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name   Torre, Katherine
  Santa Rosa
  United States
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  Blackswan's Red Baron
Foxfire All Star
Foxfire Alltimate
Foxfire Devlish Gunnar
Foxfire N Rockelle IWannaTalkAboutMe
Foxfire Rio Samba v Cameo
Foxfire's Ain't She the One
Foxfire's All Fired Up
Foxfire's All in the Journey
Foxfire's All that N More
Foxfire's Apollo
Foxfire's Blame it on Me
Foxfire's Crimson Imagination
Foxfire's D'aredevil
Foxfire's D'Valicious
Foxfire's Divine Madness
Foxfire's Got Allotta Love
Foxfire's I'm All That
Foxfire's Love at First Sight v Pineridge
Foxfire's Lovin' it All!
Foxfire's Magic Dragon
Foxfire's N KO's Total Madness
Foxfire's New Sherriff in Town
Foxfire's Out of My Mind
Foxfire's Smoke on the Water
Foxfire's Smokin' Hot v Adobe
Foxfire's Take N it All
Foxfire's Up in Smoke
Foxfire's Whataya Want From Me
Foxfire's Wildest Dream
Foxfire's Ya Wanna be Me
    Foxfire All Star
Foxfire's Ain't in D'Nial
Foxfire's All that N More
Foxfire's Crimson Imagination
Foxfire's Gotta Dance
Foxfire's Out of My Mind
Foxfire's Rio Bravo
Foxfire's Up in Smoke
Oaknol's Tears of Jupiter