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name   Reinhart. Patricia
  United States
email address   shadeko@yourinter.net
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  Aludra's Bobby McGee
Aludra's Hoochie Coochie Man
Aludra's I'm No Angel
Aludra's Jolene
Aludra's Love Her Madly
Aludra's Midnight Rider
Aludra's Rambling Man Keja
Aludra's Rider in the Sky
Aludra's Sweet Music Man
Aludra's Whole Lotta Love v Shadeko
Fantome's Life Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
Fantome's Rise of the Phoenix
LoyalBlitz's Carolina Reaper
LoyalBlitz's Cayenne on Fire
LoyalBlitz's Pirate's Lantern
LoyalBlitz's Saucy Tabasco
LoyalBlitz's Scotch Bonnet
LoyalBlitz's Sergeant Serrano Pepper
Redstone's 21 Nights in London
Redstone's Baby Boy v Aludra
Redstone's Bentley Continental
Redstone's Blackout v Aludra
Redstone's Blackstar v Aludra
Redstone's Brickbybrick Shadeko
Redstone's Ebony Eyes v Aludra
Redstone's Fire & Desire v Aludra
Redstone's Get Busy v Aludra
Redstone's Here Comes the Rain
Redstone's Kiss
Redstone's Lazarus v Aludra
Redstone's Mad Love v Aludra
Redstone's Moonchild v Aludra
Redstone's Purple Rain
Redstone's Raspberry Beret
Redstone's Ricochet v Aludra
Redstone's Right by Your Side
Redstone's Roving Gypsy Girl
Redstone's See No Evil
Redstone's So Fine v Aludra
Redstone's Soul Sista v Aludra
Redstone's Stardust v Aludra
Redstone's Starman v Aludra
Redstone's Super Freak v Aludra
Redstone's Sweet Dreams Annie
Redstone's Take Me to the River
Redstone's Turn it Up v Aludra
Redstone's Wake Up Maggie May
Redstone's Who's That Girl
Redstones Dragonfire v Shadeko
Redstones Rebel Rebel v Aludra
Shadeko's Aces High Aludra
Shadeko's Barnum and Bailey
Shadeko's Believe in the Future
Shadeko's Believe it Or Not
Shadeko's Calm Before the Storm
Shadeko's Casablanca
Shadeko's Charleston Hot v LoyalBlitz
Shadeko's Command Decision
Shadeko's Diva on Deck
Shadeko's Dynamite v Doberdane
Shadeko's Field of Dreams at Skylocke
Shadeko's Fire on the Mountain
Shadeko's Flashback
Shadeko's Give Me a Reason
Shadeko's Grand Slam v Wynwood
Shadeko's Green With Envy of Andelane
Shadeko's Here Comes Trouble!
Shadeko's Jamboree
Shadeko's Jeepers Creepers
Shadeko's Jewel v Redstone
Shadeko's Just Call Me Leo at Wynwood
Shadeko's Keeper of the Flame
Shadeko's Kokamo
Shadeko's Lady in Red
Shadeko's Lil Bit of Sass and Flash
Shadeko's Limited Edition
Shadeko's Living the Dream
Shadeko's Magnum Force
Shadeko's Maximus Aurelius Prime
Shadeko's Me and My Shadow
Shadeko's MidKnight Madness
Shadeko's on the Waterfront
Shadeko's Phantom Player
Shadeko's Quest for Rubies
Shadeko's Rubies N Roses
Shadeko's Ruby Rose
Shadeko's Shirriff of the Shire
Shadeko's Shock and Awe
Shadeko's Singin' in the Rain
Shadeko's Touch of Magic
Shadeko's Turn the Page
Shadeko's What Dreams Are Made Of
Shadeko's What Goes Around Comes Around
Shadeko's Wild Irish Rose
    Aludra's Dark Star v Shadeko
Aludra's Whole Lotta Love v Shadeko
Redstone's Bentley Continental
Redstone's Roving Gypsy Girl
Shadeko's Believe in the Future
Shadeko's Casablanca
Shadeko's Diva on Deck
Shadeko's Friday Night Fright
Shadeko's Give Me a Reason
Shadeko's Jeepers Creepers
Shadeko's Keeper of the Flame
Shadeko's Lil Bit of Sass and Flash
Shadeko's Quest for Rubies