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name   Scrovitch, Carolyn F
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  Starion's a Penny for Luck
Starion's Arcturus
Starion's Baskerville
Starion's Black Orchid
Starion's Black Stingray
Starion's Blarney Stone
Starion's Born to be Tarah
Starion's Brass N Copper
Starion's Bright Idea
Starion's Cant Catch This Cuda
Starion's Cant Catch This Hemi
Starion's Chantilly Lace
Starion's Charming Chaya
Starion's Come Fly With Me
Starion's Dark Secret of Dokdo
Starion's Darwin's Dream
Starion's Dreamboat Annie
Starion's Duchess of Markham
Starion's Excalibur
Starion's Forever Cayenne
Starion's Good Golly Mis Molly
Starion's Graceful Twostep
Starion's Grand Torino
Starion's Haylie's Comet
Starion's in Hot Pursuit
Starion's Just Fiddlin Around
Starion's Kid Jesse James
Starion's Knight Ryder
Starion's La Paloma
Starion's Lady Alexis
Starion's Legendary Knight
Starion's Legendary Shnupp
Starion's Magic Moments
Starion's Malachi
Starion's Maximum Overdrive
Starion's Mexicali Rose
Starion's Midnight Dancer
Starion's Midnight Onyx
Starion's Midnite Lace
Starion's Midnite Maiden
Starion's Midnite Special
Starion's My Abilene
Starion's My Shania
Starion's Nero
Starion's Night Rider
Starion's Nite Moves
Starion's Northern Force
Starion's Northern Prancer
Starion's Odysseus
Starion's Osiris
Starion's PJ Chopper
Starion's Polish Prince
Starion's Porsha's Pride
Starion's Precious Girl
Starion's Querida Vermelha
Starion's Rambling Roco
Starion's Ravishing Rowan
Starion's Ravishing Ruby
Starion's Real Emotion
Starion's Red Bijou
Starion's Red Shades of Autumn
Starion's Red Sky at Night
Starion's Remembering Ryckman
Starion's Restless Heart
Starion's Riverboat Fantasy
Starion's Rosetta Sunset
Starion's Sabbra Cadabra
Starion's Sargemeister
Starion's Savvy Savannah
Starion's Scarlet Flame
Starion's Schutz v Drei
Starion's Shankar
Starion's Shogun
Starion's Silk N Satin
Starion's Stand Your Ground
Starion's Stormy Night
Starion's Strawberry Fresh
Starion's Strawberry Wine
Starion's Sundancer
Starion's Supernova
Starion's the Oracle of Ares
Starion's Velvet Moon Dancer
Starion's Venom Viper
Starion's Vision and Verse
Starion's Western High Roller
Starion's Winston
    Liberator's Durango
Shadobe's Satin and Lace
Starion's Classic of Shadobe
Sunburg's Whiskey River