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name   Holmes, V Cherie
  Mesachi Lake
  British Columbia
email address   holmrun@telus.net
web site address   http://www.holmrun.com

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  Adobe's Gone in Sixty Seconds
Boland Coup De Foudre Holmrun
Boland's Hickstead at Holmrun
Boland's Touch of Class at Holmrun
Braebrook's Ben Sherman Holmrun
Braebrook's Coco Chanel Holmrun
Braebrook's Dolce Holmrun
Braebrook's Hugo Boss Holmrun
Braebrook's Iceberg Holmrun
Braebrook's LouisVuitton Holmrun
Braebrook's Thakoon Holmrun
Bruda Proud Merry
Bruda the Artist is a Chekov
Bruda the Artist Is Courbet
Bruda the Artist Is Savannah
Danora's Bakar Bonafide
Danora's Do the Right Thing
Danora's Red October
Esquire's Celtic Woman
Esquire's Ultimatum
Holmrun & Starlaine Glitterati
Holmrun & Starlaine Posin' for the Paparazzi
Holmrun's 'El's Bells
Holmrun's a for Adobe
Holmrun's a for Amsel
Holmrun's Angel
Holmrun's Antebellum
Holmrun's Ariel of Marienburg
Holmrun's Athabaskan Summer Bela
Holmrun's Athabaskan Summer Nite
Holmrun's Athabaskan Summer Sky
Holmrun's Athabaskan Summer Star
Holmrun's Autumn in April
Holmrun's Aztec Gold
Holmrun's B for Bree
Holmrun's B on Fire Marienburg
Holmrun's B'Dazzled
Holmrun's B'Quest
Holmrun's B'Tween Farrenmore
Holmrun's Baden
Holmrun's Baron T'Kootenay
Holmrun's Beau Regard
Holmrun's Benediction
Holmrun's Benson
Holmrun's Beowolfe
Holmrun's Best Regards
Holmrun's Blaze'n Hot
Holmrun's Bo Bridget
Holmrun's Bo Coup
Holmrun's Bo Dacious
Holmrun's Bo Derek
Holmrun's Bo Jolais Braebrook
Holmrun's Bo Monde
Holmrun's Bo Quet
Holmrun's Bo Sierra
Holmrun's Bo'sun
Holmrun's Boarder Patrol
Holmrun's Bolero
Holmrun's Boomer
Holmrun's Born Real
Holmrun's Brahmin
Holmrun's Bravo
Holmrun's Bregan
Holmrun's Briar
Holmrun's Bricklin
Holmrun's Burlesque
Holmrun's Butler Didit
Holmrun's C for Cali
Holmrun's C for Cruz
Holmrun's Candace of Marienburg
Holmrun's Captain Morgan
Holmrun's Castle Keep
Holmrun's Chaz Mataz
Holmrun's Chianti of Trollhattan
Holmrun's Chulo Pony Braebrook
Holmrun's Cool Hand Luke
Holmrun's Courtenay
Holmrun's D for Dominic
Holmrun's Dakadance Marienburg
Holmrun's Dakota Sun
Holmrun's Dante Fair
Holmrun's Darby Ogill
Holmrun's Deserae
Holmrun's Double Axel
Holmrun's Doubledutch T'Kirkwood
Holmrun's Duke v Marienburg
Holmrun's Dutch Chocolate
Holmrun's Dutch Treat
Holmrun's Ebony Star
Holmrun's Electric Kenley
Holmrun's Elementary Watson
Holmrun's Emerald Marquis
Holmrun's Exhilaration
Holmrun's Fabert N' Rauschund
Holmrun's Fair Dealer
Holmrun's Fair Weather
Holmrun's Fairmile
Holmrun's Fan Fare
Holmrun's Fan of Celestion
Holmrun's Fan Tan
Holmrun's Fan the Fire
Holmrun's Fancy Rae
Holmrun's Fastlane
Holmrun's Finnegan's Rainbow
Holmrun's for the Chase
Holmrun's Fred Astaire
Holmrun's G for Gracie
Holmrun's Gabrielle Rauschund
Holmrun's Get Real v Starlaine
Holmrun's Ginger Rogers
Holmrun's Glitterbug Bruda
Holmrun's Goldsmith
Holmrun's Granite Chief
Holmrun's Great Scott
Holmrun's Halen
Holmrun's Harvard of Marienburg
Holmrun's Havana of Marienburg
Holmrun's Heliodor Marquis
Holmrun's Hello Dalli
Holmrun's Hollywood Rose
Holmrun's I am Magic
Holmrun's I'm Your Fan
Holmrun's Indy Magic
Holmrun's Irish Cream of Miksas
Holmrun's Isabeau
Holmrun's J for Jinx
Holmrun's J'Taime Marienburg
Holmrun's Jazziette
Holmrun's Judan
Holmrun's Juliano
Holmrun's Just a Fantasy
Holmrun's Just Axel
Holmrun's Keep Me Company
Holmrun's Keeper of the Key
Holmrun's Keepsake
Holmrun's Kelly of Marienburg
Holmrun's Kennedy
Holmrun's Kilamanjaro
Holmrun's Kodiak
Holmrun's L for Lindsey
Holmrun's La Boheme
Holmrun's La Vita Bella
Holmrun's Leah
Holmrun's Leipzig of Marienburg
Holmrun's Lorelei of Phoenix
Holmrun's Luther of Marienburg
Holmrun's M'agine of Wind River
Holmrun's Madeline
Holmrun's Magician
Holmrun's Magnum
Holmrun's Make it Right
Holmrun's Make Mine Real
Holmrun's Make Over
Holmrun's Mako
Holmrun's Maximilian
Holmrun's Mayan Diva
Holmrun's Mercedes Lady
Holmrun's Miksas Black Orchid
Holmrun's Miss Cleopatra
Holmrun's Morganite Marquis
Holmrun's Murphius Maximus
Holmrun's N'Chant Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Enzo of Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Force Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Gage of Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Lighten Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Rapture Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Tice of Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Tranced Rauschund
Holmrun's N'Tune at Rauschund
Holmrun's Nauti Natalie
Holmrun's Neon Rainbow
Holmrun's Nicklaus Cage
Holmrun's Oberlin of Marienburg
Holmrun's Outlander Esquire
Holmrun's Oxford of Marienburg
Holmrun's Pageantry
Holmrun's Paige v Marienburg
Holmrun's Parklane
Holmrun's Peace Keeper
Holmrun's Phame of Marienburg
Holmrun's Piper
Holmrun's Play for Keeps
Holmrun's Pop Fly
Holmrun's Radcliff Marienburg
Holmrun's Radio City Rockette
Holmrun's Rai'A Lite Foxfire
Holmrun's Rainy Daye
Holmrun's Rampaige of Marienburg
Holmrun's Real to Real
Holmrun's Really Truly Mine
Holmrun's Rebellion of Esquire
Holmrun's Rebound
Holmrun's Recitation
Holmrun's Rediviva
Holmrun's Regardez
Holmrun's Regarding Broadway
Holmrun's Reginald
Holmrun's Remark
Holmrun's Renaissance
Holmrun's Renburg Revolution
Holmrun's Reward Tickermarie
Holmrun's Riddick
Holmrun's Ride the Rainbow
Holmrun's Rocket v Marienburg
Holmrun's Roman Holiday at Starlaine
Holmrun's Sable Rayne
Holmrun's Sabre
Holmrun's Samantha
Holmrun's Samson
Holmrun's Sandpiper
Holmrun's Sapphire Marquis
Holmrun's Selecte
Holmrun's Seneca of Trollhattan
Holmrun's Sequin
Holmrun's Sequoia of Trollhattan
Holmrun's Serena
Holmrun's Serenade
Holmrun's Sergeant Major
Holmrun's Sertain Success
Holmrun's Seville Row
Holmrun's Sevres
Holmrun's Shaq of Marienburg
Holmrun's Shawnee
Holmrun's She's a Rainbow
Holmrun's Shelby Ka-tet
Holmrun's Sienna
Holmrun's Sierra Sunset
Holmrun's Sir Real
Holmrun's Stellar Rainbow
Holmrun's Sting Like a B
Holmrun's Strut Yer Stuff
Holmrun's Summer Holiday at Starlaine
Holmrun's Super B
Holmrun's T for the Phaethon
Holmrun's T for Two
Holmrun's T'Brooklyn
Holmrun's T'Dallas
Holmrun's T'Dresden
Holmrun's T'Geneva
Holmrun's T'Mandalay
Holmrun's T'Marienburg
Holmrun's T'Milan of Marienburg
Holmrun's T'Vienna
Holmrun's T-Rex
Holmrun's Tae Bo
Holmrun's Tanner of Marienburg
Holmrun's Tercentus
Holmrun's the Bohemian
Holmrun's the Real Deal
Holmrun's the Rocketeer
Holmrun's Theo's Rainbow
Holmrun's Tonic Boom
Holmrun's Trade Secret
Holmrun's Trade Wind
Holmrun's Trademark
Holmrun's Trader Vic
Holmrun's Tragically Hip
Holmrun's Traveler of Marienburg
Holmrun's Tres Beau Bruda
Holmrun's Tres Bonne Bruda
Holmrun's Tres Chere Bruda
Holmrun's Tres Fier Bruda
Holmrun's Triple Play
Holmrun's Trixi Goes T'Hollywood
Holmrun's Truly Bruda
Holmrun's Tulane of Marienburg
Holmrun's Uptown Man
Holmrun's v Cooper
Holmrun's Vanity Fair
Holmrun's Vassar of Brynjulf
Holmrun's Victorian Scandal
Holmrun's Wellesley Marienburg
Holmrun's Witchery at Kaladob
Holmrun's Wizardry
Holmrun's Wm Teller Marienburg
Holmrun's Yaeger
Holmrun's Zepher
Holmrun's Zephra
Holmrun's Zeus of Marienburg
Holmrun's Zsa Zsa
Ka-tet Bet on Black Holmrun
Ka-tet Challenger
Ka-tet Dodge Demon
Ka-tet Extra Special Bitter
Ka-tet Gastown Amber
Ka-tet Gran Torino
Ka-tet Lil' Deuce Coupe
Ka-tet Malibu SS at FiveAM
Ka-tet Mustang Boss
Ka-tet Pontiac GTO
Kirkwood's Spirit of Dylan
Kirkwood's Straight Ace
Marienburg's Dior of Holmrun
Marienburg's Dorian of Holmrun
Marienburg's Garbo of Holmrun
Marienburg's Helleva Holmrun
Marienburg's Holmrun Hero
Marienburg's Holmrun Queen
Marienburg's Joy of Victory
Marienburg's Make-N a Holmrun
Marienburg's Rendev
Marienburg's Starhawk of Holmrun
Marienburg's Sundevil of Holmrun
Marienburg's Sweet Clover
Starlaine Standing Ovation
Supernova Dare to Dream
Supernova Lollipop Kid
Supernova Lucky Charm
Supernova Noble House of Black
Supernova Over the Rainbow
Supernova Professor Marvel
Supernova Rainbow Popcorn at Baystar
Supernova Skies Are Blue Denmel
United's Anubus of Holmrun
United's Artemis of Holmrun
United's Black Pepper of Holmrun
United's Britannia of Holmrun
United's Chili Pepper of Holmrun
United's Dakota of Holmrun
United's Habanero of Holmrun
United's Son Rise at Holmrun
United's Taylor of Holmrun
United's Temera're of Holmrun
United's Trafalgar of Holmrun
United's Victory at Holmrun
    Barchet Aviance
Boland Coup De Foudre Holmrun
Boland's Hickstead at Holmrun
Bruda Jazz it Up With Hoda
Holmrun & Starlaine Glitterati
Holmrun & Starlaine Posin' for the Paparazzi
Holmrun's Best Regards
Holmrun's Exhilaration
Holmrun's Fred Astaire
Holmrun's Kennedy
Holmrun's Make Mine Real
Holmrun's Regardez
Holmrun's Tragically Hip
Ka-tet Bet on Black Holmrun
Marienburg's Fair Trade
Shameless CraZ on U Supernova
Supernova Red Is the New Black