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registered name
Brunswig's Cryptonite
call name
akc #
ckc #
akc studbook
  10 1988
ckc studbook
 other #
date of birth
  United States
other country
frozen semen
height (inches)
weight (lbs)
  #8 bbDd
length (inches)
dna Profile
date of death
cause of death
  sudden death breeding a bitch
  Ch Beaulane the Nite Ryder  
  Brunswig's Zephyr LC-10D  













Ch Brunswig's Confection
Brunswig's the Easy Life


Arg Ch A'Monde Baron De Point of No Return
A'Monde's Bebe Supernatural Beauty
Ch A'Monde's Eric the Night Wish
Ch A'Monde's Image in the Mirror
A'Monde's Ivanka Music of the Night
AKC/Brz Ch A'Monde's Marla the Prima Donna
Ch A'Monde's Phantom of the Opera
Adria's as Red as it Gets
Aggeler's Charro
Ch Albelarm Jewel v Aquarius
Ch Aleph Godol's Get Your Kixx
Aleph Godol's Perfect Mixx
Aleph Godol's Pick up Styxx
Ch Aquarius Barbarosa
Ch Aquarius Hy-Lite v Ravenswd
Ch Aquarius Make My Day Ravenswd
Ch Aquarius Reflection Ravenswd LC-11L
Aquarius the Glimmer Woman LC-10L
Athena's Challenger
Athena's Chloe of Ravenswood WAC CGC LC-10L
Athena's Hy Bid v Ravenswood
Ch Athena's Red Baron LC-11D
Ch Athena's Spitfire
Briarwood Run-for-the-Roses
Ch Cambria Last Tango in Paris
Ch Cambria's Carman
Ch Cambria's Cavalleria LC-10D
CH Cambria's Falstaff RN CGC WAC LC-11D
CH Cambria's Figaro of Okner WAC
Phil GR CH Cambria's Hot N Sexy v Asawood
Ch Cambria's Last 'N Impression
Cambria's Last But Not Least
Cambria's Last Dance S Wolf Jr
CH Cambria's Last Hurrah
Cambria's Last in Memory
Cambria's Last Legacy
Cambria's Last Reward Olympic
Cambria's Last Romance
CH Cambria's Mignon LC-13D
CH Cambria's Rigoletto Olympic
Cambria's Tosca
Ch Camee's Hot Thyme Tonight
Camee's Hotter 'N Hades LC-10D
Ch Camee's Red Hot N' Sizzlin'
Ch Cedar Knoll Toetruck N Kyjur
Ch CedarKnoll Mistletoe X Kyjur
Ch Cha-Rish Irish Mocha Alisaton
Can/Int/Jap/Lat/Pan Ch Brz GRCh Charleston Yankee
Arg/Urg Ch Charleston Year of Joy
Charleston Yoga LC-12D
Cynderw'd Devil Ina Blue Dress
Cynderwood Cobalt
Cynderwood Forever N Blue Genes
Cynderwood Poisonite
Da-Mar Rubied Sphinx vDiamas
Ch Da-Mar's Donner Und Blitzen
Da-Mar's Hecate of Marywyck
Ch OTCH Datelis Got the Hots Alisaton UDX2 AX ROM CGC
Ch Datelis Hot Proper T Alisaton
Ch Datelis When U'R Hot Alisaton
Ch Deco's Meridian v Legend
Ch Deco's Oriflamme v Legend
Excelsia's the Tempest
Ch Foxhall's Luckenbach Dob Mann
Ch Grafts Sedalia Trail CD TD LC-11D
Ch Heartfelt's Pi'd Piper Touchstne
Ch Horizon's Fool Pleasure
Ch Horizon's Fool Proof
Horizon's Fooled Ya WAC
Ch Horizon's Foolhardy
Horizon's Foolin Around
Ch Horizon's Forever Ready
Ch Horizon's No Mo' Foolin' WAC CGC TDI LC-14D
Ch Horizon's Nobody's Fool
Horizon's Ready Aim Fire
Horizon's Ready for Prime Time
AM/CAN Ch Horizon's Ready Freddie
Ch Horizon's Ready Set Go
Ch Horizon's Ready Wiling N Able
Ch Horizon's Three D
Ch Horizon's Threepeat
Horizon's Tomfoolery
Ch Horizon's Trifecta
Ch Horizon's Tripoli LC-10L
Jurassik Secret Agent
Jurassik Secret Identity
Jurassik Secret Ingredient
Can Ch Jurassik Secret Revealed RN
Jurassik Talk of the Town
Jurassik Top Secret
GChB CH Kani's Reminiscing of Wilken v ShoMe WAC
Kinetic Bruce Wayne RE CGC
Kinetic Clark Kent
Kinetic Dark Phoenix
Am/Can Ch Kinetic Don Diego De La Vega CGC YTT
Kinetic Emma Peel RN CGC
Kinetic N Elite Lois Lane LC-13D
Kinetic Wonder Woman LC-11D
Ch Knotty Pine's Kellogg CD CGC TDI
Knotty Pine's Kokomo
Ch Kyjur's Gold Toed Dragon
Ch Kyjur's Tic-Tac-Toe WAC
Ch Legends a Girl's Best Friend
Legends Bombshell
Legends Decolletage
U-Ag2, Ch Legends Gentlemen Prfr Blnds CD CGC LC-11D
Ch Legends Leading Man of Da-Mar
Ch Legends Some Like it Hot
Liberator's Black Pearl
Liberator's Bronze Sun
Can Ch Liberator's Mwanawa
Liberator's Santo
Am/Can Ch Liberator's Sundowner LC-14D
Logres Charisma of Juris
Logres Morgan Le Fay CD RN MX MXJ
Ch Logres Titanium
CH Logres Tungsten SAR HRD CGC LC-10D
Logres You're It
Logres' Brentano
Logres' Brentina
Macaco's Kaimana
Ch Mattappany Mad Money
Am/Can Ch Mattappany Magic Moment
Ch Mattappany Merrie Thought
Ch Mattappany the Martial Law
Ch Neuvelle Vendome Super Star
Ch Nikka's Contessa v D'Mascus CD ROM
Nitro's Dynamite
Nitro's Foreign Affair
Nitro's High Class
Nitro's Vienna Charm
Platinum's Dream Weaver CDX OA OAJ LC-13D
Ch Platinum's Rumor Has It
Ch Primary Caught Red Handed
Ch Primary Cinnabar
Ch Primary Espirit of Strebor
Ch Primary Infared
Primary Third Time's a Charm
Ch Rahdy's Sablevision LC-10D
Rahdy's Sabrina
CH U-CD Rahdy's Safari Sun CDX ROM CGC TDT LC-10L
Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas
Ch Rahdy's Sandstorm LC-10L
Ch Rahdy's Seize the Chance LC-10L
Ch Rahdy's Signature in Gold LC-11L
Rahdy's Silent Majority
Ch Rahdy's Sinful v Alisaton CD ROM
Rahdy's Sity Slicker
Ch Rahdy's Sleeping With the Enemy LC-10L
Ch Rahdy's Special FX
Ch Rahdy's Strike the Gold CD ROM CGC
Rahdy's Sun Dagger
Ch Ravenswood Aquarius v Albelarm
Ch Ravenswood Aurora v Aquarius
Ch Ravenswood Cairo v Aquarius LC-13D
Ch Ravenswood Dakota v Aquarius
Ch Ravenswood Hy Cotton v Aquarius
Ch Ravenswood Kayla v Aquarius LC-13D
Ch Ravenswood Odessa v Aquarius
Red Sun's Crytonette
Red Sun's Looks Like Him
Ch Red Sun's Radio Flyer
Ch Red Sun's Steam Heat
Red Sun's the Real Thing
Ch Red Sun's Total Indulgence
Ch Red Sun's Wall Street
UCDX CH Replica's Never Say Never CDX NA CGC TDI ROM LC-10D
Ch Reveille's Angel in Disguise
Ch Reveille's Limited Edition
Ch Samar's Genuine Replica CD
Ch Seecar Furst Achievement
Aust CH Seecar Furst Ambition
Seecar Furst Bosco
Seecar Furst Creation
Ch Semper Fi's Perfect Harmony CD ROM
Ch Semper Fi's Perfect Weave
Sherluck's Dresden
Sherluck's Katmandu
Sherluck's Paris Is Burning
Sherluck's Rio v Cryptonite
Sherluck's Scottsdale
Sherluck's Seattle Syryn
Sherluck's Siena Rose
Ch ShoMe's Time Stand Still
ShoMe's Turn Back Time
Spartanhall's Gidget
Spartanhall's Globetrotter
Spartanhall's Grand Slam
Spartanhall's Gypsy Rose
Strebor's Easy on the Eyes
Strebor's Got an Attitude
Strebor's Justakid Xtrordinaire LC-11D
Strebor's Knock Yor Socks Off
Ch Sundown's Belle Starr CGC WAC TT LC-14D
Ch Sunnysides Demand Design
Telstar's Annick Goutal
Telstar's BMW v Lastar
Ch Telstar's Cardinal Blitz WAC
Ch Telstar's Casmir of Glen-Coe
Telstar's Champagne
Am/Can Ch Telstar's Dolce Vita
Telstar's I Don't Care
Ch Telstar's Icon LC-12D
Telstar's Isadora De Moss WAC
Ch Telstar's Krypton of Da-Mar's
Ch Telstar's Lexus v Lastar
Ch Telstar's Tender Poison v Da-Mar
Telstar's the Verdict
Ch Touchstone's Miss American Pie LC-13D
Ch Touchstone's Pie in the Sky
Vali-T's Double Jeopardy
Ch Vali-T's Double Take
Ch Vali-T's Double Trouble
Versus Cryptonit-N-Lex Pucci
Ch Walsung's Finale
Ch Walsung's Prologue
Wenfray's Dark Magic
Ch Wenfray's Dark Secret
Can Ch Whitcam's Amaretto CD LC-11L
Whitcam's Captain Morgan
Can Ch Whitcam's Drambuie LC-11L
Whitcam's Jack Daniels
Whitcam's Johnny Walker
Whitcam's Kamora
Can Ch Whitcam's Make My Day at Dunrala LC-12D
Can Ch Whitcam's Makin Memories CD LC-11D
Can Ch Whitcam's Makin Mischief CD
Ch Whitcam's Makin Time LC-10D
Can Ch Whitcam's Southern Comfort CD
Whitcam's Tia Maria
Can Ch Wildacres American Express
Wildacres Daybreak
Can Ch Wildacres Enterprise
Wildacres Friendly Persuasion
Wildacres Islabank
Am/Can Ch Wildacres Kingsley
Can Ch Wildacres Main Event
Wildacres Moonshadow
Wildacres Raven
Wildacres Rusko Prince of Fall
Wildacres Shady Lady
Wildacres Skywalker
Wildacres Star Trek LC-11L
Ch Wildacres Stardust
Wildacres Stargazer
Wildacres Summertime
Wildacres Windsong
Windancer's All-Star Keeper
Windancer's Keepsake
Ch Windsor's Dare Me
Ch Windsor's Dare the Devil
Ch Windsor's Don't You Dare CD LC-11D
Wrath's Cactus Flowers
Am/Can Ch Wrath's High Society CD ROMC
  HEALTH INFORMATION-sections highlighted in blue have results - click to view  
  No cardiac information
  No vWD information
Hips / Elbows / Shoulders
OFA Hips: Good OFA Hips #: DP-3873G24M
  No thyroid information
  No eye information
Degenerative Myelopathy / CVI / Spinal Disorders
  No neuromuscular/CVI/spinal information
  No male reproduction information
  No liver information
  No allergy information
Bone/Growth Disorders
  No bone/growth disorder information
  No narcolepsy information
Behavioral/Canine Compulsive Disorders
  No behavioral/canine compulsive disorder information
  No cancer information
  No gastrointestinal information
  No skin/coat information
DINGS/Congenital Deafness
  No congenital deafness/vestibular disease information
Immune Mediated Diseases
  No immune mediated disease information
  No kidney/urinary information
  No longevity information
  No CHIC information
    Farrer, Robert & Phyllis
  city     state/prov     New York country     United States
   Lawrence, Sam & Marion
  city      state/prov     Unknown country    
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