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name   Strauss, Faye
  United States
email address   sherluckmm@msn.com
web site address   http://www.k9cd.com/family.htm

breeder of:


owner of::


  Goldgrove Hot 'N Starstruck
Goldgrove Jazzy 'n Starstruck
Goldgrove Quest for a Second Win
Sherluck Desert Fox Mystique
Sherluck Falcon v Marienburg
Sherluck North by Northwest v Olympic Cove
Sherluck Rio Bravo
Sherluck's 'n Wingate's Titanium
Sherluck's Anne Klein
Sherluck's Australian Red Fire Opal
Sherluck's Bandolero
Sherluck's Bay of Banderas
Sherluck's Belmont Pharlap
Sherluck's Black Minx
Sherluck's Black Willow
Sherluck's Brandywine
Sherluck's Brown Sugar Dob Mann
Sherluck's Carline Marienburg
Sherluck's Casablanca v Olympic Cove
Sherluck's Castle Rock
Sherluck's Cat Ballou
Sherluck's Condor
Sherluck's Countess Mara
Sherluck's Crimson N' Clover
Sherluck's Dallas
Sherluck's Desert Hawk v Lort
Sherluck's Diamond Lil
Sherluck's Diamonds and Rust
Sherluck's Dresden
Sherluck's Drum Fire
Sherluck's Duke of Earl
Sherluck's Electric Ladyland
Sherluck's Entrepreneur
Sherluck's Estee
Sherluck's Fashion Designer
Sherluck's Flamingo Road
Sherluck's Flying Lightly
Sherluck's Foxy Lady
Sherluck's Gold-Digger
Sherluck's Good as Gold
Sherluck's Good Day Sunshine
Sherluck's Good Golly Ms Molly
Sherluck's Gucci
Sherluck's Gunsmoke
Sherluck's Gypsy Eyes
Sherluck's High Fashion
Sherluck's High Finance
Sherluck's High Roller
Sherluck's Holly Wood Heavyweight
Sherluck's Jacqulyn Monique
Sherluck's Jean Dupre
Sherluck's JFK v Lyndobe
Sherluck's Johnny be Goode
Sherluck's Jones of New York
Sherluck's Kalihari Mystique
Sherluck's Katmandu
Sherluck's Keno Bay
Sherluck's La Femme Nikita
Sherluck's Laser Jet
Sherluck's LB Jake
Sherluck's Let it Rock
Sherluck's Light My Fire
Sherluck's Love Me Two Times
Sherluck's Mack the Knife
Sherluck's Mega Bucks
Sherluck's Midnight Caller
Sherluck's Missile
Sherluck's Mountain Mahogany
Sherluck's National Velvet
Sherluck's Nightbird Flying
Sherluck's Paris Is Burning
Sherluck's PB Maxx of Mystique
Sherluck's Pennys From Heaven
Sherluck's Powerpoint
Sherluck's Prairie Schooner
Sherluck's Pretty Woman
Sherluck's Primrose Lane
Sherluck's Private Benjamin
Sherluck's Purple Haze
Sherluck's Purple Rain
Sherluck's Rachel's Dynasty
Sherluck's Ring of Fire
Sherluck's Rio v Cryptonite
Sherluck's Rising Market
Sherluck's Rock My Soul
Sherluck's Rock-et Man
Sherluck's Rock-On v K-Rite
Sherluck's Ruffian v Keenland
Sherluck's Sabina
Sherluck's Scottsdale
Sherluck's Seattle Slew
Sherluck's Seattle Syryn
Sherluck's Siena Rose
Sherluck's Silver Cloud
Sherluck's Simply Red
Sherluck's Sky Pilot
Sherluck's Smart Suite
Sherluck's Sneak Preview
Sherluck's Spellbound
Sherluck's Spirit Lake
Sherluck's Star Trek
Sherluck's Starstruck Bondgirl
Sherluck's Starstruck La Woman
Sherluck's Sterling Benelli
Sherluck's Sterling Vincent
Sherluck's Sully Time
Sherluck's Sunset Boulevard
Sherluck's Time and Again v Krite
Sherluck's Time Has Come Today
Sherluck's True Grit
Sherluck's Vegas
Sherluck's Velvet Ash
Sherluck's Yellow Brick Road
Sherluck's Yves St Laurent
Sherlucks Barney Miller
Sherlucks Blazing Saddles
Sherlucks Blue Danube
Sherlucks Cactus Flower
Sherlucks Casalaria
Sherlucks Chantilly Lace
Sherlucks High Chaparral
Sherlucks High Noon
Sherlucks Hollywood B
Sherlucks Jessica v Sterling
Sherlucks New York Minute
Sherlucks Prairie Breaker
Sherlucks Slew O Gold
Starstruck Second Idea
Starstruck Yazmine Alykhn v Sherluck
Sunset All I See is Magic
Sunset Can't Escape the Magic
Sunset CrossCheck'd to Perfection
Sunset Defender of Magic
Sunset Its Gotta B Magic
Sunset Magic in Wonderland v Imperia
Sunset Make Magic Happen
Sunset Won N Only Magic Kingdom
Wingate 'n Sherluck's Vanadium
Wingate 'n Sherluck's Zirconium
Wingate's Almond Roca
Wingate's Because I'm Worth It
Wingate's Fifth Avenue
Wingate's Like a Rock
Wingate's the Future of Awesome
Wingate's Tootsie Roll
    Black Cat N Sherluck's Sweet William
ConnQuest Struck by a Star
Electron's Alltimate Know it All
Moraga Hills Desert Wind
Moraga Hills High Fashion
Sherluck North by Northwest v Olympic Cove
Sherluck's 'n Wingate's Titanium
Sherluck's Anne Klein
Sherluck's Flamingo Road
Sherluck's Good as Gold
Sherluck's High Fashion
Sherluck's LB Jake
Sherluck's Peridot
Sherluck's Purple Haze
Sherluck's Smart Suite
Sherlucks Barney Miller
Sherlucks Casalaria
Starstruck Yazmine Alykhn v Sherluck
Sunset Northwest Passage v Sherluck
Wingate 'n Sherluck's Zirconium
Wingate She's a Rainbow