Ch Whiskey Mac's Fuji

Ch Olympia Stealth Mirage
Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite
Ch Rahdy's Sable v Deserae LC-11D
Ch Ravenswood Cairo v Aquarius LC-13D
CH Cambria's Secret Desire BFL-1
Ch Orion's Rasberry Beret
World Ch Am/Mex Ch Arg GRCh Inaqui De Black Shadow TT
Ch Promise's Cloud Dancer LC-10L
Kaywood's Highly Classified LC-10D
Ch Promise's Amish Red v Olympia
Ch Orion's Ultimate Dimension
Am/Brz/Chl/Mex/Urg Ch Arg GRCh Nello's Lex Luthor WAC
Arg/Urg GRCh Cindy De Black Shadow LC-10D
Bra, Urg, Arg Ch Marienburg's Argus Wind Magic
Ch Sunburg's Time Spun Treasure
Polo's Lady Ashley Dob Mann CD WAC
Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas
CH Cambria's Nocona v Texas UD BFL-1 LC-11D
Arg Ch Jessy de Vulcano LC-15D
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash
Arg Ch Cora Mia de Vulcano LC-13D
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash
Ch Cambria's Barrettina LC-11D
Ch Trotyl De Black Shadow WAC
Ch Olympia Canberra v Promise
GCH Sunburg's Cat Thief LC-14L
Ch Cambria's Out for Justice LC-12D
Ch Cambria's Cavalleria LC-10D
CH Florowill Bit of Magic LC-10D