marienburg's True Grit
Marienburg's Turkish Coffey
Marienburg's Twilight Time
Marienburg's Two Thumbs Up
Marienburg's Tyny v Dulce
Marienburg's Tyrone
Marienburg's Unique d'Sultana
Marienburg's v Starker
Marienburg's Valentino
Marienburg's Very Valentino
Marienburg's Viper v Esquire
Marienburg's Voodoo Love God
Marienburg's War Hawk
Marienburg's Warapache Chif
Marienburg's Wardrum v Bali Mor
Marienburg's Warhawk II
Marienburg's Warlock
Marienburg's Warwind
Marienburg's Wayward Son
Marienburg's Wickiup v Bali-Mor
Marienburg's Wild Fire
Marienburg's Wildfire Rook
Marienburg's Wilhelmena
Marienburg's Willow N the Wind
Marienburg's Winds of War
Marienburg's Winnetka
Marienburg's Winning Colors
Marienburg's Winter Hawk v Voss
Marienburg's Wisdom of Denali
Marienburg's Wizard
Marienburg's Written in Stone
Marienburg's Apache Brandy
Marienburg's Darth Vader
Marienburg's Domnique Shelane
Marienburg's Fancy Dancer
Marienburg's Majic Melody
Marienburg's Sally Ride
Marienburg's Savannah Smiles
Marienburg's Semper Le Dobby
Marienburg's Shania of Gorshir
Marienburg's Sky Hawk
Marienburg's Stardust
Marienburg's Sun Bonnet
Marienburg's Sunset Blvd.
Marienburg's Sunshine Girl
Marienburg's the Masterpiece
Marienburg's Travlin Thunder
Northstar's Avenger
Northstar's Indiana Jones De Black Shadow
Northstar's Pistol Annie
Sparks Rock N the Party v Marienburg
Wisdom's Cowboy Play it Again v Marienburg
    Auriga Aquilae
Bruda Teller of Tales
Cyklon's in April Cloud
Dexter v Franckenhorst
Dolly v Franckenhorst
Marienburg's Amber Afterglow
Marienburg's American Idol
Marienburg's Angel Fire
Marienburg's Batman
Marienburg's Blackstone
Marienburg's Blessing on Beowulf
Marienburg's Born to Run
Marienburg's Diamonique
Marienburg's Inaqui Knock Out
Marienburg's Inaqui Sukiyaki
Marienburg's Maltese Falcon
Marienburg's Mandalay
Marienburg's Mary Hartman
Marienburg's Miss Congeniality
Marienburg's Repo Man
Sant Kreal Estrong
Sherluck Falcon v Marienburg
Sultana v Marienburg
Talladega's Ladyhawke
Westwind's Gunsmoke
Zigeuner's Fiesta